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Medical Schools In Michigan Ranking

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2022 Best Medical Schools: Research

Ranked in 2021

A medical career starts with finding the program that best fits your needs. With the U.S. News rankings of the top medical schools for research, narrow your search by location, tuition, school size and test scores. Read the methodology »

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Here are the best medical schools

Best Medical Schools in Michigan

Michigan is known for its coastline, automotive industry, and strong sports teams. But what many people don’t realize is that the state of Michigan is also home to some nationally top-ranked medical schools. 

The medical profession is very well respected and absolutely critical to the health and well-being of adults and children alike. Many people dream of becoming doctors in order to help people, make a good living, and contribute to society. Therefore, medical school admissions are notoriously selective, with acceptance rates usually in the mid-to-low single digits. But how can students decide where to apply and assess how “good” a medical school is?

One of the best and most common places to look is the US News Medical School list, which provides national rankings for hundreds of medical schools. Some of the factors US News considers in its ranking are peer reputation, admissions selectivity, and residency placement, among others. 

In this article, we walk through the top medical schools in Michigan, ranked by each school’s placement in the US News Medical School list. If a school is unranked in the US News Medical list, we then rank it by where it places in the US News National Research Universities list. Let’s check these out! 0% 

7. Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (Auburn Hills, MI)

Oakland University
photo via Wikimedia Commons

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB) is located north of Detroit and gets its name from former US Army surgeon William Beaumont who became known as the “Father of Gastric Physiology” due to his groundbreaking research on human digestion, which he started in Michigan. As of 2015, OUWB is fully accredited by the LCME. It is unranked by US News

OUWB’s curriculum vertically integrates the basic and clinical sciences, training students to interact with patients professionally and compassionately beginning in the very first semester. Additionally, students are required to embark on a four-year research project to assist patients in clinical settings and contribute new scholarly knowledge to the field of medicine. 

One of OUWB’s teaching hospitals, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, is one of the largest hospitals in the entire country. It is nationally ranked in 9 adult specialties and is the nation’s third-largest Medicare provider. 

For the incoming 2020 cohort, OUWB received just under 7,000 applications for an enrolling class of 125. Successful applicants had an average GPA of 3.82, an average science GPA of 3.76, and a median MCAT score of 508. 

6. Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. College of Medicine (Kalamazoo, MI)

Western Michigan University
photo via Wikimedia Commons

Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. College of Medicine, known as WMed, is a private medical school established in 2012, making it a relatively young institution. WMed is a collaboration between Western Michigan University and the two teaching hospitals in Kalamazoo, Ascension Borgess and Bronson Healthcare. It is unranked by US News. In 2018, it received full accreditation by the LCME. 

WMed’s curriculum places a premium on hands-on, continuous practice. From the very first week on campus, students train in WMed’s state-of-the-art Simulation Center, accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, which provides invaluable preparation for real, high-stakes clinical work. WMed also has a unique academic calendar, which they describe as “decompressed:” rather than having a long summer break, students have multiple one- and two-week breaks throughout the calendar year that they can use to travel, rest and rejuvenate, take elective courses, or catch up on material. 

Even though WMed is a young institution, its admissions are highly selective. For the entering 2020 cohort, WMed received nearly 3,500 applications for an entering class size of 84. The average GPA of admitted students was 3.7, and the average MCAT score was 514. 

5. Central Michigan University College of Medicine (Mount Pleasant, MI)

Central Michigan University
photo via Wikimedia Commons

Central Michigan University College of Medicine is a public medical school located in Mount Pleasant, MI. The medical school is unranked by US News. According to its mission, the school “educates diverse students and trains culturally competent physicians to provide comprehensive health care and services to underserved populations in Michigan and beyond.” This focus on providing quality care to underserved and under-resourced areas of Michigan is central to CMU’s curriculum.

CMU places a high premium on hands-on learning experiences, and does not want students to spend their medical school years just memorizing information from a textbook. Instead, traditional coursework is enriched by early clinical experiences and in-community learning activities, as well as a state-of-the-art medical simulation center where students can practice the skills of precision and decision-making they will need to use on the job in the real world. 

Central Michigan University College of Medicine’s admissions process seeks to identify applicants who are high academic achievers and align very closely with the school’s mission to provide health care to underserved areas of Michigan. For the incoming 2020 cohort, the medical school received over 6,500 applicants and enrolled a class of 103 students. Successful applicants had an average GPA of 3.74 and an average MCAT score of 506

4. Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (East Lansing, MI)

Michigan State University
Michigan State University: photo via Wikimedia Commons

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM) is unranked by US News but accredited by the American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) and by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Located in East Lansing, MSUCOM is the first osteopathic medical school based at a public university.

As an alternative to the traditional D.O. curriculum, MSUCOM also offers a combined DO-PhD Physician Scientist Training Program, the first of its kind in the entire nation. This program is a good fit for students who want to experience both the clinical and the research side of medicine. In addition to the flagship campus in East Lansing, MSUCOM has satellite branches in Detroit and Macomb. In partnership with McLaren Health Care, MSU is currently building a $450-million health care campus adjacent to the flagship campus. 

