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Constitutional law is a topic that can be really confusing. This is because it deals with the laws that are in place to protect all citizens of the United States, as well as ensure that people have rights and liberties. If you want to learn more about constitutional law or if you want to take your career in this field forward, an online LLM program could be just what you need. Here is a list of some of the best online master’s degree programs for constitutional law:

Indiana University

Indiana University’s Master of Science in Law degree is designed for students who want to pursue a career in law, but who have not yet earned a Juris Doctorate. The program focuses on the study of law and legal institutions, including courses such as constitutional law, business organizations, contracts and remedies.

Students can choose to complete coursework on campus or online with options that include both synchronous (live) lectures and asynchronous audio/video lectures.

Boston University

Boston University School of Law is a private law school located in Boston, Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1898 and is the third oldest law school in the United States. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS).

In addition to its JD program, Boston University School of Law offers an LLM in Business Taxation program with concentrations in Financial Services Taxation and Banking & Capital Markets Taxation; an LLM in International Business Transactions; an LLM in International Human Rights; two joint degrees with other schools at Boston University: JSD/LLM Comparative Constitutional Law & International Human Rights and JD/MS International Business Development; several dual degree programs with other graduate schools within the university (JD/MS Accounting or MS Finance or MS Marketing Analytics); as well as joint-degree programs with international partners such as Manchester University Business School (UK), Universidad del Valle de México (Mexico), Universidade de Brasília Faculdade de Direito e Economia do Trabalho (Brazil) and Shenzhen College for Legal Studies & Management Science (China).

Loyola University

The College of Law was founded in 1926 and is the law school of Loyola University Chicago. It is a Jesuit institution, and its mission statement includes the goal “of educating men and women for law practice with a humanistic perspective.”

John Marshall Law School

John Marshall Law School, located in Chicago, is a private law school founded in 1899. The school is nationally recognized and accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). It offers both full and part-time programs for students to choose from including:

  • J.D. program
  • Master of Laws (LLM) program
  • Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree

George Washington University

George Washington University School of Law is located in Washington D.C. and it is part of the George Washington University (GWU).

The program offers a Master of Laws with an emphasis on constitutional law and legal theory, including issues such as separation of powers, federalism, judicial review, civil rights, administrative law and government contracts. Courses are taught by professors who have expertise in the areas covered by coursework.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private research university in Washington, D.C.. The school was founded in 1789 as Georgetown College by John Carroll, the first Catholic bishop in the United States. It is the oldest Jesuit university in the country and one of the most prestigious. Georgetown has more than 20 schools and colleges offering 90 undergraduate majors, 95 graduate degree programs, and 25 doctoral degrees.

St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University is a private, Catholic, liberal arts university in Miami Gardens, Florida. The school has a student population of about 5,000 students and offers a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law. This course focuses on constitutional law and comparative legal systems as they pertain to international commercial transactions. In addition to studying U.S. constitutional law and the constitution of other countries (including Canada), students will be expected to complete at least two courses related specifically to international transactions or transactions involving foreign corporations or organizations.

Southern New Hampshire University

Some of the most prestigious universities in the United States offer a master’s degree program in constitutional law. These include:

  • Suffolk University, considered to be one of the best colleges and universities in Boston, offers a Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law and Policy that is known for its rigorous curriculum and focus on current events.
  • American University is located in Washington D.C., one of America’s most politically active cities; its law school offers an online MCLP that focuses on American constitutional history, government, politics and law.
  • Boston College is known for its Jesuit tradition and high academic standards; it offers an online Master’s Degree Program focused on American Constitutional History with particular emphasis on Supreme Court cases from 1776 – 1920s. Students learn about landmark decisions like Marbury v Madison (1803), McCulloch v Maryland (1819), Gibbons vs Ogden (1824), Dred Scott v Sanford (1857) etcetera

If you are looking for some great LLM programs, here is a list of some of the best!

If you are looking for some great LLM programs, here is a list of some of the best!

  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • Harvard Law School, United States
  • McGill University Faculty of Law, Canada
  • Columbia University School of Law, United States

A master’s degree in constitutional law can help you become an expert on the laws and principles that define a country. A constitutional law degree is often required for those who want to pursue careers as attorneys, politicians or government officials. However, there are many other career paths available for those with this type of education as well.

What Is a Master’s of Constitutional Law Program?

