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Mbti Online Certification

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most popular test in the world today, with more people being certified in it than any other personality test. If you haven’t taken this test yet, it may still seem out of reach as you worry about finding a certified practitioner and paying hundreds of dollars to get certified. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

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Mbti Online Certification

Mbti Online Certification is a globally-recognized training program that helps you develop your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) skills. It is designed to help you use the MBTI in a way that will benefit both you and your clients or employees.

You will be able to:

  • Learn how to use the MBTI for self-awareness and personal development
  • Use the MBTI for team building and leadership development
  • Apply the MBTI in organizational settings

The certification is open to anyone who has completed the Mbti Online Training course, which provides an overview of how the MBTI works. You can do this course on your own time, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world!

Mbti Online Certification is an online certification program that provides an opportunity for individuals to earn a certificate in MBTI. The program is designed for individuals who have already completed the MBTI Assessment, which can be accessed through the Mbti Online Certification website.

The program consists of three modules: Introduction to the MBTI, Understanding the Four Preferences, and Using Type in Everyday Life. Each module takes less than an hour to complete and consists of videos, quizzes, and interactive activities.

Upon completion of all three modules, you will have earned your certificate! You can then share it on social media or print it out to hang on your wall (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Why become MBTI® certified?

Explore the MBTI framework and learn how personality preferences affect our personal and professional relationships.
Deliver more effective employee development sessions with a greater understanding of your people, teams, and organization.
Enhance the onboarding process for new hires with insight into their personality preferences.
Help students discover how their personality preferences relate to choices for their education and future career paths.
Grow professionally with access to—and insight into—the world’s most widely used personality assessment, so that you can help others be their best.

Who is it for?

HR professionals
Organizational development professionals
Trainers and educators
Management consultants
Executive coaches
Career counselors
Family counselors
Academic advisors
Line managers

What will you learn?

The origins and background of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment.
How to successfully administer the MBTI assessment.
Your own personality preferences—and what they mean for your personal and professional relationships.
How to deliver MBTI feedback and personality insights for individual and team development, career coaching, and more.
Technical aspects of the MBTI assessment, including reliability and validity.
How MBTI preferences combine dynamically to add depth and understanding to personality differences.
Practical, ethical, and effective uses for the MBTI assessment in business, government, the military, educational institutions, and beyond.

What’s the program format?

A self-guided, online program providing certification to administer the MBTI® Global Step I™ and Step II™ assessments. The program comprises:
12 self-paced learning modules.
3 instructor-led, virtual group sessions (2 hours and 45 minutes each).
Prework, offline learning assignments, and a multiple-choice certification exam.
Approximately 30 to 40 hours of learning with up to 90 calendar days after purchase to complete certification.
Includes 100% digital participant materials and practitioner tools, as well as a one-year Elevate® license and complimentary MBTI reports.

Mbti certification cost

Pricing and availability

The self-guided MBTI Certification Program is available to purchase on demand. It is currently available to customers in the US and select other countries. The price is $2,895 per person plus any applicable taxes.

In the Virtual program, you are required to devote your full attention to this four-day program. Choose a week that is clear of any other commitments. You and your fellow participants will spend time in live online sessions with your instructor, and you will be required to study the eLearning modules on your own. Learn more about the preparation and agenda for this class. The daily schedule for the Virtual program is:

Time ZoneMorningLunch/Self-directed WorkAfternoon
Eastern10am to 1pm1pm to 3pm3pm to 6pm
Central9am to 12pm12pm to 2pm2pm to 5pm
Mountain8am to 11am11am to 1pm1pm to 4pm
Pacific7am to 10am10am to 12pm12pm to 3pm