Applying the same philosophy to its admissions process as D.O.s apply to their care for patients, MSUCOM takes a holistic approach to admitting students. However, grades and test scores still matter: the average GPA of admitted students tends to be 3.5-3.7, and the average MCAT tends to be in the 505-507 range. Other essential factors are applicants’ service to the community and demonstrated understanding of osteopathic medicine. 

3. Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (East Lansing, MI)

In addition to MSUCOM, Michigan State University also houses the College of Human Medicine (MSUCHM), which leads to the traditional M.D. degree. This College is currently unranked by US News, but in the past it has been favorably ranked for its primary care as well as family medicine and rural medicine. 

In 2017, MSU completed an $88 million research complex, Grand Rapids Research Center, located near the Secchia Center in downtown Grand Rapids. The research specialties line up with the most pressing health problems facing Americans today: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, women’s health, and cancer. Two notable alumni include pediatrician, public health advocate, and Flint Water Crisis whistleblower Mona Hanna-Attisha and bestselling author, vegan advocate, and nutrition expert John A. McDougal. 

MSUCHM takes a holistic approach to admissions. Academically, they like to see students with at least a 3.5 GPA (especially in the sciences) and an MCAT score of at least 500. They also look for STEM/medicine-related extracurricular engagements and experiences, and as a state university, they give preference to applicants from Michigan but admit 20-30% of their class from out of state. 

2. Wayne State University School of Medicine (Detroit, MI)

Wayne State University
photo via Wikimedia Commons

Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM), located in Detroit, is ranked by US News #66 nationally in Best Medical Schools: Research and #89 nationally for Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. Particularly strong research focus areas at WSUSOM include cancer, women’s and children’s health, neuroscience, and population studies. Furthermore, WSUSOM faculty have made enormous strides such as establishing glucagon as a pancreatic hormone, performing the first-ever successful open-heart surgery, and developing the first drug approved to treat AIDS and HIV. 

WSUSOM has a strong commitment to the local community of Detroit, an urban and often underserved and under-resourced city. One way the school carries out its mission to serve the community is by providing care to under- and uninsured local residents. In collaboration with the Detroit Medical Center, WSU faculty physicians provide uncompensated care that amounts to an average of $150 million annually.

This emphasis on community infuses the medical school curriculum and type of students who attend WSUSOM as well. Medical students (under the guidance of faculty) provide care to people in need in the community and run several impactful student organizations, such as Senior Citizen Outreach Project, Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention Program, and Teen Pregnancy Education Program.

In 2020, WSUSOM received 9,993 applications for an incoming class of 294. Successful applicants had an average GPA of 3.75 and an average MCAT score of 511. 

1. University of Michigan Medical School (Ann Arbor, MI)

University of Michigan Medical School
photo via Wikimedia Commons

The University of Michigan is not only a nationally top-ranked university, but is also home to a nationally top-ranked medical school. US News ranks UM Medical School #15 in the nation in both Best Medical Schools: Research and Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. The Medical School is part of one of the largest academic medical complexes in the country, Michigan Medical, and therefore provides countless opportunities for students to gain knowledge and firsthand experiences in a vast range of medical specialties.  

The UM Medical School experience entails a Hogwarts-esque “sorting” into four different houses through the M-Home program, cultivating a close-knit community of students and faculty who mentor, develop, and sometimes blow off steam together. Another defining feature of the UM Medical School experience is the Interprofessional Clinical Experience (ICE) program, which ensures that students regularly have clinical exposure from the first semester. 

Admission to UM Medical School is highly selective. In 2020, UM received 8,272 medical school applications for an incoming cohort of 168 students. Successful applicants had an average GPA of 3.78, an average science GPA of 3.72, and an average MCAT score of 514.

Best Medical Schools in Michigan

1. University of Michigan Medical School

  • Website
  • Admissions
  • Admission Stats:
    • Average GPA: 3.86
    • Average MCAT: 516
    • Acceptance Rates: c. 2%

The Medical School within the University of Michigan was founded in 1850 and has since been one of the top medical school in Michigan. They were the first university to build a teaching hospital in America, and have innovated in many aspects of medical education such as the curriculum, involving students in clerkships, and using laboratory work alongside classroom tuition.

The mission of the University of Michigan Medical School is “to transform health through bold and innovative education, discovery, and service.” This means having students involved in their own education in an active manner from the first day of medical school and working in a multitude of active service initiatives while studying at the University of Michigan. Alumni of the school include Nobel prize winners and top researchers and faculty members in the academic world, as well as high-ranking decision makers in government.

The curriculum here will see you go through a first year of scientific tuition, the only pre-clinical period in a student’s time at the university. From the second year, you will transition into clerkships and begin clinical rotations. Afterwards, before the start of the third year, students have to choose one of four main branches for specialization: Patients and Populations, Procedure-Based Care, Diagnostics and Therapeutics, or Systems and Hospital-Based Care. At this point, you may also look into starting a dual degree or doing international clinical rotations. Finally, in the fourth year you’ll be doing sub-internships including in ICU, residency prep courses, and preparing your final project before graduation.

