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Cheap Universities In Sweden for International Students

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Fola Shade

Students that are thinking about starting their medical studies are probably wondering where the cheapest places are for higher education in general.  There are so many variables to consider when choosing a place to study: full-time, part-time or even online. When you compare the quality of courses and facilities then you have to consider how much it’s going to cost and whether you will be able to get funding for your course. In the United Kingdom, as well as in other countries around the world, there is a huge range of courses available. For example, some areas offer courses on-line which will give you the opportunity to work while studying and others provide day courses at universities.

There are several low tuition universities in Sweden for international students compared to places like the US, UK, Australia and other first world countries. So if your aim is to study in cheap Sweden universities for international students, you can read on to learn how you can get a quality education in some of the best and affordable Swedish institutions. Don’t forget that the idea of low tuition only applies to non-EU students. Since students from within the European Union can actually study in any of the lists of universities in Sweden with free tuition for international students.

Imagine yourself studying in a beautiful Scandinavian city, surrounded by nature and the sound of birds singing. Maybe you’ll be staying with a host family, maybe you’ll be living in a dorm, but either way, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the city and make new friends.

Sweden has many cheap universities for international students that are well known for their high quality education and low tuition costs. The language barrier isn’t as big an issue as you might think: Swedish is closely related to Norwegian and Danish (which most people know), so it shouldn’t be too difficult to learn.

Plus, this is Sweden! You get to live in a country where they have legalized gay marriage and no one cares if you’re a man or woman. What more could you ask for?

Why you should consider studying in low tuition universities in Sweden for international students

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There is a popular saying about Sweden education, the message reads as “Absolve yourself with the Swedish spirit. Take your ideas, drive and the inspiration to Sweden – and Sweden ‘ll teach you how to use them to change the world. When you choose to study in Sweden, you don’t just pick a country – you pick a future.”

When it comes to quality higher educations, a sizable number among the list of universities in Sweden for international students has shown to surpass learners expectations. Sweden has been known has home of innovation and studying in the country will absolutely train you to think independently, creatively and critically. At Swedish universities, the emphasis is firmly on developing your ability to question the status quo by assessing information, seeking new perspectives and coming up with well-informed opinions.

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Get Admission in Sweden Universities

Swedish universities have one of the easiest admission procedures in the world and you will also find numerous free or low tuition universities in Sweden for international students. So if you plan to study here you can read on to learn ho to enroll is any of the list of universities in Sweden with free tuition for international students.

Applications for admission into Swedish Universities are processed through a central application portal University admissions. To apply for admission follow the following process below or consult our study abroad adviser

Before you commence your search for degree program on the website above, you should note many programs like the fine arts have varying application procedures and deadlines. So don’t hesitate to always consult the university’s official website for programme-specific application guidelines.

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Find your programme of Interest

The initial stage to applying for a bachelor’ and masters’ programme is finding course or programme that suits your needs. Apply directly at University admissions or consult universities for programmes listing.


List of Universities in Sweden for International Students

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Dalarna University
  • Ersta Sköndal University College
  • GIH – the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
  • Halmstad University
  • Jönköping University
  • KMH – Royal College of Music in Stockholm
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Karlstad University
  • Karolinska Institutet
  • Konstfack
  • Kristianstad University
  • Linköping University
  • Linnaeus University
  • Luleå University of Technology
  • Lund University
  • Malmö University
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Mälardalen University
  • Royal Institute of Art
  • SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Sophiahemmet University College
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Stockholm School of Theology
  • Stockholm University
  • Stockholm University of the Arts
  • Södertörn University
  • Umeå University
  • University West
  • University of Borås
  • University of Gothenburg
  • University of Gävle
  • University of Skövde
  • Uppsala University
  • Örebro University

You can apply for up to eight programmes per application round.

 Check university admissions Sweden supporting documents

Once you’ve decided on the programmes or courses you’d like to apply for, confirm the documents required for university admission in Sweden and perquisite for such program, then apply for admission.

  • General entry requirements for bachelor’ and masters’ programmes are available at University admissions..
  • Programme-specific entry requirements are given on each programme’s web page, which you can access directly through the programme’s listing on this website or University admissions.
  • university admissions Key dates and deadlines

 Submit your Application online

Applications are made through the Swedish admission portal before the Sweden university application deadline, a central application service where students and prospective applicants check study in Sweden requirements for admission and also can apply for up to four different programmes or courses at different universities around Sweden..

