Michigan State University Graduate Certificate Programs

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Graduate School Certificate Programs

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Graduate certificates can be obtained concurrently with a graduate degree or as a separate graduate program. A graduate certificate requires fewer credits and is more limited in scope than a master’s degree. You may be interested in a graduate certificate if you have a specific skill set you’d like to enhance. Many of our students seeking certificates use them to further their career, find a new job, or meet state or national licensing requirements.

Accounting Analytics
Advanced Electric Power EngineeringX
Applied StatisticsX
Artificial Intelligence in HealthcareX
Automotive Systems and ControlsX
Computational Materials EngineeringX
Computational Fluid DynamicsX
Data Science Foundations
Dynamic SystemsX
Forensic Accounting
Fundamentals of Materials EngineeringX
Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle EngineeringX
Medical Devices and TechnologiesX
Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk ReductionX
Quality EngineeringX
Resilient Water InfrastructureX
Safety and Security of Autonomous Cyber-Physical SystemsX
Security and Privacy in HealthcareX
Structural Engineering: Advanced AnalysisX
Structural Engineering: Bridge Analysis and DesignX
Structural Engineering: Building DesignX
Structural Engineering: Hazard AnalysisX
Structural Engineering: Timber Building DesignX
Sustainable Pavement Design and ConstructionX
Sustainable Water Resources Systems
Vehicle DynamicsX
Water Resources ModelingX

Certificate Admissions

Students who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Michigan Tech do not need to formally apply for admission into a certificate program. However, it is recommended that they speak with their advisor before beginning certificate coursework. Graduate-level credits earned at Michigan Tech may be double counted toward both a master’s or PhD program and a graduate certificate.

Non-degree seeking students interested in obtaining a graduate certificate must apply using the online application.

International Students¬†must apply¬†and be accepted into a master’s or PhD program in order to earn a graduate certificate.

Credit Transfer 

A maximum of 1/3 of the coursework credits required for a certificate can be transferred in from another university or from a Michigan Tech undergraduate degree schedule. Graduate-level credits earned at another university can be double counted toward both a master’s or PhD program and a graduate certificate.  Credits applied toward a certificate must have been earned no more than five years prior to the date on which the certificate will be awarded. Research credits (if required for the certificate) must be earned through Michigan Tech.

Academic Programs – Graduate Certificates

Listed below are the Graduate Certificates offered by Michigan State University. Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

To view more information about a program, including the related Academic Program catalog text, click on the name of the program.
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Accelerator Science and Engineering – Graduate Certificate
Accounting Analytics – Graduate Certificate
Adult-Gerontology-Clinical Nurse Specialist – Graduate Certificate
American Studies – Graduate Certificate
Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education – Graduate Certificate
Applied Parasitology for Public Health, Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2016 through Fall 2020)
Arts and Cultural Management – Graduate Certificate
Chicano/Latino Studies – Graduate Certificate
Children’s and Young Adult Literature – Graduate Certificate
Clinical Research Trials Management – Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2016 through Fall 2020)
Computational Modeling – Graduate Certificate
Conservation Law – Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2020 through Fall 2022)
Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals – Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2016 through Fall 2020)
Cyber Criminology and Cyber Security – Graduate Certificate
Digital Humanities – Graduate Certificate
Digital Media – Graduate Certificate
Educational Psychology – Graduate Certificate
Educational Technology – Graduate Certificate
Elementary STEM Education – Graduate Certificate
English Language Learner Education – Graduate Certificate
Environmental and Social System Modeling – Graduate Certificate
Film Studies – Graduate Certificate
Financial Planning and Wealth Management – Graduate Certificate
Food Safety – Graduate Certificate
Foreign Language Teaching – Graduate Certificate
Forest Carbon Science, Policy and Management – Graduate Certificate
Global Health – Graduate Certificate
Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities – Graduate Certificate
High-Performance Computing – Graduate Certificate
Human Medicine Research – Graduate Certificate
Human Resource Management and Development – Graduate Certificate
Indigenous Studies – Graduate Certificate
International Public Health – Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2016 through Fall 2020)
Journalism – Graduate Certificate
K12 Computer Science Education – Graduate Certificate
Leadership and Managing Teams – Graduate Certificate
Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved – Graduate Certificate
Leadership in Rural Medicine – Graduate Certificate
Media Analytics – Graduate Certificate
Medical Neuroscience – Graduate Certificate
Medical Partners in Public Health – Graduate Certificate
Museum Studies – Graduate Certificate
Music Career Development – Graduate Certificate
Music Cognition – Graduate Certificate
Music Theory – Graduate Certificate
Neuroscience and the Law – Graduate Certificate
Nurse Practitioner – Adult-Gerontological Primary Care – Graduate Certificate
Nurse Practitioner – Family – Graduate Certificate
Nurse Practitioner – Psychiatric Mental Health – Graduate Certificate
Online Teaching and Learning – Graduate Certificate
Organizational Communication for Leadership – Graduate Certificate
Program Evaluation – Graduate Certificate
Public Health – Graduate Certificate
Public Health Administration – Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2016 through Fall 2020)
Public Health Informatics – Graduate Certificate (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2016 through Fall 2020)
Qualitative Research Methods – Graduate Certificate
Real Estate Development and Construction – Graduate Certificate
Requirements for Teacher Certification
Safety Pharmacology – Graduate Certificate
Science Education – Graduate Certificate
Serious Game Design and Research – Graduate Certificate
Spatial Ecology – Graduate Certificate
Special Education Leadership: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support – Graduate Certificate
Sport Coaching and Leadership – Graduate Certificate
Strategic Management – Graduate Certificate
Teacher Leadership – Graduate Certificate
Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education – Graduate Certificate
Teaching in Nursing – Graduate Certificate
Urban Education – Graduate Certificate
Urban Resilient Redevelopment – Graduate Certificate
Youth Development Specialist – Graduate Certificate
Youth Program Management and Evaluation – Graduate Certificate

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