Midwestern University Vet School Acceptance Rate

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Students seeking admission to the CVM must submit documentation of the following:

  1. Completion of prerequisite coursework or plans to complete the coursework prior to matriculation (confirmed by official transcripts).
    • Minimum science and minimum total cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.
    • No grade lower than a C in any course will be accepted for credit. (Pass/fail and satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading is not acceptable in prerequisite science courses).
  2. Completion of a minimum of 240 hours (6 weeks) of experience in veterinary practice, health sciences field, or biomedical research. Students with additional hours of work experience and a diversity of work experience will present stronger cases for admission.
  3. Three letters of recommendation.
    • At least one of the letters must be from a veterinarian.
    • The other letters can be from other veterinarians or undergraduate science professors.
    • Letters written by family members are unacceptable.
    • Letters must be submitted by evaluators. Letters submitted by students are not accepted by the Office of Admissions.
  4. Although not required, a Bachelor’s degree will make a candidate more competitive.
  5. A minimum of 64 total semester hours/96 quarter hours.

Midwestern University Overview

Midwestern University (MWU) is a private medical and professional school with campuses in Downers Grove, Illinois and Glendale, Arizona. As of the 2020–21 academic year, a total of 2,987 students were enrolled at the Downers Grove campus and 3,902 were enrolled at the Glendale campus.

Founded in 1900 as the American College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine is the fourth-oldest medical school currently active in Illinois. Over the years, the university expanded, adding additional degrees and programs; in 1993, the school united these programs under the name Midwestern University. In 1995, the school opened a campus in Glendale, Arizona, becoming the second and largest medical school to teach students in the state. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the medical schools are also accredited by the American Osteopathic Association‘s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation.

Admission Prerequisites

Prerequisite CoursesSem HrsQtr Hrs
General Chemistry with lab812
Organic Chemistry with lab812
Physics with lab46
English Composition69
Science electives**812

*Mathematics courses must be college algebra or higher; Advanced placement math courses may be substituted for college courses.
**Science electives include cell biology, physiology, microbiology, genetics, animal nutrition, etc.

Why you Should Study at Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine

At Midwestern University clinic, the staff do all it takes to help you become all you want to be. Everyone in this institution is passionate about Healthcare education, and your success is our priority. The staff and faculty are focused on preparing all students to lead the way in modern-day healthcare practice.

The Midwestern University provides efficient public veterinary care through three special facilities – the Animal and Bovine Facility, the Diagnostic Histopathologic Center, and the Companion Animal Clinic.

The Midwestern university companion animal clinic has 14 consultation spaces, two special rooms, and four operation facilities. At Midwestern University, students study radiology complex with computed tomography, sonography, and electronic radiology. 

They have a fully equipped dentistry suite with modern digital dental X-ray scanning and physical therapy using an underground machine. The Midwestern vet school animal and bovine facility cover 70,000 square feet (6503.21 square meters). This facility focuses on research, large animal healthcare, and tests for farmers and food producers.

Some of the services offered in this school for training the students are ultrasonography, experimental animal services, colonoscopy, and digital radiography. Other lessons include wellness checks and basic animal treatment, such as the admission of vaccines. 

Although there are many vet schools in Arizona, the Midwestern University clinic is the best. There are many advantages to studying at this world-class university. Here are the main reasons why you should consider looking at Midwestern University. 

Trusted by Thousands of Students and Patients

The Midwestern University vet clinic has over 25,000 alumni successfully practicing

across all 50 states in the U.S.A. In addition, they have had over 215,000 patients served at their Glendale and Downers Grove clinics. 

At Glendale veterinary school, everyone does all it takes to help you become all you want to be. Healthcare education is what this institution is passionate about, and your success is the priority. In addition, the staff and all the faculty are focused on preparing our future colleagues to lead the way in modern-day healthcare practice.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Everyone believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion at the  Midwestern University animal clinic. These three are key pillars of the university’s academic life, clinical practice, and campus community. They appreciate and value the different backgrounds of each of their staff, students, faculty, and patients.

The Midwestern University vet school believes that diversity leads to innovation, collaboration, creativity, and understanding. These values are core aspects of patient care delivery and healthcare education. In addition, a diverse and welcoming environment enriches the employment and educational experience. Such an environment is necessary for excellence and all-roundedness. 

They welcome open access to education and employment opportunities to all. They also fully support the historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. However, they also acknowledge that there is more work to be done. 

To ensure that everyone upholds the above ideals, they set up the Office of diversity, equity, and inclusion. They have also committed additional resources to develop a fully inclusive community.

Opportunities For a Lifetime

You can study and live in comfortable and safe suburbs at the Midwestern University during part of a large metropolitan area. Midwestern University Glendale clinic and campus are located 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix. 

The leading hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and private practices throughout the Southwest offer you hands-on experience through clinical rotations and mentorship, which brings your education to life and ensures you are all rounded. In addition, you get to train with experts from an early age in your career.

Community Connections

At Midwestern University, you’ll reap from a wide range of clinical partnerships and community connections. Thanks to the many hospitals and clinics located around the Glendale area, these connections are easy to make. 

With such connections, you will be able to further your professional education to greater heights. Our dedicated and experienced faculty are ready to mentor and prepare you with all the primary science education you need to succeed in your career.

Collaborating For Your Success

In less than a decade, Glendale Campus has risen from a small college to a world-class University. At this university, all our well-experienced practitioners join forces for your success. As a result, the Midwestern University has leading-edge Laboratories, lecture halls, and classrooms. It also has a comprehensive outpatient clinic and a detailed library.

They have On-campus apartment-style hostels, activities, clubs, and organizations to help you develop your small community. In addition, their student-centered services will support you in an excellent environment to live and learn whenever you need them. 

