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Mapua University Scholarship

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Scholarship Grants, Financial Assistance & Promotional Discounts

Senior High School Students

  • ETY SHS Scholarship Program
  • Don Tomas Mapúa Scholarship
  • Sibling Discount
  • YGC SHS Promotional Discount

Undergraduate Students

  • Sponsored by Mapúa Administration
  • Sponsored by Mapúa Alumni Associations
  • Sponsored by Private Agencies/Companies and Foundations
  • Sponsored by Government Agencies

Graduate Students

  • ERDT Scholarship

Financial Assistance Programs

  • Income-Based Financial Assistance Program (IBFAP)
  • Tuition Installment Plan (Bukas)

Government-Funded Financial Assistance Program

  • CHED Tertiary Education Subsidy

Promotional Discounts

  • Alumni Loyalty Discount
  • Sibling Discount
  • YGC-AYALA Promotional Discount

Scholarship Partners

  • Sponsored by Mapúa Alumni Associations
  • Sponsored by Private Agencies/Companies and Foundations
  • Sponsored by Government Agencies

outhern California Mapua Alumni is proud to partner with our old alma mater Mapua Institute of Technology (now Mapua University) in granting scholarships to deserving but disadvantaged students studying in the school. 

Here are the requirements for qualification for the SCMA Mapua Scholarship grant:

  • Must be an incoming 3rd or 4th Year Engineering or Architecture student
  • Must have a GWA standing of 2.50 for the last two terms
  • Must have no failing and incomplete grades
  • Must be of good health
  • Must be of good moral character

Also, the applicant has to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with SCMA, which includes additional requirements, including close communication with SCMA and Mapua and help in promoting SCMA’s Scholarship program before and after graduation. Additional information on the SCMA-Mapua requirements can be found at Mapua University’s Scholarship Partners page.

Benefits of being an SCMA Mapua scholar are:

  • The scholarship grant is 400 US dollars per term (Mapua is on a quarterly term)
  • Scholar may receive Special Gift/s from the Association which will support the scholar’s studies (Computer, reference materials and others)

Application for SCMA-Mapua Scholarship is processed by Mapua University. Go to the Mapua University website to download the scholarship application form.

Scholarship candidates will be screened and sent by Mapua University to SCMA for evaluation by the SCMA Scholarship Committee and approval by the SCMA Executive Board. The Evaluation of the applications and selection of the scholars is based on their Grade Weighted Average, Financial Need and Essay. The evaluation criteria is shown on the evaluation worksheet.

Mapúa Courses

Intramuros Campus

School of Architecture, Industrial Design, and the Built Environment
Environmental Planning
Industrial Design
Interior Design

School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering and Sciences
Biological Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Double-Degree Programs

Chemical Engineering-Chemistry
Materials Science and Engineering – Electronics Engineering
Biological Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Joint Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs

BS-MS Biological Engineering
BS-MS Chemical Engineering
BS-MS Chemistry
BS-MS Materials Science and Engineering
BS Chemical Engineering – MS Environmental Engineering
BS Chemical Engineering – BS Chemistry – MS Chemistry

School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management
Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

Double-Degree Programs

Civil Engineering and Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
Geological Science and Engineering

School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering

School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Industrial Engineering
Management Engineering

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Double-Degree Programs

Mechanical Engineering and Biological Engineering
Mechanical Engineering – Materials Science and Engineering

Dual-Degree Programs

BS Mechanical Engineering (Mapúa) – BS Mechatronics Engineering (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)

School of Media Studies
Advertising Design
Broadcast Media
Digital Film
Digital Journalism
Multimedia Arts

School of Social Sciences and Education
Educational Technology
AB Psychology
BS Psychology

Department of Arts and Letters
Technical Communication

Department of Mathematics
Data Science

Department of Physics

Double-Degree Programs

Physics-Electrical Engineering
Physics-Electronics Engineering
Physics-Materials Science and Engineering

Makati Campus

School of Information Technology
Computer Science
Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
Information Systems
Information Technology

Joint Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs

BS-MS Computer Science
BS-MS Information Technology

E.T. Yuchengco School of Business and Management
Business Administration

Joint Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs

BS Accountancy – Master in Business Analytics
BS Business Administration – Master in Business Analytics