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Master’s in Health Sciences Job Opportunities

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Fola Shade

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5 Careers for a Master’s in Health Sciences Graduate

5 Health Science Careers for Master’s Degree Graduates

  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Clinical Management
  • Project Manager
  • Occupational Health
  • Informatics

A master’s degree in health sciences gives you many career options. You can work as a health administrator at a hospital or nursing home. You might pursue public health options and work as a community educator or environmental health specialist. No matter your interests, the high level of specialization available with this degree can help you achieve your goals.

Resource: Top 10 Master’s in Health Sciences Programs Online

1. Nursing Home Administrator

Do you want to help senior citizens live healthier, more enjoyable lives? A role in nursing home administration can be very fulfilling. You’ll supervise clinical staff to ensure residents receive the best possible care. You’ll also set long-term policies for the facility, like whether to allow pets or how much experience nurses need before becoming supervisors. This is a good role if you enjoy blending business operations, employee management and occasional contact with patients.

2. Clinical Management

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree in a clinical science? If you’re a registered nurse, sonographer, respiratory therapist or other allied health provider, you should consider the Master’s in Health Sciences to boost your job options. You’ll be a better candidate for supervisory or management roles with a graduate degree. Unlike a master’s degree in business with a focus on healthcare administration, the M.S. in Health Science focuses completely on health-related topics. You can take a few graduate-level courses to expand your clinical knowledge and scope while also learning business skills.

3. Project Manager

There are many roads to a job as a health project manager with a government or non-profit agency. You can earn a master’s degree in public health (MPH), non-profit management or business administration (MBA). However, if you want a clinically oriented role, consider a science-based degree. You might work as a clinical coordinator for a blood bank, program supervisor for a research trial, or case manager for patients with cancer. You’ll combine your extensive training with on-the-job knowledge of patient care and cutting-edge science.

4. Occupational Health

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of occupational health and safety experts. In this role, you might help a Fortune 500 company choose workplace equipment that will minimize long-term injuries. You could work for a city or state government to ensure compliance with environmental laws. The average wage for an occupational health and safety specialist was over $71,000 in 2017, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a graduate degree, you’ll qualify for specialist and management positions, making it easier to earn above average compensation.

5. Informatics

One of the fastest-growing fields in the health industry is informatics. With the switch to electronic medical records and increasing amounts of data used in medicine, someone has to organize the information systems and keep them running. That someone could be you. By choosing a health informatics specialization for your graduate degree, you’ll learn new software and data management techniques. Combined with your previous experience and education in the clinical fields, you’ll be a competitive applicant at any hospital or health organization you want to work for.

Some graduate programs, like a degree in medicine or law, lead to narrow employment options. The beauty of the Master’s in Health Sciences programs is that they can lead to almost any career you could imagine.

Health sciences is a popular field for many reasons, but the biggest reason might be because there are so many jobs available with a Master’s in Health Sciences. A graduate of a health sciences master’s degree program can find various career positions in the constantly-growing healthcare industry. Health science graduate programs offer careers in various areas of study, including cancer, infectious diseases, pediatrics, healthcare economics, genetics, biostatistics, healthcare economics, healthcare administration, mental health, clinical investigation and others. Graduates of health science master’s degree programs often choose either research-focused careers in their areas of specialty or healthcare management positions. Here are some jobs possible for health science graduates.

Resource: Top 10 Master’s in Health Sciences Programs Online

Community Health Organizer

Community health organizers, much like public nurses, help neighborhoods collaborate to improve their quality of life by implementing healthier habits. They develop health programs, provide eye exam drives and cancer screenings, and educate the community about good health habits. They often work with communities that aren’t very educated on healthy living styles and may need some assistance in developing healthier life choices.

Health Educator

Health educators work with students of all ages and educate them on developing healthy life habits. They teach people in the community about behaviors that promote unhealthy living and those that prove wellness. These topics can range from brushing their teeth and using birth control to in-depth studies of their organ systems. They also teach about disease prevention and ways to live healthy lifestyles. Some health educators collect data and discuss their health concerns with the community. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that health educators are very much in demand and those that can speak foreign languages should have even better job prospects.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineering is a good career choice for someone interested in the life sciences and engineering. They study and design solutions to conditions involving medicine and biology. Biomedical engineers design systems and products for artificial limbs and other internal and external body parts. Biomedical engineers work for the private and public sectors as well as with government agencies. They may find careers working at research facilities, hospitals, universities and similar educational institutions.


Audiologists specialize in testing, identifying, preventing, and treating patients with hearing impairments. They work with patients dealing with dizziness, balance, and vertigo problems and also prescribe hearing aids. Audiologists also counsel patients with hearing impairments on alternative methods of communication.


Pharmacists do much more than just stand behind the counter at the local pharmacy and hand out medication, although, dispensing prescription medication is a large part of their duties. They also provide customers with instructions regarding directions on taking the medications, as well as any safety issues that may come with the medicine. They also provide advice on over-the-counter medications. Pharmacists conduct wellness screenings and provide immunizations.

According to Public Health Online, salaries for health care jobs outpace most other careers. Health science programs offer graduates not only positive growth and higher-than-average salaries but also a choice of various careers. Individuals wanting the best possible opportunities may find the Master’s in Health Sciences the most beneficial option.

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