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Master of Professional Accounting

This internationally recognised masters degree will prepare you to launch a professional career in accounting after just 14 months of study. Start your academic journey towards becoming a professionally qualified accountant today.

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcct) is designed especially for students who have never studied accounting before at university-level, but already have a bachelor’s degree in another subject area, such as arts, teaching, law or economics.

This internationally recognised qualification will prepare you to launch a career in accounting after just 14 months of study. It provides the ideal platform to start your journey towards becoming a professionally qualified accountant (CA ANZ, CPA Australia or ACCA).

There are two intakes for the course each year, so you can start in either November or January. Please note it is a full-time, accelerated course with an intensive workload.

During the course, you will develop advanced skills and knowledge in all the core areas of accounting and business, and be able to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to practical accounting situations.

On completion, you’ll be ready to start work in a public accounting practice, or a commercial firm or organisation.

All of the papers in this 220-point taught masters degree are compulsory. You will learn about financial and management accounting, accounting information systems, commercial and corporate law, auditing, taxation, finance, and economics for business.

Gain membership of three professional accounting bodies

Waikato’s Master of Professional Accounting is approved by three of the world’s largest professional accounting bodies – ACCA, CA ANZ and CPA Australia.

This means our graduates can apply to join any of these three respected organisations and gain provisional membership, making it your passport to work overseas and expand your networks.

Once you’re a member, you’ll then need to gain three years’ work experience in an accounting role, and pass the CA Professional Exams.

Waikato has an international reputation

You’ll be studying at Waikato Management School, a Triple Crown international business school accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB since 2005. This is a global benchmark of excellence achieved by less than 1% of the world’s business schools.

Waikato is ranked in the world’s top 250 for Accounting and Finance in the prestigious QS World University Subject Rankings 2020.

Professional accounting internship or research project

As part of this degree, you have the option to EITHER undertake a research project focused on a contemporary accounting issue and write a report of around 8,000 words (ACCTN582); OR complete an accounting internship in the workplace (ACCTN583).

Note: Students are expected to demonstrate self-initiative and find their own host organisation for the internship paper. This can be achieved by speaking to prospective employers at networking expos, and becoming actively involved with the Beta Alpha Psi student club.

For personalised career and study advice, talk to our friendly team of advisers in the Management Student Centre (MSC), phone +64 7 838 4303 or email [email protected]Apply to enrol

Key information

Study Locations:Hamilton
Start Dates:November (G Semester) and January (H Semester)
Fees (Domestic):$14,478 approx (2021 fees) – per programme
See if you’re eligible for fees-free study in your first year
Area of Study:Waikato Management School
*Tuition fees shown are indicative only and may change. There are additional fees and charges related to enrolment please see the Table of Fees and Charges for more information. You will be sent an enrolment agreement which will confirm your fees.

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Degree planner — Master of Professional Accounting (220 points) – November intake

November to February (G and H semesters)ECONS506
Economics for Business
Quantitative Skills for Finance and Economics
Fundamental Accounting for Decision-Making
Organisational Behaviour

March to June (A trimester)ACCTN571
Financial Accounting
Commercial and Corporate Law
Advanced Auditing
Advanced Management Accounting

July to October (B trimester)ACCTN577
Performance Reporting
Accounting Information Systems
Advanced Financial Accounting
Advanced Taxation

November to December (G semester)ACCTN581
Professional Development Capstone

Choose either ACCTN582 or ACCTN583:ACCTN582
Research Project
Professional Internship

  • Core knowledge
  • Advanced knowledge
  • Professional skills
  • Explanatory note

Papers not linked above:

This information is provisional and subject to change.

 I wanted a shorter course, and Waikato was the only university in New Zealand offering an intensive 14-month masters in accounting.Judit Dervadelin Accounting

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Entry requirements

You can apply for the Master of Professional Accounting if you:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in any subject area
  • Have achieved at least a B-minus grade average in your final year of study

International students

International students must have an equivalent qualification from a recognised university, and meet the University of Waikato’s English language requirements.