You’ll find everything from fine arts, major league sports, and fine dining to nature preserves within the area. You can also enjoy camping, hiking, and other quiet spots to take a break and keep your life in balance.

Midwestern University Vet School Prerequisites and Other Info


Visiting the campus is the easiest and best way to know if Midwest University is the best option. Past Glendale’s sunny climate, you’ll find a friendly community of warm, welcoming faculty and enthusiastic students. 

If you need to visit the campus, request more information, or meet with an admission officer, contact the Office of Admissions at 888/247-9277. You will find us at 19555 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308. 

Students Accepted Per Year

There are many reasons why you would choose healthcare as a profession. Maybe it’s because a doctor saved your life, your pet’s life, or someone close to you. Perhaps it’s because you are endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of 21st-century medical treatments.

Whatever your reason, your decision to become a member of the next-generation healthcare team sets you apart. We are ready to work with you to see your dream come true. The Midwestern University admits over 6,500 students annually. 

The Midwestern University companion animal clinic admits approximately 877 pharmacy students, 474 optometry students, 1,791 osteopathic medical students, 1,127 dental medicine students, 497 veterinary students, and 145 podiatry students. 

This university also admits 305 College of Graduate Studies students and 1,554 College of Health Sciences students.

Admission Criteria For U.S. Students

It’s easy to get admitted to Midwestern University if you are a resident of the U.S. This university is less selective and has an acceptance rate of 90%. 

Half the students who join this university have an A.C.T. score of 16 and 22 or an S.A.T. score between 910 and 1100. While a quarter of the applicants achieve these ranges, the other quarter scores below these ranges.

The application fee is $40. Midwestern University considers a student’s G.P.A. a very vital academic factor. Therefore, your high school class rank is considered very important during the application process. Therefore, the admission officials do not consider recommendation letters.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Relocating to a new area and learning a new culture is not easy, but this transition can be smooth with the correct information and relevant support. Midwestern University is committed to making you understand the requirements for being an international student.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (D.A.C.A.) and Non-U.S Permanent Residents can get admitted to the AZ vet school. However, such students are not eligible for state-based aid, federal financial aid, and institutional merit awards. When they get a valid U.S. cosigner, they can apply for private loans, the M.W.U. Loan for eligible programs.

Here’s what you need to know if you are a foreigner looking to join Midwestern University.

Tuition and Cost

All foreign applicants intending to join the Midwestern Veterinary School in Arizona must prepay tuition fees. In some cases, students are supposed to pay mandatory program fees 45 days before the first day of the first quarter of each academic year. 

Note that all students must also prepay tuition fees for every successive year at the beginning of each academic year on the university’s stated date.

The Midwestern University also allows you to lock yourself into the current tuition rate by prepaying the entire fee for your four-year program: this will be to your advantage since the tuition fee increases between 4% to 7% each year. 

Documentation and Deadlines

Non-U.S. permanent residents and non-U.S. citizens applying for admission to the Midwestern University must hold valid passports and entry visas. All international students must have valid student visas to study in the U.S. All international students traveling to the United States must have an F1 visa.

After successfully applying to join the Midwestern University, the school issues the form I-20; you will have to fill this form before you apply for your student visa. The university issues Form I-20 to certify legibility. As an international student, you will need to have this form to apply for the F12 visa to enter the U.S.

Due to the delay in visa processing forms, the management strongly advises that you start the application process 60-90 days before the program begins. In addition, international students must prepay the tuition fee 45 days before the admission date. Also, note that you are responsible for maintaining legal status while in the U.S. 

International Students Employment

International students can work while studying if they meet certain specific requirements. However, it is also crucial to note that international students are not allowed to obtain employment authorization before working off-campus.

An F-1 student can be allowed to work at the university, provided the job does not comprise their ability to maintain a full-time course load for the quarter. For a student to qualify for employment on campus, their 1-20 should be valid and current.

International students can work 40-45 hours per week during break week(s) and up to 20 hours per week when school is in session.

International Police Clearance Requirement

Every international student must submit an international police clearance report from their home country by the end of the first month of the first semester of enrollment for their degree program. International students must also complete the university criminal background check agreement form available on the student portal.

Visa Requirements

After getting the 1-20 document, you should contact the U.S. Embassy in your country of origin to find out more about the visa processing. You will need a valid passport; ensure you process your visa and passport early enough to travel to the U.S. early enough for the orientation.

Educational Opportunities

Patient-centered care, excellent faculty mentors, and academic excellence are the pillars of Midwestern University. At Midwestern University Glendale Veterinary school, the students benefit from tailored educational schemes that prepare them to become respected, expert healthcare professionals.

At Glendale Veterinary School, the main focus is to provide exceptional healthcare education. We offer you patient-centered veterinary education. In addition, this university provides interdisciplinary, team-oriented, hands-on experiences in the art of animal care.

The academic programs at Midwestern University Glendale blend these components into the special professional education that will take you into modern-day animal care practice. Here is a list of the programs you can pursue available at our colleges:

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
  • Master of Medical Sciences in Physician Assistant Studies (M.M.S.)
  • Entry into Practice Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
  • Master of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (M.S.)
  • Master of Science in Precision Medicine (M.S.)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine
  • Master of Biomedical Sciences (M.B.S.)

Midwestern University has over ten colleges that you can study in. Here are some of their colleges;

  • Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine 
  • College of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.) – Glendale
  • Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine
  • Chicago College of Optometry (CCO)
  • College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove Campus (C.P.D.G.)
  • College of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.) – Downers Grove
  • College of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.) – Glendale
  • College of Dental Medicine-Illinois (C.D.M.I.)
  • College of Dental Medicine-Arizona (CDMA)
  • Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (A.Z.C.O.M.)
  • College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus (C.P.G.)


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