2. Central Michigan University College of Medicine

  • Website
  • Admissions
  • Admission Stats:
    • Average GPA: 3.7
    • Average MCAT: 504
    • Acceptance Rates: c. 1.6%

Located in Mt Pleasant, the Central Michigan University, one of the top medical schools in Michigan, was established in 1892 and has over 20,000 students. The College of Medicine operates with the aim to educate diverse students who focus on the underserved population of the state. Indeed, 51 of Michigan state’s 83 counties is considered to be in a shortage of physicians according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. This makes its mission all the more relevant.

In order to be eligible for admission at the College of Medicine, you’ll need to either be a US or Canadian citizen or have permanent residency in either country. The Bachelor’s degree academic performance plays a large part in the admissions process, as does your overall performance in the secondary application and interview (as you go through each level of the screening process).

Studying medicine at Central Michigan University means that you will be in a self-directed learning environment where you take ownership of your studying. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and designed as team-based. During your third year, there are five required hospital-based clerkships, exposing you to the realities of the medical profession in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery and OB/GYN. You can then go for clinical electives in your fourth year, also completing a required sub-internship and a rotation in emergency medicine.

3. Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

  • Website
  • Admissions
  • Admission Stats:
    • Average GPA: 3.71
    • Average MCAT: 507
    • Acceptance Rates: 4%

Michigan State University founded the College of Human Medicine in 1964 and it quickly became known throughout the United States for its focus on a “social mission.” This means training doctors from minority backgrounds focused on practicing in underserved areas of the state and country. The College has access to seven campuses across the state and is affiliated with local hospitals and clinics. The campuses are located in Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Midland Regional, Southeast Michigan, Traverse City, and the Upper Peninsula Region.

In the first and second year of medical school, teaching takes place in either East Lansing (the main Michigan State University campus) or in Grand Rapids (at the Secchia Center). From the third year, clinical rotations begin and you will have access to any of the 9 primary teaching hospitals and 57 community hospitals.

4. Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

  • Website
  • Admissions
  • Admission Stats:
    • Average GPA: 3.79
    • Average MCAT: 509
    • Acceptance Rates: c. 1.8%

Next on our list of best medical schools in Michigan is the medical school at Oakland University serves the area north of Detroit in central Oakland County. It is named after William Beaumont – a US Army surgeon who became famous as the “Father of Gastric Physiology” due to his research on human digestion.

The School of Medicine was founded in 2008 so it is a very new institution, the first such medical school to open in Michigan in 47 years. A small number of students is accepted each year, c. 125, keeping class sizes small and interactive. The curriculum focuses on research and personal initiative, leading to forming compassionate physicians. You will be working with patients from the first semester and right through to the completion of your studies.

5. Wayne State University School of Medicine

  • Website
  • Admissions
  • Admission Stats:
    • Average GPA: 3.76
    • Average MCAT: 508
    • Acceptance Rates: 5.72%

Wayne State University School of Medicine has strong ties to Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System, allowing students to practice in some of the biggest and best hospitals in Michigan. They are also partners of many urban medical institutions and have a high level of success rate for graduates matching with hospitals after graduation.

A distinction of Wayne’s School of Medicine is their focus on volunteer work during studies, at free clinics throughout Detroit. They also offer patient care for the homeless and a mentorship program for schoolchildren. Not only are they invested in connecting with and supporting local communities, the School of Medicine at Wayne State University also has a great international connection. There are opportunities for students to travel and work in South America, Central America, Asia and Africa on relief medical missions. They also allow students to join World Health Organization medical relief trips.

Finally, Wayne State have excellent laboratory facilities and have partnered with multiple leading health care facilities. Participation in research during your studies here will be diverse and rich.

6. Western Michigan University School of Medicine

  • Website
  • Admissions
  • Admission Stats:
    • Average GPA: 3.7
    • Average MCAT: 514
    • Acceptance Rates: 2.5%

The final school in the list of best medical schools in Michigan is the Western Michigan University School of Medicine. The full name of the school is Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine, named for an illustrious alumnus of the school who founded the Stryker Corporation, when the school was relaunched and re-built in 2014.

Located in Kalamazoo, the school offers a “decompressed” curriculum for the MD program, which means that the break between the first and second years of study is divided into one-week breaks spread throughout the first two years of study. These are meant to either be taken as holiday, or for studying electives or catching up on studies.

Medical Schools in Michigan

Michigan is home to seven medical schools offering plenty of options for future Family Physicians.

List of Medical Schools in Michigan (6 Schools)

The Michigan medical schools listed below are accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, which is an organization that provides accreditation for medical education nationwide.

Schools are sorted by size with the largest medical schools first, based on the number of medical student graduates per year.

