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Masters In Sports Management In Canada

Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Team College Learners

The best kind of information onpost graduate diploma in sports management in canada & university of ottawa sports management can be found in the article below. All you have to do is read on to know more.

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Scope of Sports Management in Canada

Sport Management – Academic Programs

A cross-disciplinary subject, sports management will allow you to develop and advanced knowledge of the sports industry, as well as the finance, business and management sectors. A degree in sports management will aid your professional development, helping you to take your next step towards a career within a variety of sports organisation.

1)Graduate Certificate in Sport Business Management

Durham College

Students in this program take part in a unique educational experience. This combines mentorship of the student by a faculty supervisor and extensive small-group work with fellow students and faculty. Students will gain in-depth training, knowledge and research experience through their thesis work while also benefiting from the broad, cross-disciplinary approach followed in the course work. The advanced course work and strong research experience are intended to prepare students to continue their graduate training at the doctoral level. Students will also be prepared to pursue the wide variety of career possibilities in health, kinesiology, recreation and sport management.

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2)Master of Arts in Applied Health Sciences – Sport Management

Brock University

The program offers concentration in either Applied Human Performance (sport and exercise psychology, biomechanics and ergonomics, exercise physiology, motor learning and control, lifespan development) or Sport Management (leadership, organizational behaviour, community development, sport finance and economics, sport and the law, sport sociology, sport history, sport marketing). The program is uniquely structured to offer both a research thesis stream and an internship stream. The internship stream provides students with hands-on work experience to complement their coursework. The program focuses on the understanding of the components of organization studies in the context of sport. Students will pursue course work and either thesis research or an internship that focuses on leadership, organizational behaviour, sport marketing, Olympic studies, legal and social issues of management, and, historical and sociological perspective of sport.

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3)Master of Human Kinetics – Sport Management

University of Windsor

OTHER Masters In Sports Management In Canada

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 University of Ottawa
 University of Waterloo
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 Western University
 University of Regina

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