Massey University Vet School Acceptance Rate

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For most veterinary students, the aim is to gain admission into the top program they can. When it comes to vet school acceptance rates, the top programs are the ones with the lowest numbers. But there is more to this than meets the eye. It is important to understand what the rate means and what some of the key differences are between vet schools.

We’ve calculated the 60% acceptance rate for Massey Vet school based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial. Meaning there is 60% assurance you will secure a place of admission if you meet the university admission requirements. Entry into the pre-selection semester is open to anyone who meets the Massey University admission requirements. Professional phase (9 semesters – 4.5 years). Massey ranks highly in the top vet schools in the world and is internationally accredited. Shape a bright future for animal health, wellbeing and sustainable development.

To gain entry into the pre-selection semester at Massey Vet school, you must meet the university’s admission requirements. These requirements include having a strong academic background, which typically includes high marks in relevant science courses such as biology and chemistry. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate a passion for animals and a commitment to pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

The admission process at Massey University is competitive but fair. As long as you meet the university’s admission requirements, you have a good chance of being accepted into the veterinary program. Once admitted, you will embark on a professional phase consisting of nine semesters over 4.5 years, where you will receive world-class education and training to prepare you for a successful career in veterinary medicine. Shape your future and make a difference in the world of animal health by attending Massey Vet school.

Massey Vet School Acceptance rate & Admissions

Massey Vet school may be the perfect place for you! With a calculated acceptance rate of 60%, there is a high chance you could secure a spot in this esteemed program.

Acceptance Rate60%
Admissions RequirementsEligibility for selection into the professional phase
For each group, you must meet the eligibility criteria which are:
Submit all applications by the specified due dates
Complete 40 hours of pre-entry veterinary practical work experience. (Please refer to the “Before you start” section for more information.)
Pass all of the pre-requisite courses. (Please refer to the “Courses and Specialisations” section to see the pre-requisite courses.)
Complete all selection assessments required for your Group (STAT, Casper, MMI).
Have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 or greater (B Grade)
For international applicants – if you are from a country where English is not the first language you must show evidence of English language competence that meets the requirements of the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (see below).
Academic CalendarJanuary to December

We’ve calculated the 70% acceptance rate for Massey University based on the ratio of admissions to applications and other circumstantial enrollment data. Treat this information as a rough guide and not as a definitive measure of your chances of admission. Different programs may have significantly varying admissions rates.

university vet school Overview

Massey University Vet School offers a wide range of veterinary courses and is also known to have a high acceptance rate into their vet course in comparison to other institutions.

Massey University (Māori: Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa) is a university based in Palmerston North, New Zealand, with significant campuses in Albany and Wellington. Massey University has approximately 30,883 students, 13,796 of whom are extramural or distance-learning students, making it New Zealand’s second largest university when not counting international students. Research is undertaken on all three campuses, and more than 3,000 international students from over 100 countries study at the university. If you are preparing to apply to the Massey University vet school, you should also consider the university’s acceptance rate. Another important factor to consider when applying or preparing for a university is the acceptance rate.

Massey University, ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide for veterinary science, has incredibly high acceptance rates. The school has an acceptance rate of just 49%. For comparison, the national average for acceptance rates is 57%—and even higher at other New Zealand schools.

Structure of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) is a 5-year degree divided into two phases: a pre-selection phase (a minimum of one semester) followed by a professional phase (9 semesters – 4.5 years).

Practical experience during the degree

Once selected into the professional phase of the BVSc you will complete ~21 weeks of farm and veterinary practical work.  This practical work is usually completed during semester and summer breaks of Years 1-4.  More detail is provided to selected students when they begin the professional phase.

Withdrawal from Veterinary Study

Veterinary students have the option to take some time out of their studies. This might be to take advantage of an amazing opportunity, or for health or wellbeing reasons. In the School of Veterinary Science, we believe students need to prioritise their health and wellbeing, so we see time-out as a proactive choice. We strongly encourage students to talk to their year coordinator or a member of the veterinary programme management team, to ensure they understand all policies regarding their departure and return. On the Massey website, there are instructions regarding withdrawal from courses if this is required.