Wayne State University in Detroit, MI

Visit the website for Wayne State University at

Program Details

  • Medical program accredited since 1942
  • About 270 students graduate per year
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $35,000 per year (Nonresidents: $63,000)
Michigan State University in Detroit, MI

Visit the website for Michigan State University at

Program Details

  • About 190 students graduate per year
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $32,000 per year (Nonresidents: $60,000)
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in Rochester Hills, MI

Visit the website for University of Michigan – Ann Arbor at

Program Details

  • Medical program accredited since 1942
  • About 160 students graduate per year
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $41,000 per year (Nonresidents: $60,000)
Oakland University in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Visit the website for Oakland University at

Program Details

  • About 130 students graduate per year
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $58,000 per year
Central Michigan University (MSP) in Farmington Hills, MI

Visit the website for Central Michigan University at

Program Details

  • Medical program accredited since 2012
  • About 100 students graduate per year
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $44,000 per year (Nonresidents: $71,000)
The Commonwealth Medical College in Battle Creek, MI

Visit the website for The Commonwealth Medical College at

Program Details

  • Medical program accredited since 2008
  • About 100 students graduate per year
  • Estimated tuition & fees are about $57,000 per year (Nonresidents: $64,000)

Physicians can work in many types of specialties which may cause a large range in salary expectations. Here is a list of average annual salaries for general practitioners working in major cities in Michigan.

  • Detroit, Dearborn, Livonia: $170,000
  • Grand Rapids, Wyoming: $162,000
  • Lansing, East Lansing: $207,000
  • Saginaw: $212,000
  • Flint: $205,000

Doctor’s in Michigan Compared to Median Income Averages

+294% Above State Median Income

+262% Above National Median Income

Doctor’s in Michigan take home an average 70.00 per hour. Annual earnings for Doctor’s working in the State of Michigan average $146,618 which is 294% above the state median income and 262% above the national median income for all occupations. Employment for a Doctor makes up just of the working population in Michigan and is limited due to the specific qualifications required along with the schooling involved in this career path. The increasing demand for qualified Doctors coupled with the educational barrier to enter the field is met with a steady supply of eager college graduates anxious to make a long-lasting impact in the lives of others in and around Michigan.

Recommended Schools


  1. London School of Economics and Political ScienceLondon School of Economics and Political SciencePROGRAM: BSC BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENTDesigned by LSE, earn an online BSc Business and Management from the University of London, without relocating. Ranked #2 in the world for social sciences and management, analyse international and local managment issues through the lens of various social science disciplines.VISIT SITE

Average Income for a Doctor in Michigan

EmploymentMedian Hourly WageMedian Annual Wage
Michigan Doctor78,930$70.00$146,618
State Average4,029,970.00$17.77$36,970.00
National Average155,760,000.00$19.33$35,977.00

Source: Bureau of Labor StatisticsMEDIAN: $70.00Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, NCES, O*NET Online

Notes: Tuition & fee amounts are for both Michigan in-state residents and out of state students, unless noted otherwise. The tuition information displayed is an estimate, which we calculated based on historical data and should be solely used for informational purposes only. Please contact the respective doctor school for information about the current school year.

Source: IPEDS Survey 2012-2020: Data obtained from the US Dept. of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Data may vary depending on school and academic year.

  1. #6 Best Colleges in MichiganSophomore: I just finished my first year at Calvin College and I love it there! However, it is facing low enrollment rates at the moment, which makes it difficult for the college to be able to grow (especially because they seem to be in a bit of a financial pickle at the moment). I love Calvin, but the administration seldom communicates with the students before they make executive decisions that directly impact the student body (such as cutting the Student Activities Organization that organizes concerts and on-campus movies throughout the semesters).

