Marquette Law School Scholarships

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It may be a good idea to visit the Marquette Law School website in order to find out more information about scholarship opportunities and other financial assistance.

Marquette Law School

Marquette Law School is a private Jesuit university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The school was founded in 1887 and is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).

  • Location: Milwaukee
  • Year Founded: 1887
  • Student Population: 2,300 full-time students, including approximately 600 graduate students; 10% international
  • Faculty Size: About 140 tenure-track professors; about 30 adjunct or clinical faculty members; retired faculty members who occasionally teach classes or provide mentoring services to students on an ongoing basis

Marquette Law School Scholarships

The law school awards merit-based scholarships to incoming and returning students. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of a student’s GPA and LSAT scores, but financial need is not a factor. The amount of scholarship money that you can earn is determined by the average GPA of all applicants from the previous year and your own score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

If you’re accepted by Marquette University Law School, you’ll be automatically considered for scholarships based on your personal profile (GPA and LSAT) as well as financial need.

Does Marquette Law Give Scholarships?

Yes, Marquette Law does give scholarships. They have a variety of scholarships available and many are merit-based while others are need-based. Some examples of their merit-based scholarships are:

  • The Law School’s general scholarship
  • The Dean’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • The Honors Program Scholarship for Academic Achievement (up to $5,000)

For your reference, there is also a list of the different types of academic scholarships that can be found on Marquette Law’s website here: In addition to these academic awards, Marquette Law also offers diversity and regional awards as well as international awards such as Fulbright or the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program.”

Marquette Law Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the class of 2022 was 45.4%, which is about half a percentage point less than last year’s rate of 45.7%. About 1,800 students applied for admission to Marquette Law and 472 were admitted (26% of total applications received).

The acceptance rate for the class of 2021 was 45.7%, which is roughly half a percentage point less than the year prior. About 1,750 students applied for admission to Marquette Law and 463 were admitted (26% of total applications received).

Cost of Attendance at Marquette Law

The total cost of attendance at Marquette Law is $71,000. The school’s tuition and fees are $38,550 per year. Room and board is $15,200 per year on average. Books and supplies cost around $1,100 each year; personal expenses like laundry, travel, toiletries and entertainment add up to around $2,100 annually; other miscellaneous expenses (like medical care or student loan interest) can reach an estimated total of $2,700 each academic year.

The good news is that many students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants. These funds can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs for attending law school by 25% or more each year ($10k+). However, it’s important to note that only about half of Marquette Law students receive any type of scholarship money from the university itself—and even fewer actually get enough aid from scholarship programs to cover all their costs (i.e., they leave with loans). So while it’s possible (but not necessarily likely) that you’ll be able to work full time while earning your degree without taking out loans at all during school terms…it’s more likely than not that you’ll end up graduating with some sort of debt load after graduation no matter what type(s) of financial aid packages come through for students who need them most – those who don’t have parents who can help pay for college education costs upfront (let alone four years worth)…or those whose earning potential post-graduation isn’t high enough yet because they haven’t found a job yet after finishing law school due  to lackadaisical career search efforts on their part .

To find out more information about scholarship options at Marquette, as well as their acceptance rate and cost of attendance, visit their website.

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The Law School awards merit-based scholarships to many entering students each year. All applicants offered admission to the Law School are automatically considered for merit scholarship awards as long as funds remain available; there is no separate scholarship application to submit. Scholarship awarding begins in February each year. If an admitted applicant is awarded a scholarship she/he will be contacted directly by the Admissions Committee. Generally, a potential merit scholarship award is not decided at the time an offer of admission is made, but would be decided before the admitted student is asked to pay a tuition deposit. Most Marquette law students, including those who receive scholarships, rely upon a combination of loan programs to finance their educations and to pay for living expenses while in Law School; consequently, timely submission of the FAFSA is crucial for entering law students.

In typical recent years, more than one-half of enrolling first-year students have been awarded merit scholarships of varying amounts. Merit scholarship awards vary in amount from about $4000 per year up to full tuition. In most recent years, the average scholarship award – for those students receiving awards – has been in the $19,000 to $22,000 per year range. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit (that is, based upon a review of the application for admission) as judged by the Admissions Committee, and not on the basis of need. Need-based financial aid is provided to law students in the form of loans. The Law School has developed a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) to assist graduates who choose careers in the public sector, where starting salaries are usually lower than those in the private sector. More information on the Law School’s LRAP may be found on this website.

Marquette Law School does not offer “conditional scholarships” as that term is defined in Interpretation 509-3 of Standard 509 of the ABA Standards for Approval of Law Schools. More specifically, the retention of a scholarship awarded to a student who matriculates at Marquette Law School is not conditioned upon the student’s maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing. A 2.000 cumulative grade point average is required to remain in good academic standing.

In recent years, high-performing students at the conclusion of the first year (e.g., those in the top ten to fifteen percent of the class) have received scholarship awards of a few thousand dollars. The Law School expects to continue that policy for the foreseeable future.


If you are interested in applying for scholarships at Marquette Law School, be sure to check out their website. There, you can find all the information about available scholarships and the application process. If you have any questions about applying for scholarships at Marquette Law School or any other schools, please feel free to contact us today!

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