Key dates

1 November Deadline for International Group 2 admission application for BVSc Professional Phase submission of transcripts.International Group 1 admission application for BVSc pre-selection phase due (Late applications may be considered).VetMAP application due
4 February Domestic admission application for BVSc pre-selection due
5 March Deadline for Domestic & International Group 1 admission application for BVSc Professional Phase. Late applications will not be accepted.

massey university vet school entry requirements

Admission to Massey

All students must meet university entrance requirements to be admitted to the University.

  • Massey University entry requirements

Specific requirements

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) is a five-year degree divided into two phases:

  • a pre-selection phase (a minimum of one semester). Entry into the pre-selection semester is open to anyone who meets the Massey University admission requirements.

This is followed by:

  • a professional phase (9 semesters – 4.5 years). Entry to the professional phase is by selection in accordance with criteria established by the Veterinary Undergraduate Student Selection Sub-Committee, which will include consideration of academic performance, non-academic performance and relevant experience. Candidates from a country whose first language is not English must show evidence of English language competence that meets the requirements of the Veterinary Council of New Zealand as outlined in their Policy on English Competence.

Expected high school preparation

Knowledge gained in the following NCEA subjects (or the equivalent in Cambridge International Examinations, International Baccalaureate, or similar) should give you the expected background knowledge for the prerequisite courses.

  • At least 14 credits in NCEA Level 3 Biology.
  • At least 14 credits in NCEA Level 3 Chemistry.

For your own preparation it’s also recommended, but not required, that you do at least 14 credits of NCEA Level 2 mathematics and/or physics before starting the pre-requisite courses.

If you haven’t done the level of science noted above, contact us through the Get advice button on this page and we can discuss preparation programmes to help you get ready for the pre-requisite courses.

Pre-entry Veterinary Practical Work Experience

You must complete 10 days (total ≥80 hours) of veterinary practical work experience in a veterinary clinic(s) or hospital(s) within three years of starting the professional phase of the degree. This may be completed in New Zealand or overseas. You should complete this BEFORE you start the pre-selection semester as you won’t have time to complete it after the semester starts. For your preparation, we recommend (but do not require) that you complete one week of small animal and one week of large animal experience.

To access the pre-entry practical work verification form, click on the “Entry Requirements” tab and scroll down to the “Finding the right professional phase selection pathway and policy for you” section. Select the pathway that is appropriate for you and the verification form will be located on the pathway information page.

Prior learning, credit and exemptions

If you’re already a student in a veterinary qualification elsewhere and wish to enquire about transferring into our veterinary qualification contact us through the Get advice button on this page.

Phase 1: Pre-selection semester

The pre-selection semester for the BVSc is offered at the Manawatū Campus in Semester One beginning in late February. It is your opportunity to show us you have what it takes to become a veterinarian. You’ll complete pre-selection courses and a range of selection assessments. You’ll want to do really well in these pre-selection courses to improve your chances of selection into the professional phase.

Please refer to the “Courses and Planning” tab to see the prerequisite courses in the pre-selection phase. The selection assessments are described in the selection pathway specific information below.

There is no limit on the number of places in the pre-selection semester. However, selection into the professional phase is competitive, so make sure you are prepared. Work on your people skills and get a good background in the sciences before joining us for the pre-selection semester.

Veterinary applicants must undertake their Semester One study internally at the Massey University Manawatū campus if either:

  • you have not already passed all four of the professional phase prerequisite courses, or
  • you do not have an eligible semester of study (as specified in the BVSc GPA-regulations) completed at Massey University.

The requirement to study internally at the Manawatū campus applies whether or not you are enrolling in the BVSc pre-selection qualification or in another qualification.

Phase 2: Professional phase

The professional phase of the BVSc is essentially ‘vet school proper’. It starts in Semester Two (mid-July) at the Manawatū Campus. There are limited places (113 domestic and 24-30 international places), so entry is competitive. If you are selected you will take courses over the next 4.5 years which cover everything needed to become a qualified veterinarian. Please refer to the ‘Courses and Planning’ tab to see the courses in the professional phase.