    However, that being said, Calvin offers a wonderful Christ-centered community that makes an effort to discuss topics such as racism and discrimination with a mindset of loving everyone in God’s Kingdom. The people and professors at Calvin are also pretty great (for the most part)–the students at Calvin are friendlier than students at any other college that I’ve visited.
    Read 907 Reviewsgrade A minusOverall Niche Grade77% Acceptance Rate$27,952 Net Price1140-1360 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?CompareVirtual Tour
  2. Grand Valley State University4 Year ALLENDALE, MI Rating 3.73 out of 5 3,818 reviews#8 Best Colleges in MichiganJunior: Grand Valley State University has helped shape me into a better and more educated citizen of the United States. My class experience has been amazing and even more, my professors were nothing but supportive in my academic career. The professors I have had took time out of their personal schedule to meet with me and discuss any possible confusion I had over content areas. As far as campus atmosphere, there is nothing that compares. The positive energy that radiates from the university is undeniable. The beautiful landscape and the friendly faces make it almost impossible not to fall in love with attending GVSU. Go Lakers!
    Read 3,818 Reviewsgrade B+Overall Niche Grade83% Acceptance Rate$16,860 Net Price1050-1250 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?Compare
  3. Wayne State University4 Year DETROIT, MI Rating 3.62 out of 5 2,726 reviews#7 Best Colleges in MichiganSophomore: Wayne State University is a great and friendly school for people who like to be close to a big city like Detroit! It has beautiful and comforting housing, staff members, and the school buildings are modern and easy to get to.
    Wayne State has a great security system that makes you feel safe at all times, and not worry about something happening to you while going back to your dorm or apartment. It has areas to hang out in with your friends and meet more people, and even a after hours cafe in case you didn’t have time to eat, you always have that option!
    In my personal experience I love Wayne State because when I first started I was not far from home and I could go back every weekend. But, I do understand that some people come from farther cities in Michigan or even a different state. Therefore, I think it’s good because you have the airport, and train stations not even a half hour away from Wayne State.
    Read 2,726 Reviewsgrade B+Overall Niche Grade73% Acceptance Rate$15,012 Net Price1010-1230 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?CompareVirtual Tour
  4. Oakland University4 Year ROCHESTER HILLS, MI Rating 3.57 out of 5 2,340 reviews#21 Best Colleges in MichiganAlum: I loved the experience I had here. I graduated in 5 years with my Bachelor’s in Health Sciences. I worked on campus as an admissions ambassador as well as an admissions programming assistant. I was involved with an organization called HOSA which allowed students to be able to go to competitions. I lived on campus 3 of my 5 years and made many friends during my time at OU. The environment was welcoming and felt a lot like home. I was not far from home either, about an hour drive if I wanted to come home. To this day the school is expanding and renovating allowing it to look more beautiful than ever. Oakland allowed me to branch and grow into the individual I am today and I am currently working on becoming a nurse. This school gave me better communication, leadership and teamwork skills that will allow me to become a great nurse. My overall experience with OU was amazing! It taught me so much and I am forever grateful for the experiences I gained from being here.
    Read 2,340 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade83% Acceptance Rate$12,843 Net Price1020-1230 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?Compare
  5. Siena Heights University4 Year ADRIAN, MI Rating 3.52 out of 5 471 reviewsSophomore: Siena Heights University was the college that i chose to further my education. I do not regret it, nor have i ever even thought about going somewhere else, i absolutely love it there. It is a small, private, catholic college that is located in a smaller type of town with a low socioeconomic income level. We as students at Siena do many things to interact with the community to make it a better place. The athletics here are amazing!
    Read 471 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade73% Acceptance Rate$19,146 Net Price880-1050 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?Compare
  6. Central Michigan University4 Year MOUNT PLEASANT, MI Rating 3.7 out of 5 2,825 reviews#14 Best Colleges in MichiganAlum: Central Michigan University has friendly people, a walkable campus, and professors that are generally invested in your education. Parking can suck, though. It’s expensive to live on campus if you don’t need to, but convenient to walk around campus that way. Parking for freshmen is at the southern most end of campus, which can be a 25 minute walk if you live in north campus. The city is small but has character and an opportunity to meet the locals. Get involved with something on campus- it’s the best way to make friends. There’s literally an RSO for everyone- and if not, you can start your own! Jobs around and on campus generally don’t pay the best, but are flexible with student schedules. Especially on campus jobs. Take the time to explore Mt. Pleasant in general, too. There’s nature, beer (once you’re 21), art, disc golf courses galore…I look back at my memories of CMU mostly fondly (at least the ones I remember).
    Read 2,825 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade70% Acceptance Rate$15,266 Net Price990-1200 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?CompareVirtual Tour
  7. University of Michigan – Flint4 Year FLINT, MI Rating 3.69 out of 5 932 reviews#22 Best Colleges in MichiganNiche User: I attended the University of Michigan – Flint while also attending high school. I commuted to campus every morning. There were plenty of amounts of parking. Sidewalks and paths through campus and downtown were also available. The campus was very nice, including a rec center and bookstore. The campus is not what you would expect, it is very well-kept. The classes are small and the professors are usually very helpful is you ever have a question or problem. One of my favorite things to do is use the writing center resources that the Library on campus offers.
    Read 932 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade66% Acceptance Rate$12,153 Net Price970-1220 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?Compare
  8. Ferris State University4 Year BIG RAPIDS, MI Rating 3.53 out of 5 2,064 reviewsSenior: College is what you make!

    I am a Senior in the College of Business going into my last semester here at Ferris and I have been here since the first year. It has been great and the life experiences that have come from going to Ferris were great. Speaking from the business side Ferris has opened many doors and has led me to my career that I can start early from the professors letting me. The thing that is different at Ferris is many professors are still currently doing what they teach. Not saying everything professor is a saint, do your research and see if Ferris is for you.

    If you made it this far, I recommend
    -Business Admin. Minor in Lean Systems
    –Operation Supply Chain Management (OSM)
    — Business Professional (BP)

    They will make you grow in business and give you real life experience so graduating and finding a job comes easy. With this you can come out of college with a degree, minor, and a certificate in lean form SME.

    Thank you and GO Dawgs!

    Tyler G.
    Read 2,064 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade87% Acceptance Rate$13,097 Net Price930-1170 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?CompareVirtual Tour
  9. Andrews University4 Year BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI Rating 3.37 out of 5 490 reviews#16 Best Colleges in MichiganAlum: Pros
    Very respectful, genuine, engaging, and caring professors, which I think is rare. They are there to guide you through your academic journey.

    Diversities. Andrews being the top Seventh-day-Adventist school, people in the church from all over the world come to this school., and you could tell that there will be intelligent folks group and so-so groups. However, students still seem to connect and mingle very well based on faith. I think this is going to be good exposure because you see this outside anyway.

    All vegetarian foods. However, I loved going to their cafeteria all my five years at AU. Reall healthy and delicious. I’d go back and eat their food instead of dining out.

    I feel like there weren’t many career opportunities. Yes, there are but the department I was in at least didn’t necessarily make sure that I had a job.

