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Founded in 1983, Miami Christian University (MCU) is a private institution that offers theological degrees on campus and through its online distance learning program. Operated by the Christ Life Center, the university is committed to helping students learning about God’s Word on a deeper level and leading an abundant life. It provides a comprehensive theology program that covers the Old and New Testaments in an effort to train students to become mature and productive Christians.


Miami Christian University aims to train and disciple “Daniels” to help them develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. It is committed to serving Christians who seek to obtain a bible-based college education and a deeper understanding of God’s Words through the Bible. All this is in preparation for the students’ future vocation as ministers, professionals or laypersons.


Miami Christian University’s campus is located on 87th Avenue in Miami, Florida. The institution is very accessible by public transportation and students who wish to live outside of the campus can find affordable apartments and housing accommodation nearby. Those enrolled in the online program can conveniently complete their coursework at home.


Depending on the degree program you’re enrolled in, studying at the Miami Christian University can be affordable. The certificate programs focusing on the Old and New Testaments cost $2,700 (30 credits), the associate of arts in theology costs $5,400 (60 credits) and the bachelor of arts in theology $10,800 (120 credits). On the average, the tuition costs $90 per credit. The other fees are minimal as well.

Supplies needed during the course of your study include a study guide, a Bible, Bible dictionary and Bible handbook.

Financial Aid

MCU does not provide government grants, scholarships or any form of financial aid to its students as it is only a state-authorized institution and not regionally accredited. Students, however, are encouraged to tie up with their local church to avail of financial support. Non-traditional students can also seek support from private organizations to finance their studies.

Academic Areas of Study at Miami Christian University

MCU offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Its undergraduate program covers certificate, associate of arts and bachelor of arts degrees while its graduate program offers master of arts, doctor of philosophy and pastoral ministry. The theology degree is a major offering of the university preparing students for their future vocations either as ministers, professionals or laypersons.

The institution also provides an online program that does not require students to attend classes on campus. Coursework is done on the internet and students submit their completed assignments and tests via email.

Primary Accreditation

MCU is authorized by the state to offer degree programs. Its authorization was granted by the Commission for Independent Education under the Florida Department of Education. As an authorized institution, it is not considered regionally accredited. It has, however, affiliated with InstantCert Academy to offer an online program for accredited liberal arts courses.

Grading Scale

Regular Honors  AP/Dual Enrollment/Scholars

A = 4.0 A = 5.0 A = 6.0
B = 3.0 B = 4.0 B = 5.0
C = 2.0 C = 2.0 C = 2.0
D = 1.0 D = 1.0 D = 1.0
F = 0.0 F = 0.0 F = 0.0

Rank And GPA

Class rank is determined at the end of each semester by cumulative weighted GPA.  The GPA is determined by utilizing the Grading Scale above.


Miami Christian School is a College Preparatory School with differing academic tracks to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

In the past 5 years, Miami Christian has graduated 222 students who have been offered $8.9 million in scholarships for their 4 years in college, and who were accepted to over 100 different national and international universities.

Academic Tracks

  • Regular College Preparatory
  • Honors Courses (All courses offer an Honors Component)
  • Scholars Courses (Scholars students take Scholars offerings in English, Social Studies,    Engineering and Math)
  • Advancement Placement Courses:  AP English Literature, AP Spanish Language, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP US History
  • Dual Enrollment Courses:  Miami Christian retains Dual Enrollment Agreements with Florida International University and the Academy of the Art University in San Francisco
  • ESOL Courses
  • Resource Room Courses

Academics And Technology

From elementary through high school, technology is utilized in the classroom.  Interactive White Boards (SmartBoards/Promethian Boards) are used, and all middle and high school students are to bring either a laptop or a tablet daily.

Academic Competitions

  •  Poetry Contest
  • Poetry Contest
  • Creative Communication Poetry Contest
  • Innovation for Education Essay Contest
  • The Writing Conference, Inc., Writing Contest
  • Alliance for Young Artists & Writers Art & Writing Awards
  • Shout Out Teen Writing Contest
  • Florida Freelance Writers International Writing Competition
  • Scholastic Art & Writing Competition
  • Young Playwrights Competition
  • American Mathematics Competitions
  • National History Day
  • Ayn Rand Essay Competition
  • ISSF (Independent Schools of South Florida) Geography Bee
  • ISSF (Independent Schools of South Florida) Spelling Bee
  • Youth Fair Art Competition
  • Congressional Art Competition
  • Music Festival Association Band Competition
  • Music Performance Assessment
  • Silver Knight Award
  • Wendy Heisman High School Award

Students have excelled in the writing competitions and have received awards, Bands have received Superior Ratings in their musical competitions, and the National History Day Competitors have the distinction of being the school in Miami Dade County with the most National History Day Wins (2014).

Elective Courses

Elective courses for the past 5 school years included:

  • Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Meteorology
  • Oceanography
  • Marine Biology
  • Zoology
  • Forensics Biology
  • Microsoft Office (with ability to get Microsoft Certified)
  • Adobe Photoshop (with ability to get Adobe Certified)
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • French Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Drama
  • Music Appreciation
  • Keyboarding
  • Praise Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Concert Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Guitar
  • Chorus
  • Publications/Yearbook
  • Creative Writing
  • Mass Media
  • Intro to Business
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Art
  • Computer

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