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Liberal Arts Universities In Uk

Last Updated on December 26, 2022 by Fola Shade

Top Five Universities in the UK to Study Liberal Arts


A Liberal Arts degree covers a broad range of subjects across humanities, social sciences and life sciences such as history, literature, philosophy, psychology, theatre arts and economics.

With a wide range of subjects to choose from and its interdisciplinary nature, the career options for Liberal Arts graduates are many. UK universities allow students to study two, three, even four subjects as part of their liberal arts degree, suiting their individual interests. Liberal Arts undergraduate degrees focus on creativity, critical thinking and other vital skills needed for graduates to become a valuable asset to employers. 

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Best Liberal Arts Degrees Universities

Five Great UK Universities for Liberal Arts Studies

University of Birmingham

A beautiful red brick university ranked in the UK’s top 20, the University of Birmingham’s Liberal Art programme is ideal for students wishing to study a combination of arts, science and social science subjects. The flexible programme structure allows students to pick one subject as their specialism, complemented with subjects suiting other interests.

Students will generally spend the third year of their programme studying abroad at a partner destination, whilst the Cultural Programme brings together poets, writers, academics and scientific specialists to speak to you on campus.

  • Course in focus: BA (Hons) Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol Lliberal Arts programme combines in-depth study of a subject from the Faculty of Arts, whilst exploring other arts and humanities subjects chosen by students. Core modules will help you discover your passions as you work closely with other students to look at some of the key issues facing society today.

  • Course in focus: BA Liberal Arts

Durham University

Durham University’s flexible multidisciplinary programme gives the opportunity to study subjects such as English Literature, History and Modern Languages combined with other subjects such as Politics, Economics and Geography. Students can complete the degree in three or four years, depending on whether they spend their third year abroad or are placed in one of the University’s international exchange degrees.

  • Course in focus: BA Liberal Arts

University of Exeter

The Liberal Arts programme offered at the University of Exeter is innovative and interdisciplinary, focused on developing students’ intellectual capabilities and critical skills.

The course is flexible, allowing students to major in one subject complemented by other subjects. Students can opt for a placement or study abroad year as part of their studies, making it a three or four year study programme. 

  • Course in focus: BA Liberal Arts

King’s College London

King’s College London offers a liberal arts programme that can be tailored to suit your interests. King’s offers excellent teaching and facilities across all disciplines and liberal arts students enjoy the opportunity to study a language, spend time abroad or undertake an internship. Students can pick from 12 majors from the arts, humanities and social sciences along with other modules. 

  • Course in focus: BA Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Degree in UK

liberal arts degree in the united kingdom

Do your academic interests span through a wide range of subjects, particularly encompassing humanities and social sciences, and even life sciences like maths, physics and chemistry?

Have you identified yourself as an individual who’s more curious to understand profound and universal principles that govern everything around of us and a one that is willing to gain outstanding critical and innovative thinking? If this best describes you then the Liberal Arts degree is the perfect fit.

Regarded as one of the oldest study programs in the history of Western higher education, Liberal Arts degrees are not your random type of courses. There is absolutely no other university course where students have their own word in the study curriculum more than in Liberal Arts degree. This unique feature enables you to adjust your course with your personal academic preferences.

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UK universities enjoy a global reputation for Liberal Arts degrees built upon a long and a rich tradition. Their courses are delivered in accordance with the most-up-to-date educational approaches which, besides classroom-based lectures put a great emphasis on real-life experience to encourage you to apply your knowledge in practice.

Fortunately, there are many options in UK for potential Liberal Arts students and if you’re an ambitious student looking for the best UK universities to get a Liberal Arts degree then keep reading.

Here are the best UK universities for a Liberal Arts degree:

University of Bristol

Studying Liberal Arts at the University of Bristol is about gaining an in-depth insight into different interdisciplinary subject and skills required to make this knowledge applicable. Aside from classroom-based lectures, students at this university have a chance to engage in real life activities to put their knowledge and skills in practice. Over than 500 students go abroad to attend an academic year, making their studying experience more unique.

Thanks to the outstanding quality of education employers look upon the University of Bristol graduates as perfect candidates to hire. Thus, not by surprise, their graduates are the fourth group of most wanted employees from top 100 biggest employers in UK.

The University of Bristol offers the following courses in Liberal Arts

  • BA Liberal Arts
  • MLibArts Liberal Arts with Study Abroad

King’s College London

Founded during the 19th century, the King’s College London has a long tradition of offering Liberal Arts degrees which span over than 150 years. Up to the present, the institution has gone a long way to mark a firm reputation in the international higher education.