    Not a party school, but you could still join local school events like Notre Dame, especially during their football season.
    Read 490 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade67% Acceptance Rate$22,291 Net Price1060-1360 SAT Range
    Add to ListWill You Get In?Compare
  10. Saginaw Valley State University4 Year UNIVERSITY CENTER, MI Rating 3.73 out of 5 1,602 reviews#20 Best Colleges in MichiganSenior: Saginaw Valley is an absolutely first class University! It is clean, the atmosphere of the campus is very welcoming and relaxed, and there are many places for people to sit, study, eat, and socialize. One great thing about Saginaw Valley is the people. Everyone who attends Saginaw Valley is proud to be a cardinal and the you will see many people who are wearing gear from the campus store.

    The professors are very intelligent and very approachable and it is not unlikely that a few of them will become your friends! There are many opportunities for scholarships and the tuition is already relatively cheap for such high quality teaching. This school may be smaller than some, but it is certainly not to be overlooked by anyone who wants to learn a lot but not pay a lot to do so!
    Read 1,602 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade73% Acceptance Rate$14,271 Net Price980-1190 SAT Range
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  11. Northern Michigan University4 Year MARQUETTE, MI Rating 3.68 out of 5 1,074 reviewsSophomore: Over all, I believe attending Northern Michigan University was the best decision I ever made. I made some great friends, the community feel is incomparable to other colleges, the opportunities offered are endless, there is always something to do or places to explore, etc. Since my first semester it has truly felt like home to me. The only changes I would like to see in the future is better food offered int the dining hall. There are very little options especially for people with dietary restrictions like myself. Lastly the parking availability is very inconvenient. There is almost always little to no parking available because there are so many people who have cars on campus. If I am paying $180 for parking I should not to park a mile away from the dorm halls most days. Other than those two inconveniences, Northern is a great school!
    Read 1,074 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade66% Acceptance Rate$15,201 Net Price970-1190 SAT Range
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  12. Cornerstone University4 Year GRAND RAPIDS, MI Rating 3.79 out of 5 678 reviews#24 Best Colleges in MichiganSophomore: Cornerstone exemplifies the Christian culture. If you want a university focused on community and growing in Christ, then this is the place to go! The only downside is the small campus means there will be small classes. This may seem like a positive at first, but you will most likely run into scheduling difficulties at certain times. However, your academic advisors go out of their way to ensure you matter to them, and they are with you every step of the way! If you truly want to build a life that matter, attend Cornerstone University.
    Read 678 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade78% Acceptance Rate$19,923 Net Price950-1190 SAT Range
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  13. Madonna University4 Year LIVONIA, MI Rating 3.7 out of 5 504 reviewsNiche User: Madonna university has a great Forensics course, and as a high school dual enrollment student, I find the courses manageable through studying and hard work. As a high school aged student, I was surprised to find the other students very welcoming to offering help, and I offering help to them. I found the professors to be very professional most of the time, and one has even assisted me greatly with a letter of recommendation! The food is enjoyable, though heading to the fried food grill too many times may leave you with a stomach ache. Luckily, they have a buffet style cafeteria, where they have a healthier selection of food. All in all, I find the entire aspect of Madonna University to be a very good one, with only a few flaws.
    Read 504 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade75% Acceptance Rate$17,444 Net Price920-1140 SAT Range
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  14. Western Michigan University4 Year KALAMAZOO, MI Rating 3.73 out of 5 3,445 reviews#9 Best Colleges in MichiganSophomore: Western Michigan University, education can vary with different professors. Just like our first twelve years we have had those great and not so great teachers. Western has its great professors and some not so great; however, they are always willing to help you. If they know they aren’t helping you comprehend the material they will point you to a different directions; whether its my seeking a different professor or a student who is able to teach the material, until you come to understand the material. Western Michigan University campus is definitely breathtaking, and if you don’t feel like staying on campus, the university is in the heart of the city of Kalamazoo. There is a variety of things to do in Kalamazoo, it is definitely a city for students. This university in addition, is very diverse!
    Read 3,445 Reviewsgrade B+Overall Niche Grade80% Acceptance Rate$17,028 Net Price1000-1210 SAT Range
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  15. Eastern Michigan University4 Year YPSILANTI, MI Rating 3.52 out of 5 3,103 reviewsAlum: I loved Eastern. There are a ton of things going on campus, but being a commuter school, there isn’t much of a campus life. I still envied the campus-residence students, as the campus has strong potential for summer fun. The students are also some of the friendliest I’ve met.
    As a science major, resources were ubiquitous 🙂 and located conveniently. Science professors and TAs alike were extremely knowledgable, approachable, and well-meaning, especially those of the chemistry and physics departments. The biology department, however, I found insincere, detached, and ill-supportive.
    The campus feels very safe; the campus escort service ‘SeeUs’ can be easily spotted all across the campus.
    I succeeded in securing a job where I could make the most from my degree immediately after graduation, and I felt EMU had strongly prepared me in assuming the role.
    EMU supports their students in many ways, and I encourage current and future students to discover EMU!
    Read 3,103 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade74% Acceptance Rate$16,078 Net Price970-1190 SAT Range
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  16. Davenport University4 Year GRAND RAPIDS, MI Rating 3.87 out of 5 948 reviewsSenior: The community at Davenport Univerisity is small but welcoming and mostly made up of athletes. Because of this, it provides a great opportunity for student-athletes to excel in athletics and education. It also allows for non-athletes to be involved in school spirit and the chance for them to join a new sport. In my freshman year, I joined Davenport’s Women’s rugby team with no prior experience in rugby. I did this to learn something new and make more friends and I ended up really enjoying the sport! Teammates and coaches were very encouraging and trained me well! I won two national championships with this team which is an experience I will never forget. It is also pretty easy to connect with professors and administration about any questions or concerns due to the small campus and classes. Although one thing the campus does lack is attractions. I believe students at Davenport would be open to more food selections, another soccer field, and an indoor pool.
    Read 948 Reviewsgrade C+Overall Niche Grade82% Acceptance Rate$16,061 Net Price— SAT Range
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  17. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor4 Year ANN ARBOR, MI Rating 3.9 out of 5 4,327 reviews#1 Best Colleges in MichiganSophomore: This school is so cool. The location is lively and beautiful. School can be stressful because professors will assign so much work. Language department definitely overdoes it with the homework assignments. EECS department is the absolute worst. Gave a one day extension the day the assignment was due after several hundred complaints from students about a problem they caused, and we almost didn’t even get that extension. Math is way more difficult than it should be. Athletics are amazing and the counseling is great. Several mental health places to get help and the dining halls are great. Some pretty cool classes (zombies, greek mythology, history of witch craft, alien course, etc). A great pick. Go Blue!
    Read 4,327 Reviewsgrade A+Overall Niche Grade23% Acceptance Rate$17,357 Net Price1340-1530 SAT Range
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  18. Macomb Community College2 Year WARREN, MI Rating 3.72 out of 5 866 reviewsSophomore: It’s a great college to attend for the money you spend. I started with just GED classes because I wasn’t sure what field I wanted to go into, but eventually I decided to go into Culinary Arts and Macomb Community College has a great Culinary Arts program. All of the teachers I have had have been super educational and helpful for all of the classes I’ve taken. Both Center Campus and South Campus are very clean and I never feel as if my safety is compromised. The amount of classes offered is just incredible! You really could study anything there.