The application will include the following:

  • Online application form (accessed through during each application period)
  • Documentation of general eligibility
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Documentation that you meet programme-specific entry requirements (see step 2 above)

Students who are not citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland are required to pay an application fee of SEK 900 along with their application.

Visit University admissions for full details on how to apply and to submit your application or Consult our Study Abroad Adviser for support.

 Wait to receive your admission result

After the Sweden university application deadline has elapsed, your application for admission will be transferred from university admissions to the various universities in Sweden for international students and based on various criteria, such as previous grades obtained, and results of previous courses and degree projects. All of these will influence the outcome of your application.

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The decision on whether to accept an applicant to your selected list of universities in Sweden for international students rests with the academic institutions themselves. You will receive your admission results – the Notification of Selection Results – on University admissions on the date relevant for your application round.
If you’re accepted, you will need to confirm that you will attend the programme in question by answering yes to your notification.

If you’re not a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland you will also be required to pay the first instalment of the tuition fee (often the first semester’s tuition) at this point.


 Pay Your Sweden university fees for international students

Sweden university fees for international students vary depending upon the subject although you will find several list of universities in Sweden with free tuition for international students from within the EU, many non EU students will be left with the options of low tuition universities in Sweden for international students. The average fee for a master’s programme is SEK 129,000/year; bachelor’s programmes are generally less expensive.

A standard range of tuition fees for various subjects is shown below (the exact level may vary).

Social sciences and humanities                                   SEK 80,000 – 110,000/year
Technical programmes and natural sciences               SEK 120,000 – 145,000/year
Architecture and design                                              SEK 190,000 – 270,000 /year

Tuition fees for each programme are listed at and on each programme’s website.

Read more about tuition fees and figure out if you’re required to pay fees at

 Apply for a residence permit

International students from Non EU countries planning to study in Sweden for more than three months will need to apply for a residence permit for studies in Sweden. As the application process for residence permits can be lengthy, you should apply as soon as you have received your notification of admission.

To apply for a Swedish Student Permit you will need the following documents

Documents required for a Swedish Student permit or visa application

The most appropriate course of action at this stage is to review the information on Swedish immigration board website or the website of Swedish embassy in your country of residence. Notwithstanding, you will need the following documents to succeed in your application:

1. a valid International passport
2. An admission letter from the university that have offered you a place of study
3. health insurance coverage
4. proof of adequate funds for living expenses (proof of financial resources)
5. Proof of financial resources: Your proof of financial resources verifies that you can pay for your period of study.

At least the living expenses for your first year in Germany must be fully financed. In general, around 7,040 euros of income or financial assets are required for the first year, or 700 euros per month. The availability of this funds will be proved by depositing the total amount in the applicants personal account.

See Residence permits and visas for more information on applying for a residence permit for studies in Sweden, as well as information for citizens of EU/EEA/Nordic countries and Switzerland.

Come to Sweden!

Once you’ve been accepted to a programme and your residence permit has been processed, check out our guide to living in Sweden for information on how to prepare for your stay. Your university’s international office can also offer tips and advice.
Read more at University admissions.


• Application procedure
• Key dates and deadlines
• Entry requirements
• Am I required to pay tuition fees?

PhD level – how to apply

How to apply for doctoral studies in Sweden.

For general information about PhD/doctoral studies in Sweden, see Basic information – PhD studies.

Applying for PhD studies
In Sweden, admission to PhD programmes is handled by each university individually. Universities list PhD positions on their websites, usually along with other academic job vacancies. Check the websites of the universities you are interested in to find out more about their procedures for applying for PhD studies and to find available positions. Some departments have fixed application dates, while others admit students on an ongoing basis.
Generally speaking, to be admitted to a PhD programme, you must:
• Hold a university degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher with a focus in the same subject as the intended field of study. In most cases, a master’s degree is required. Previous studies must have included a degree thesis presenting the results of independent research.
• Have a good command of English. Skills in Swedish are also important in some subjects where lectures and seminars are conducted in Swedish.
Further specific admission requirements are set by the department that has advertised the position.

To find contact details for Swedish universities, see Universities.

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Sweden is a country with a rich history and culture. It is also one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

The country has a high standard of living, low crime rate and high quality of education. The cost of living in Sweden is lower than other European countries such as France, Germany and UK.

In this article we have discussed cheap universities in Sweden for international students. These universities are affordable and offer quality education at an affordable price.

It is important to note that not all universities in Sweden are expensive as some can be quite expensive depending on your course or program of study

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