A master’s degree in constitutional law is a graduate-level program that explores the laws and principles that govern the United States and other countries. The program can be taken online or in person, and it is designed to help students understand how the U.S. Constitution interacts with other laws.

Students learn about topics like:

  • Constitutional history and application of legal reasoning
  • Public policy issues related to civil rights, minority rights, gender equality, abortion rights, gun control measures and other issues pertaining to individual rights such as marriage equality
  • Theories of constitutional interpretation including originalism, textualism and living constitution theories

Getting Into A Constitutional Law Masters Program Online

The application process for a Masters Degree in Constitutional Law is similar to other graduate programs, although there are no age restrictions and minimum GPA requirements. There are also no minimum GRE or TOEFL scores, nor IELTS scores. So if you’re ready to get started on your constitutional law degree, here are some things you need to know:

  • Applications are often due in the fall of each year (for Fall 2019 admission).
  • You will need to submit transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended as well as any graduate work done at another institution. The program will want the transcripts sent directly from the university(s) where they were earned by using an official sealed envelope with a stamp affixed on it that does not have any writing inside or outside of it or else it will be rejected by our office staff members so please make sure these instructions are followed accordingly when mailing over such information otherwise we might have trouble processing your application!
  • There is no fee associated with applying; however if accepted into a program then there may be fees associated with tuition payments once enrolled (such as paying upfront costs). These prices vary depending on which school/university offers courses under this subject area so we encourage students interested in learning more about specific rates before making commitments anywhere else within this field.”

The Benefits of an Online Masters Program in Constitutional Law

In the past, students who wanted to obtain a Masters in Constitutional Law were required to attend classes in person. However, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, you can study for your degree online so that you can work on your own schedule and save money on travel costs if necessary.

Additionally, many online courses allow students to interact with their peers via forums where discussions take place about various topics related directly or indirectly related with constitutional law itself. This means that not only will you receive constructive feedback from professors who are experts within their field of expertise; but also from other like-minded individuals who may have different viewpoints than yours yet still manage

What to Expect From Your Constitutional Law Master’s Program

What to Expect From Your Constitutional Law Master’s Program

In order to graduate with a master’s degree in constitutional law, you’ll likely have to complete at least 30 credits of coursework, which will include seminars, research projects and examinations.

Based on the school you choose, these may take the form of multiple choice exams or essays. You may also be required to prepare and deliver speeches on specific topics related to constitutional law or perform research projects related to legal theory or practice areas within this field.

Additionally, some programs allow students the option of completing their final project as a thesis instead of an essay or exam. If this is your preferred method for completing your final project then make sure it meets all requirements set forth by your university/college prior to enrolling in any classes!

How Long Does It Take to Obtain your Masters in Constitutional Law?

The length of a constitutional law degree program depends on the school and program you choose. Some schools can be completed in as little as one year, while others take up to three years. Most programs require two to three years for completion, with an additional semester or even year required if you want to specialize in a particular area of study.

Some schools offer online degrees that can be completed in less time than traditional programs, while others have part-time options that allow students to work while they attend classes.

Constitutional Law Master’s Degree Salaries and Job Opportunities

With a Master of Arts in Constitutional Law, you can expect to make an average of $74,000 per year. This is based on the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re looking for an online degree program that will be more affordable than the traditional brick and mortar schools, look no further than this list. The average cost for an online master’s degree in constitutional law is $24,732, which is about half as much as what you would pay at most universities or colleges offering this same degree.

An online master’s in constitutional law can help you define the laws and principles that govern the country.

An online master’s in constitutional law can help you define the laws and principles that govern the country. It’s a specialized degree that focuses on American government, with an emphasis on how it relates to our Constitution.

It’s a good idea to know what kind of degree you want before applying to schools or taking classes so you can make sure they’re offering what you need. A constitutional law degree is different from a general law degree—it focuses less on practical experience and more on theory and policymaking.

The first thing to consider when choosing between an online master’s in constitutional law and another program is whether you want your education focused mostly on legal practice or administrative policymaking.


If you want to become an expert in the laws and principles that govern the country, then a masters degree in constitutional law may be for you. This online program can help students learn about the US constitution from one of its founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. The curriculum covers topics like civil rights and freedoms as well as how they relate to other areas such as foreign policy or economic development.

I hope this list has helped you find the best LLM programs for your needs. As always, be sure to do your research before applying and make sure that the school meets all of your requirements. Good luck!