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Date Sort Myers Briggs Certification training classes by dateVirtual Session Sort Myers Briggs Certification training classes by locationPrice* 
Nov 14 – Nov 17, 2022Nov Virtual 3$2895CLOSED
Nov 29 – Dec 2, 2022Nov Virtual 4$2895Register Now
Dec 6 – Dec 9, 2022Dec Virtual 1$2895Register Now
Dec 12 – Dec 15, 2022Dec Virtual 2$2895Register Now
Jan 17 – Jan 20, 2023Jan Virtual 1$2995Register Now
Jan 31 – Feb 3, 2023Jan Virtual 2$2995Register Now
Feb 7 – Feb 10, 2023Feb Virtual 1$2995Register Now
Feb 21 – Feb 24, 2023Feb Virtual 2$2995Register Now
Feb 28 – Mar 3, 2023Feb Virtual 3$2995Register Now

* Registration fee includes all materials for this training program. Shipping charges are added when your order is processed.

How to become a certified mbti practitioner

When you become an MBTI® Master Practitioner you differentiate yourself from other professionals through a credential that validates your commitment to a deeper understanding of psychological type.

The process for becoming an MBTI® Master Practitioner allows you to apply as soon as you have successfully completed an MBTI® Certification Program. After your application has been accepted, you can begin to meet the advanced educational and experiential requirements.

You will also have access to a convenient online way of tracking your progress through the Professional Experience Log, a handy tool that allows you to enter and track the completed coursework and professional experience required for the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential.

Before applying to earn the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential, you must have successfully completed an approved MBTI® Certification Program.

Also accepted as a prerequisite is the successful completion of a Form M based MBTI® Qualification Program that was successfully completed prior to January 1, 2009.

Program Criteria
To earn the MBTI® Master Practitioner credential, you must complete and document the following:

A minimum of 40 hours of continuing education (1CE = 1 hr of training) in approved MBTI advanced training programs, classes, sessions, or workshops.

Note: Only approved programs completed after acceptance into the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program will be credited, with the exception of MBTI® Step II and MBTI® Step III workshops delivered by a previously approved (or current) CE provider. Your MBTI® Certification or Qualification class is a prerequisite to applying for the credential, and CEs from those programs may not be used as part of the Master Practitioner Credential Program’s required 40 CE hours. There is no time limit on achieving your 40 hours of continuing education.

A minimum of 40 hours of practical application of the instrument as a leader or instructor of MBTI workshops and/or professional engagements in individual or group consulting, counseling, or coaching relationships with clients.

Note: Only practical experience acquired after acceptance into the MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program will be credited. There is no time limit on achieving your 40 hours of practical application experience.
Application Process
To apply for the Master Practitioner credential, those individuals who have successfully met the prerequisite requirement and have read and understand the program criteria (as given above) need to complete the following steps:

Apply to the program using the online Application Form, accessible after accepting the prerequisite requirement and program criteria
Complete the online Application Form
Read the Ethical Guidelines that apply to the ethical use of the MBTI instrument and agree to the terms of the program
There is a one time application fee of $250. This fee is paid by you with the submission of your application
Upon acceptance into the program you will begin to document the required 40 hours of continuing MBTI education and 40 hours of using the MBTI assessment in a professional setting (The Professional Experience Log will assist you with the tracking of these requirements)
Note: If for some reason the Review Board does not approve your application, you will receive a refund of $200. There is a $50 non-refundable application processing fee,

The MBTI® assessment is restricted for purchase, meaning that a person who wants to use it with others in a professional, or consultative way, needs to meet certain criteria and be approved to do so by the publisher of the assessment, The Myers-Briggs Company.

The vast majority of people who want to become MBTI practitioners choose to attend the four-day MBTI® Certification Program offered in many cities throughout the US. (This program is also offered worldwide through The Myers-Briggs Company International Distributers.) Once a person has successfully completed the program they are then able to purchase the assessment in order to begin using it with clients.

There is a category of MBTI professional users who are considered educationally eligible. They have a master’s degree, or higher, in psychology, counseling, organizational development or a related field. Even if someone falls within this category, it is recommended that they too attend the MBTI® Certification Program because the content of the program is specific to the effective use of the MBTI assessment and not the field of psychology in general.