If you’re an ambitious student who’s looking for a Liberal Arts degree which will strengthen your intellectual capacities in a tangible way and will increase your employability rate then King’s College is a brilliant option.

Currently, this university offers the following Liberal Arts degrees:

  • Liberal Arts BA
  • King’s International Foundation – Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Regent’s University of London

Liberal Arts degrees at the Regent’s University of London enable you to pursue a major subject of your interests, while at the same time getting a solid knowledge from a wide variety of subjects including arts, humanities and social sciences. Students from more than 140 countries of the world come to study at this university. As such, at this university, there’s a vibrant, dynamic and innovative community of students coming from all around the world waiting for you to join.

Regent’s University London has a rich scheme of courses in Liberal Arts:

  • Liberal Studies (Art History) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (Business & Management) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (English) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (Film Studies) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (History) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (Political Science) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (Public Relations) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (International Relations) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (Psychology) – BA (Hons)
  • Liberal Studies (Journalism) – BA (Hons)

University of Birmingham

At the Department of Liberal Arts of the University of Birmingham, you’ll find some of the best Liberal Art degrees in UK. Their courses give you the opportunity to select a major subject on which you want to specialize and others are decided upon your academic interests. Moreover, their flexibility enables you to combine a broad array of subjects one program so students can create their typical Liberal Art course.

The University of Birmingham offers the following Liberal Arts degree courses:

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences BA
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences BSc
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences MArt
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences MSci

University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is committed to offering a fulfilling studying experience, be it in the academic or social aspects. Your Liberal Arts degree course will offer you the opportunity to gain knowledge from a wide range of subjects and tailor the course modules to your personal interests. Its student community is warm and inspiring, so it’s a great opportunity for you to make new friends.

Currently, the university offers only one degree  in Liberal Arts:

  • Liberal Arts (BA)

University of Leeds

The challenging interdisciplinary Liberal Arts degree at the University of Leeds equips you with a set of skills and knowledge from numerous study fields. For the most part of your course, you will have your own word into the study modules to structure them according to your academic interests and aspirations.

You have to choose a major in social sciences or humanities and three other subjects out of seven from the list:

  • Literature and Visual Arts
  • Society and Politics
  • Performance
  • Theatre and Music
  • The Digital World
  • Living Histories and Heritage
  • Learning a Language
  • Ethics, Science and Religion

The following Liberal Arts degrees are available at the University of Leeds

  • Liberal Arts BA
  • Liberal Arts (International Language) BA

University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is a perfect option for those students who feel they have a broad interest in numerous study fields by fear they cannot study them in one place. The Liberal Arts degrees at this University enable you to span your studying attention in more than one subject and gain a profound understanding of several study subjects.

Your education at this university won’t only equip with a comprehensive set of theoretical knowledge, but will also help you to develop a creative and original sense of creative thinking, much-coveted to job afterwards.

The University of Winchester offers the following Liberal Arts degree courses:

  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts
  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts and Sociology
  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts and English Literature
  • BA (Hons) Drama and Performing Arts
  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts and Drama
  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts and History

University of Exeter

Another brilliant university to get your Liberal Arts degree in UK, is the University of Exeter. Designed to deliver transferable skills and knowledge to you, applicable in the real world at any time, Liberal Arts courses at this university attract many ambitious students.

You will have the chance to select a major subject of your studies and complement it with other additional subjects that count for your personal academic interests.

The University of Exeter offers these Liberal Arts degree courses:

  • Liberal Arts BA
  • Liberal Arts with Employment Experience / Employment Experience Abroad BA
  • Liberal Arts with Employment Experience / Employment Experience Abroad BA
  • Liberal Arts with Study Abroad BA

University of Durham

Are you willing to study about English Literature, History, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Classics,  Music, or Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures then the Liberal Arts degree program at the University of Durham is a place to be.

Join a group of ambitious students and excellent academic staff, which will support and inspire you to unveil your full potential. The quality of education received at this institution will count for a high employability in the future.

The University of Durham offers these Liberal Arts degree courses:

  • Liberal Arts BA
  • Liberal Arts with Foundation BA

University of Kent

Liberal Arts degree courses at the University of Kent are designed to develop you a fundamental understanding of a broad array of interdisciplinary subjects. Their study programs allow you to select a set of core modules which you’ll follow for the whole duration of your course and also choose other subjects you’re interested to study.

The following is the Liberal Arts degree course offered at this university

  • Liberal Arts – BA (Hons)