The total number of times you can apply for the BVSc professional phase regardless of pathway is limited to THREE (3).  Attempts are counted from 2020 onwards.

Finding the right professional phase selection pathway and policy for you

Every year there are more applications than the number of places available (113 domestic and 24-30 international places). So there is a selection process based on assessment of both academic and non-academic performance.  

You’ll apply for selection through one of four pathways. You need to know which pathway is right for you, as they have different selection policies. While ultimately the university will determine the correct pathway for you, please click on the links below to read all the information for each pathway.

Domestic student pathways

  • General
    General pathway is open to all domestic students who are New Zealand or Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  • VetMAP
    VetMAP pathway is open to all domestic students with Māori or Indigenous Pacific ancestry

International student pathways

  • Group 1
    Group 1 pathway is open to international students who come to New Zealand and complete the pre-selection semester in order to prove their capability for the professional phase. Group 1 students usually either do not meet all of the eligibility criteria for Group 2 or met the criteria but were not ranked highly enough to be offered a Group 2 position.
  • Group 2
    Group 2 pathway is open to international students who compete for entry directly into the professional phase of the BVSc on the basis of their academic performance at a university or college overseas from an appropriate undergraduate or postgraduate science degree.

Important note regarding veterinary selection

The veterinary selection process is complex, so written advice should be sought from a specialist veterinary academic adviser in Academic Advice at Massey University by contacting us through the Get advice button on this page. This is especially important if you have completed any previous university-level study. Please do not seek advice about veterinary selection from any other university staff members as only the specialist veterinary academic advisers are trained regarding the many factors that must be considered. Please be reminded that in your application for admission you have agreed that you will not rely on verbal advice.

If you have questions, contact us through the Get advice button and note “vet selection advice” in the subject line.

Places in the professional phase

Total places: 113 domestic and 24-30 international

massey university vet school cost

2022 fees

This table shows the 2022 estimated fees for the different pre-degree qualifications and how long each one takes.

Pre-degree or pathway qualificationLength of studyEstimate of total tuition fees
English language short course5 weeks modules$2,375
English Academic Purposes10 weeks$4,750
Foundation Certificate (International)1 semester$12,440
Foundation Certificate (International – Accelerated)1 year$24,880

Undergraduate qualifications

Your tuition fees vary depending on what you choose to specialise in as your ‘major’ subject area and the courses you choose in your degree.

Completing a bachelor’s degree usually takes three years.

2022 fees

This table shows the 2022 estimated tuition fees in different subject areas for international students by course and year. It’s based on taking eight courses of 15 credits each over one year to reach the standard 120 credits. Remember that courses in some subject areas could cost you more than others.

Undergraduate degree – subject areaEstimate of tuition fees for each courseEstimate of tuition fees for each year
Aviation(Air transport pilot – first year 180 credits)$4,522.50 to $17,042.40$94,842.50
Aviation Management$3915.00 to $4,685.20$31,320.00
Computer Science$4,216.25$33,730.00
Engineering$4,686.25 to $5,161.25$37,490.00 to $41,290.00
Medical Laboratory Science$4,686.25$37,490.00
Speech Language Therapy$4,686.25$37,490.00
Technology$4,686.25 to $5,161.25$37,490.00 to $41,290.00
Veterinary Science (year 1)$6,130.00 to $8,662.50$49,040.00 to $69,300.00
Veterinary Science (years 2 to 5)$8,662.50$69,300.00

Graduate qualifications

International students can choose from different graduate qualifications. See the tables for your estimated tuition fees. The tables are based on the type of qualification and how long it takes.

2022 fees

Graduate qualification typeLength of studyEstimate of total tuition fees
Graduate certificate1 semester$17,500
Graduate diploma1 year$28,000 to $35,000

Postgraduate qualifications

International students can study postgraduate qualifications ranging from certificates to doctorates. Tuition fees depend on how much of your individual qualification is taught through courses or is your own research.