If you do not meet these requirements, you can enrol in an English language programme with our University of Waikato College.

Scholarships and prizes

Visit our Scholarship Finder for information about possible scholarships

Find your scholarship

Cultural experience

Waikato Management School has a vibrant student culture that offers plenty of social and learning opportunities.

You can meet like-minded people through student clubs, such as:

Searching for the masters in accounting course new zealand to get a degree? Here you go with the complete details of masters in accounting course. Take a look at the features and know masters in accounting entry requirements or masters in accounting salary.

Masters in Accounting

A Masters in Accounting will help you to develop your professional skills, knowledge and understanding of the field. If you are considering studying a masters in accounting, you should be aware that there are several options available.

  • Masters in Accounting Salary: A Masters degree can increase your salary by up to 15% over your starting salary. It is estimated that median pay for accountants with graduate degrees is $62,500 per year compared with $50,000 for those who only have a bachelor’s degree (source: BLS). This translates into an additional $12,500 annually! That’s not small change!

Masters in Accounting Salary

What is the salary of a masters in accounting? The answer is different for each country.

In the United States, a master’s degree can earn you over $50,000 per year depending on where you work and your skillset. A master’s in accounting with 5 years of experience could earn up to $70,000 annually, while an experienced professional with 10 or more years of experience could be looking at an annual salary as high as $90,000!

That all sounds great but what about New Zealand? You may be surprised at how much more money you can make there! In fact, our recent survey found that professionals who hold this type of qualification earned an average yearly salary between NZ$80-NZ$100k (roughly US$59-69k).

On top of that there are many other benefits associated with completing such a course including higher rates from clients due to increased knowledge and understanding around financial matters which helps them make better decisions when it comes time for hiring someone new.”

Masters In Accounting Entry Requirements

You must have a bachelor’s degree in any field. Your GPA should be at least a 3.0, but it can be higher if you have a strong background in mathematics or statistics.

You’ll need to have at least 2 years of work experience if you’re applying for the Master of Management Accounting, 1 year for the Master Professionals Accounting (MPAcc) and the Master Finance & Taxation (MFAT).

You must also meet certain English language requirements: TOEFL score of 80 or IELTS score of 6.5

Masters In Accounting Course New Zealand

Masters In Accounting Course New Zealand

If you are interested in studying Master of Accounting, then this is the right place to find a list of universities that offer masters level accounting courses in New Zealand. You can click on each institution below to get more details and information about their Masters Programs in Accounting. The courses offered by these universities may vary, but they all provide high-quality education and training for students who want to get specialized knowledge on this field.

Searching for the masters in accounting course new zealand to get a degree? Here you go with the complete details of masters in accounting course. Take a look at the features and know masters in accounting entry requirements or masters in accounting salary.

Masters in Accounting course is a programme that aims to advance the overall knowledge of accounting and finance. The programme can be taken by candidates who have already completed their bachelor’s degree and are looking to gain further experience in this field.

In New Zealand, there are four types of masters programmes:

  • Masters in Finance (MFin) – This is an advanced postgraduate qualification that focuses on financial management, risk management and economics. Students will learn how to handle finance-related issues within companies or organizations, as well as become familiar with strategies for optimizing profits while minimizing risks. On completion, students can go on to work as financial analysts or bankers at companies such as banks or investment firms because they have received extensive training about how businesses operate financially;
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – An MBA allows you enhance your skills set so you can climb up the career ladder faster than someone without one;
  • Master’s Degree in Accounting (MAcc) – MAccs provide students with advanced knowledge of accounting principles so that they’ll be able to perform complex tasks more efficiently than ordinary employees who do not hold such qualifications;
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (PGDipMS).


Searching for the masters in accounting course new zealand to get a degree? Here you go with the complete details of masters in accounting course. Take a look at the features and know masters in accounting entry requirements or masters in accounting salary.

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