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Prospective students interested in applying for the mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, or engineering management degree programs should visit the university Admissions Office to begin and complete the process. There are no additional steps required for admission to College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) degree programs.

Matriculated students who have met several criteria are eligible to apply for the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program. Interested students should contact their advisor or the MME Graduate Program Director for more information.


Prospective students interested in learning more about the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program can request information from Miami’s Graduate School or contact the MME Graduate Program Director. Application materials are submitted directly to the Graduate School .

It is also highly recommended that prospective students contact MME faculty to discuss their interests.

More Questions?

Prospective students and their families are welcome to visit during regularly-scheduled hours or also during one of the college or Admission Events for prospective students. Visit arrangements are coordinated with the CEC Dean’s office. Reservations may be made to visit CEC.

Additional questions can be directed to the MME department at 513-529-0710, ([email protected]).


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