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Germany is a great place for students who want to study for a long period of time. The country has many universities that offer combined masters and PhD programs, which allow you to spend up to eight years studying. This gives you the opportunity to get both your undergraduate and graduate degrees in one place!

Masters and PhD Combined Programs in Germany

Combined programs are an excellent way to gain a broad understanding of a topic while also focusing in on a specific area. In addition to gaining valuable research experience, combined programs allow you to gain experience in both research and teaching. Combined programs are available at many universities in Germany.

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What are Combined Masters and PhD Programs?

Germany has several combined programs that allow students to earn both a master’s degree and a PhD in six years. These programs are designed for students who want to complete their undergraduate studies and then continue on to pursue a doctoral degree, but do not have the time or resources necessary to complete the full doctoral program.

Combined programs are available at several universities throughout Germany, including Technical University of Munich and University of Cologne. Some schools offer two separate tracks: one for students who already hold an undergraduate degree and another for those who do not yet have one. If you are applying as an undergraduate student with no prior coursework experience, your application will be evaluated through your GPA in high school classes or other secondary education institutions (if applicable).

Germany allows you to study for a long period of time, up to eight years in some cases.Combined Masters And PhD Programs In Germany – INFOLEARNERS

In Germany, students can earn up to an eight-year program. The two most common types of programs are:

  • Bachelor’s + Master’s (Bachelor of Science – Master of Science)

  • Bachelor’s + PhD (Bachelor of Science – Doctorate)

Students should note that not all programs in Germany are available for eight years. Some may take less time and others may take more time than the maximum allowed by law—it all depends on how long it takes for you to complete your coursework and examinations.


DAAD or The German Academic Exchange Service is the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic co-operation. It give young foreign academic the opportunity to pursue research or study in Germany. Please find out more here.

Where: Germany

Nationality: Internationally

Value of the scholarship:

  • A monthly allowance of euros 750 for graduates, and euros 1,000 for doctoral candidates.
  • Insurance
  • Travel allowance
  • One-off research allowance


  • Have completed a Master degree or Bachelor degree
  • Master of Arts/Master of Science degree or Bachelor of Art.
  • To be eligible, applicants should have graduated no longer than six years before the application deadline.
  • Haven’t been in Germany more than 15 months
  • Have a remarkable English language proficiency.

Important Document:

  • Online application form
  • CV (max. 3 pages)
  • List of publication
  • Extensive and detailed description of the research proposal and a description of previous research work (max. 10 pages)
  • Degree certificate that indicate final grade
  • Copy of school-leaving certificate which entitles holders to study at a university in the home country.
  • German or English translations of documents submitted in the national language
  • Other documents which support your application (example: certificates of employment, proof of placements, etc.)
  • All university certificates on all annual examinations with individual grade(s), incl. explanation of grading system.

Deadline: 31 October 2017

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Integrated Masters and PhD Combined Programs in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Europe 
If doctorate level research is your ultimate ambition in life, pursuing it jointly is a great idea. It seems beneficial in many ways, however it is not always easy to apply for these courses as they demand exceptional excellence and high academic performance throughout.

Integrated MS/PhD is a bit complicated and varies from one University to another.
1. Some universities don’t let you apply to PhD program with a Bachelor’s. You have to apply to MS and state in application that you wish to continue to PhD subsequently
2. Few schools let you apply for PhD post Bachelor’s but will only if they find an extra-ordinary intellectual potential in you or else you will be re-directed to a MS program
3. Few universities offer MS-PhD joint degrees extending to 5 or 6 years and even offer fellowships to these integrated program students.
4. Recently, many programs have been added to this category. One has to be very sure before getting into an integrated program because once you become a part of it you will not get another chance to divert your field of work or change subjects.

Top Countries for MS and PhD Combined Programs 

  • USA
  • UK

Pursuing integrated MS and PhD needs meticulous planning in every aspect. As you need to consider various factors like your research inclination, ongoing project and research work at the department you need to apply to, initiating contact with professors who could be your project guide, exchange of information and research ideas, assessment of your skills and mapping your research goals with the ongoing project work. 

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