For some subject areas, you can study a postgraduate honours year. The honours year costs the same as a postgraduate qualification.

Fees overview by type of qualification

See your estimated tuition fees based on the type of qualification and how long it takes.

2022 fees

Postgraduate qualification typeLength of studyEstimate of total tuition fees
Postgraduate certificate1 semester$16,000 to $21,000
Postgraduate diploma1 year$32,000 to $41,000
Postgraduate diploma in veterinary science1 year$48,000
Master’s degree – coursework1 to 1.5 years$49,000 to $61,000
Master’s degree – research1 to 2 years$49,000 to $61,000
Doctorate3 to 4 years$19,000 to $33,000

Fees overview by area of study

Check these tables for estimated tuition fees in your qualification’s subject or area of study. The tables are based on studying 120 credits each year.

2022 fees

Postgraduate qualification – area of studyEstimate of tuition fees for each year
Computer Science$37,920.00
Veterinary Science$49,040.00

Massey University Overview

Massey University Admissions 2022

  • Programs: Massey University invites international students to apply for admission across 37 bachelor’s, around 50 master’s, PhD and several certificate and diploma courses. Agriculture program at the university ranks 30th in the world. Nursing, Accounting and Finance programs offered by the university ranks among the top 100 in the world making it a world-class institute to study abroad. Check: UG programs of Massey University
  • Acceptance Rate: With an acceptance rate of 65%, the university exhibits a competitive admission policy. The university houses around 31,000 individuals with 5000 international students.
  • Admission Deadlines: The university accepts applications for semester 1 and double semester until October 31. The semester 2 application deadline is on May 1.
  • Application Portal: Aspirants seeking admission to Massey University can apply via SFU Application or Common Application Form to study in New Zealand.
  • Admission Requirements: An overall average of 75% in Grade 12 and a minimum of 60% in English is required for admission to the university. Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale (~82-83%) in relevant discipline from a recognized tertiary institution is mandatory for admission to postgraduate programs. As proof of English Language proficiency, the university accepts an IELTS score for UG and PG respectively. However, there are certain undergraduate programs where the required ELP score is different.


Application PortalOnline Portal
Application FeeNot Required
Student & Faculty Ratio10:1
Admissions Email[email protected]
GPA Required2.7 in range of 4.0
Mode of PaymentDebit/Credit Card/Internet Banking
Academic CalendarSemester based
Intake sessionSemester 1/2 & Summer School
Work ExperienceOnly for few graduate courses
Financial AidCourse wise financial aid & Scholarship

Massey University Admissions Deadlines

Massey University invites its admissions application globally for the admission of February, June, and November terms. About 5000 students from 100+ countries get final admissions to offer letters each year. New Zealand has been known for safe study abroad programs for years.

MU invites applications for semesters 1, 2, and summer school each year. The deadline for the semester 1 application is out but applicants can register for semester 2. The application deadline is as follows:

Semester/TermOnline Study Program On-campus Study Program (International)Returning Study Program (Domestic & International)
Summer SchoolOctober 20October 29October 29
Semester 2June 1May 1June 14

Application deadline for study abroad or incoming student exchange programs:

Semester 1 (February-June)November 1, 2021
Semester 2 (July -November)May 1, 2021

Massey University International Students Admissions

MU has an international student presence of 5000, Massey University is the home of 100 countries’ students. Out of a total of 19000 students on campus, 32% of students belong outside New Zealand. MU offers various course-wise and merit scholarship programs that attract international students to take admissions. MU programs are known globally for providing on-campus and offline education. International students need not submit specific applicants for admissions. Common applicants apply to everyone.