    Before Covid-19 I would eat lunch and study in the cafeteria at South Campus. The food there was fairly good and the atmosphere was super friendly. During normal times there are a good amount of student clubs that fit any students’ interests.

    All of the bookstore staff were incredibly helpful and friendly when I needed items for my classes. They have what you need on hand and I didn’t need to order anything. Overall, I love this college!
    Read 866 Reviewsgrade COverall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$8,648 Net Price— SAT Range
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  19. University of Michigan – Dearborn4 Year DEARBORN, MI Rating 3.61 out of 5 1,237 reviews#13 Best Colleges in MichiganSenior: My experience at the University of Michigan-Dearborn has been like no other. Although I commute to school to save money, I have still received my ideal college experience. Here I have met so many great people and have made life long friends here. The campus has loads of clubs and student organizations to offer, there is something for everyone! I would have to say my favorite thing about the University of Michigan-Dearborn are the professors and small class sizes. I have not had a professor I did not like. All the faculty genuinely wants every student to achieve their educational and even personal goals. The class sizes are perfect, for me I want the professor to know my name and make a connection with me. Larger class sizes sometimes prevent this from happening, which was one of my biggest fears starting college. Starting out I had many high expectations and I can honestly say UofM-D exceeded every single one!
    Read 1,237 Reviewsgrade BOverall Niche Grade62% Acceptance Rate$10,634 Net Price1070-1300 SAT Range
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  20. Henry Ford College4 Year DEARBORN, MI Rating 3.67 out of 5 627 reviewsAlum: This college is a goldmine in its CIS department. I’ve completed 2 associates out of the 3 main tracks. Everything is hands on learning and it puts many universities to shame. Universities are too caught up in digging in your pocket and teaching you theory and writing code on paper that does nothing. This college makes you do projects one after another throughout the semester. Other degree gives you hands on learning with industry used equipment. If it wasn’t for this school and their wonderful instructors, Id be clueless in the industry. With what I learned here I effortlessly passed advanced certifications with ease!
    Read 627 Reviewsgrade C minusOverall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$2,891 Net Price— SAT Range
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  21. Lansing Community College2 Year LANSING, MI Rating 3.82 out of 5 947 reviews#7 Best Community Colleges in MichiganSophomore: Lansing Community College is a great starter college, it provides a smooth transition to transfer to a University, but also has many great programs. The staff at Lansing Community College are very helpful and so far my experience has been great! The campus is clean, and is always improving! They also provide many ways to get help whether it’s with getting help with your studies, to providing you with information with transferring schools. I was happy to see how diverse the campus is, I have noticed at a lot of universities while visiting friends that the diversity in their school was lacking. Lansing Community College is also very adamant about the safety of their students, they often run drills and are always informing the students on any kind of bad situation that may be possible. Overall, Lansing Community College is a wonderful college and I highly recommend going if you want a good education without having to spend an enormous amount of money!
    Read 947 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$4,353 Net Price— SAT Range
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  22. Grand Rapids Community College2 Year GRAND RAPIDS, MI Rating 3.77 out of 5 829 reviewsSophomore: GRCC is a fantastic school for you to better your education! If you live in the West Michigan area, I would definitely recommend attending here as your first destination if your not feeling ready to go straight into a 4 yr university. Based off my personal experience, each professor that I had was dedicated to making their students achieve greatness in the classroom. Struggling in a class? Don’t worry, GRCC has plenty of resources you can go to for help. For example they have tutoring sessions for specific area’s of study like biology, math, physics, chemistry, english, and many more!

