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medical school in mexico cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Fola Shade

According to The Princeton Review, fewer than half of all applicants get accepted to U.S. medical schools. Those who are accepted will pay an average of more than $50,000 a year for private school.

Rodriguez enrolled in a private school in Mexico where he says his tuition is only about $200 per month, and the cost of living is even lower. “My electricity is 20 pesos, which is not even equivalent to a dollar or two,” he adds.

“It’s going to be a little fraction in comparison to the American tuition fees,” says Dr. Eduardo Tanori, a professor at UC San Diego. He helps international medical school graduates prepare for the U.S. board exams. His students come from around the world, including Mexico.

“We have several very good and competitive medical schools in Mexico,” he adds.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a calculation of the total cost to attend school for one year. The Department of Education’s definition of the Cost of Attendance (COA) for a student is an estimate of that student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment.

Your current consumer debt is not part of the COA. Which is why we strongly recommend that you plan ahead and pay off your credit card(s), car payments, mortgage, etc. prior to entering medical school. Paying off and/or cancelling all (or even part) of your consumer debt before starting medical school will allow you to more effectively manage your funds. And help you avoid consumer debt defaults that will negatively impact your credit score.

For your convenience, the links below provide the approved Cost of Attendance. Please plan accordingly as no extra funds will be available after you have met your COA each year.

The amounts shown are the maximums allowed, but we encourage you to borrow only what you need.

ConceptYear 1Year 2
Books, Supplies & Equipment$750$750
Room and Board$16,000$16,000
Personal Expenses$7,500$7,500
Loan Fees$2,000$2,000

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