Admission Requirements:

  • Completed Massey University application
  • Official academic transcript
  • English proficiency test score
  • CV/Resume
  • LOR
  • Visa proof
  • Financial statement
  • Medical statement

Additional Requirement (Optional):

  • Art portfolio
  • Interview
  • Audition

International Student Visa Process

Students belonging outside New Zealand need to submit a student visa for living and studying here. But, due to covid-19, Massey University does not ask for visa proof for students for online classes. It has declared that students need to submit visas only after the reopening of the New Zealand border. Given below is the list of documents required for applying students visa:

  • Completed Massey University application
  • Online Immigration account
  • Stamped country passport
  • Police certificate (valid till 3 years only)
  • Evidence of funds of living

Applicants can reach out at [email protected] for any queries, guidance, and doubts. Every student has to send their updated visa before the beginning of the program. Once the visa process completes, applicants can mail their visas at [email protected] so the enrolment process can be done earliest.

English Proficiency Test Score Requirements 

Students who belong to a non-English speaking country or whose medium of education was not English need to demonstrate their skills through standardized scores required to study in New Zealand. The test must be completed within 2 years before the starting of the course at Massey University. The English language test requirements for bachelor and master admissions is following:

IELTS6.0 6.5
PTE Academic5058
Cambridge English170

Massey University Undergraduate Admissions

The application process for UG programs is quite easy and doable. Students must meet the basic eligibility criteria before applying. For any UG degree, there is a country-specific requirement. The English proficiency score also differs for a few bachelors degrees. The university sends students an acknowledgement with an application received status within a week. Below is a summary of the application process and the mandatory requirements one needs to submit.

Admissions Portal: SFU Application or Common Application Form
Admissions Fee: Not Required

Admission Requirements:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • ELP Score
  • Country-Specific Requirements
  • SOP
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Medical Cover

Massey University Country-Specific Requirements

MU undergraduate programs have country-specific requirements. The details of a few Asian countries are mentioned below:

CountryMinimum Requirements
IndiaAISSC or ISC 12th with an average of 75% and 60% in English 
Pakistan One year study at a tertiary institution
SingaporeThree H2 passes at C grade or NUS High School Diploma
Sri LankaGCE A-level with 3 credits passed
IndonesiaOne year tertiary study or 8.5 of Sekolah Menengah Atas 

English Language Scores for Specific Undergraduate Programs

>Some UG courses have specific English Language proficiency requirements which are given below:

ProgramsIELTS (Academic)TOEFL
Veterinary SciencesOverall 7.0 in every bandNot accepted
Social Work6.5 in every bandNot accepted
Nursing6.5 in every bandNot accepted
AviationOverall 6.5 with at least 6.0 in eachPBT- 575 TWE-4.5 IBT-90 with at least 20 in writing
Agriculture ScienceOverall 6.5 with no band score less than 6.0Not acceptable

Massey University Graduate Admissions

Admissions at Massey University’s PG courses is viable through SFU Application or Common Application Form. The is no application fee charged. A bachelors degree or equivalent, relevant practical experience equivalent to graduation along with general entry prerequisite that includes academic transcripts, ELP score, visa and others are necessary for international students.

Popular graduate courses of Massey University along with their fees and requirements is tabulated below

ProgramFee Full Year in NZD (1.0 EFTS/120 Credits)Requirements
MBA31,810Duration: 1 Year Credit Required: 180 Other: Essay, Work Experience
Master of Education30,340Duration: 2 Year Credit Required: 240
Master of Applied Social WorkDuration: 2 Year Credit Required: 240 IELTS: 6.5 in each band
Master of Design36,810Duration: 2 Year Credit Required: 180
Master of Fine Arts31,010Duration: 1.5 Year Credit Required: 240 IELTS: 6.5 in each band
Engineering/ Technology40,080Duration: 2 Years Other: Work Experience

Also Check: MBA in New Zealand

Students must know that Massey University will be offering only online education till pandemic overs. Massey University is a global public university and is well known for its world-class teaching and study abroad experience. It has been ranked 272nd among the top global university by QS World University Ranking in 2021. It is New Zealand’s only university with degree programs in Aviation, Dispute Resolution, Nanoscience, and Veterinary Medicine. International students are drawn to the institution because of its research-oriented training and teaching techniques, as well as industrial partnerships. The university’s mission is to convert its students into industry-ready professionals who are prepared to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing industries.

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