    I also found this school to be very diverse with students from many different backgrounds. It is so easy to make friends here (even if your shy!).

    Some people also question about the area that the school is located. For me, I couldn’t feel any safer. GRCC police officers are all around campus, as well as GRPD. Throughout my time here, I haven’t seen any problems.

    Overall, GRCC is a great school!
    Read 829 Reviewsgrade C+Overall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$8,070 Net Price— SAT Range
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  23. Oakland Community College2 Year BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI Rating 3.77 out of 5 949 reviewsNiche User: OCC has so many options for students of any Age. There are many campus locations for students all over Oakland/Macomb/Wayne counties. The staff is friendly, the campuses are very clean. OCC is a great affordable institution.
    Read 949 Reviewsgrade C+Overall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$1,585 Net Price— SAT Range
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  24. Washtenaw Community College2 Year ANN ARBOR, MI Rating 3.99 out of 5 526 reviews#1 Best Community Colleges in MichiganSophomore: Washtenaw is a fantastic community college, they have a wide range of majors available including all online. The ability to work towards my MTA completely online has been incredible during the pandemic, they already had a bunch of online classes available so the transition was really easy. They also created their own books to save the students from having to purchase them for Gen. Ed. classes. I’m in the 3-1 program which is an agreement they have with most major universities where you do 3 years at the community college and 1 at the university, it ends up saving you a LOT of money which is great. My teachers have all been nice and attentive, the service teams have all been kind and timely, I live an hour away and I still decided to go here instead of closer CC’s because of how great they are. Highly recommend!
    Read 526 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$2,250 Net Price— SAT Range
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  25. Delta College – Michigan2 Year UNIVERSITY CENTER, MI Rating 3.91 out of 5 542 reviews#4 Best Community Colleges in MichiganGraduate Student: I loved my time at Delta. It is a wonderful school to earn some cheap college credits to transfer to another university. The staff is all very helpful and willing to assist you. If you are ever struggling, you can go the library for easy access to tutors. The teachers are all great and really know the subject matter. I went to this school for about 2 1/2 years, obtaining over 70+ credits, and during my time, I only had two professors that I didn’t like. The classes are all fairly easy, and as long as you go to class and do the work, you should get at least a B. I have graduated from Delta (Associates in Science) and wish I could stay longer!
    Read 542 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade100% Acceptance Rate$3,866 Net Price— SAT Range
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  26. SponsoredCalifornia Baptist University4 Year RIVERSIDE, CA Rating 4.1 out of 5 2,663 reviewsGraduate Student: I love how the staff is very approachable and understanding, they are willing to help their students succeed in every area possible. The courses are interesting helping students to stay engaged in their academics! They have amazon worship services that allows student to grow academically and spiritually. I am
    Currently a graduate student, and I wish I went to this school for my undergrad. I would
    Recommend this school for anyone looking to grow naturally, spiritually, and academically.
    Read 2,663 Reviewsgrade B+Overall Niche Grade78% Acceptance Rate$23,055 Net Price990-1210 SAT Range
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  28. SponsoredAurora University4 Year AURORA, IL Rating 3.61 out of 5 751 reviewsJunior: I love Aurora University! I truly have Spartan pride. I love and appreciate how kind and personable the staff and professors are. No matter where you go to school, you’re going to run into some professors you bump heads with. But at AU, the good has always out shined the bad. I have enjoyed building professional relationships with my classmates, professors, and coworkers. AU feels like home away from home — a beautiful campus with quiet corners and loud cheers on the field. I am appreciative of the small, welcoming, and uplifting community we have here at AU. GO SPARTANS!
    Read 751 Reviewsgrade C+Overall Niche Grade87% Acceptance Rate$17,906 Net Price960-1130 SAT Range
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  29. SponsoredCentral Methodist University4 Year FAYETTE, MO Rating 3.58 out of 5 295 reviewsFreshman: CMU is a great school. I live in Holt hall, and it’s really nice! The campus is so pretty, and it’s small. A small campus is nice because A) it isn’t a far walk across campus, and it takes me like 5 minutes at the most to get to my classes, and B) it’s easy to get to know people, and professors will know your name. The food is cafeteria food, of course it’s not the greatest, but it’s definitely better than highschool food!
    Read 295 Reviewsgrade B minusOverall Niche Grade93% Acceptance Rate$21,215 Net Price930-1100 SAT Range
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