Most Affordable MBA Programs In Europe

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MBA programs are the ultimate get-ahead in the race for high paying jobs. However, you should be aware there are also some great European MBA programs which don’t require you to spend a fortune. The expensive tuition fees charged by American business schools is what scares away most students. Note that studying business in Europe can still give you an edge in entering the US market if you plan to work in the States. Study beside students from other countries and enjoy an ideal educational environment while enjoying lower tuition fees.”

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Cheapest MBA in Europe for International Students

When compared to a two-year or US MBA programs, lower tuition and opportunity costs look enticing actually. We consider an MBA in Europe an excellent complement to an undergraduate degree earned in the US. It positions students for global careers better than doing both college and an MBA in the same country or continent. The article below brings you the most-up-to-date information on best affordable mba programs in the world and much more. Lookout for free online mba programs in europe? Read on and find out more.You will also find related posts on cheapest country to study masters degree, cheapest online mba in Europe & free online mba programs in europe on collegelearners.

Affordable Online MBA Europe

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Enrolling in an MBA programme is a great step for you to take if you are looking to improve your credentials and to further your career. If you aspire to get an MBA in 2021, now will be a good time to look for an affordable MBA programme.


Central European University (CEU)

Vienna, Austria

CEU’s MBA program is one of the least expensive full-time, AMBA-accredited MBAs in the world, due to an endowment from the school’s founder, George Soros. As an added bonus to value-hunters, the school is located in Budapest, which generally features lower living costs than major cities in other parts of Europe.

Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (CNAM) – International Institute of Management

Paris, France

Paris is not a cheap city, by any means. So budget-minded students looking to study for their MBA in the City of Light might want to do it as inexpensively as possible. CNAM’s Paris-based International MBA program had be had for less than half the cost of other programs in the city.

MIB Trieste School of Management

Trieste, Italy 

Tucked away in the picturesque northeast corner of Italy, MIB’s Trieste location is hard to beat in terms of natural beauty. But the school also offers one of the least expensive AMBA-accredited MBA programs in Europe. But don’t be mistaken: low cost does not mean low value—MIB is listed by FIND MBA as one of the best European business schools off the beaten path.

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Athens, Greece 

The International MBA program from Athens-based AUEB is one of the few AMBA-accredited MBA programs in Greece, at a very reasonable cost. The school’s full-time MBA can be completed in 14 months.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

Madrid, Spain

Students looking for a value MBA program in Spain will find it at UC3M. The school’s full-time, AMBA-accredited MBA is a fraction of the cost of other programs in Madrid, and indeed, in most of Europe.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM)

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb School of Economics, which, as of 2016 is the only AACSB-accredited business school in Croatia, offers an MBA program with classes scheduled in the afternoons. Although the program can be completed in one year, students can also choose to take classes during a second year as well, for no additional fee.

Hochschule Pforzheim

Pforzheim, Germany 

Today, those wishing to pursue an internationally-accredited MBA in Germany have no shortage of options. However, few German business schools can provide an AACSB-accredited program at the price point of Pforzheim’s MBA in International Management. Those who have a bachelor’s degree in business or economics can shorten the program by six months (and pay even less.)

Koç University – Graduate School of Business

Istanbul, Turkey 

The only EQUIS-accredited business school in Turkey (as of 2016), the Istanbul-based Koç University offers an Executive MBA program that is currently ranked in the Financial Times. In addition to offering a modular MBA program, the school also offers an intensive MBA program that can be completed in 12 months (on a budget).

Poznan University of Economics

Poznań, Poland 

Since it’s delivered on a part-time basis, Poznań’s MBA program is perfect for students in Poland and other parts of the region who want to come to Poznań just for modules. The school’s MBA is AMBA-accredited and is offered through a partnership with Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business.

Univerza v Ljubljani – University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

The University of Ljubljana’s modular MBA program is popular with working professionals who don’t want to take a lot of time off work. As of 2016, the school is the only one in Slovenia accredited by AACSB and EQUIS.

Best Affordable MBA Programs in the World

Affordable Countries to study an MBA in Europe

1. Greece

To give an introduction about Greece – it’s rightly called the “Land of the Gods”. This Mediterranean country with astounding World Heritage sites and stunning beaches will make a student’s lifestyle even more enjoyable. The locals are very friendly and the local food is pretty cheap. Greece also has a thriving nightlife for students who want to let loose during the weekends!

Cost of Living:

Rents per month:  240 – 450 EUR

Local food: 5 EUR

Monthly public city transport: 30 EUR

Basic dinner for two: 15-20 EUR

2. Poland

Poland has traditions of academic education going back to 1364. A modern and dynamic country, Poland places a lot of focus on quality education. Over the last year, the country has grown more popular among international students. Poland has over 400 universities and more than 800 programmes are taught in English. Poland is safe and the quality of life is good as well which makes it one of the best countries to consider to study abroad.

Cost of Living:

Rents per month:  300 – 400 EUR

Local food: 4 EUR

Monthly public city transport: 21 EUR

Basic dinner for two: 15-25 EUR

3. Portugal

Portugal is a land of amazing weather, lovely cuisine, fine wine and stunning beaches. Portugal is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe! The low living costs and affordable tuition fees make Portugal one of the best countries in which to study in Europe.

Portugal also offers a lot of grants and government-funded scholarships to both EU and non-EU students.  In order to be eligible for a grant, you must apply to a university that is recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. Most grants are given to Masters students.

Why get an MBA in Europe? Here are the top 10 reasons: |

The cost of living per month can vary between 500 EUR to 800 EUR. This covers rent, food, public transport etc.

Cost of Living:

Rents per month:  350 – 530 EUR

Local food: 2-4 EUR

Monthly public city transport: 36 EUR

Basic dinner for two: 15 EUR

Plus, 1st Sunday of each month, students have free access to numerous museums in Porto.

4. Spain

Spanish people are known to be extremely hospitable and easy-going. It’s also the most tourist-friendly country in the world! The warm sunny weather, a plethora of cultural activities and natural beauty makes Spain one of the most amiable places for International students. While attending business school here do make sure to immerse yourself in the lovely Spanish culture – admire Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, including Park Guell and Sagrada Familia, walk along Barceloneta Beach, while in Madrid, you can visit The Royal Palace of Madrid, Prado Museum, Las Ventas Bullring and more.

The best part of studying in Spain as an international student is that they offer a large number of English taught MBAs as well. However, you will learn the Spanish language inevitably as you live here as a student. Which is also a major plus point and can help you in your business career!

As for admissions, usually, proof of English or Spanish proficiency and a high school or a Bachelor’s graduate certificate is sufficient.

Cost of Living:

Rents per month:  1000 – 1200 EUR

Local food: 10-15 EUR

Monthly public city transport: 49 EUR

Basic dinner for two: 31 EUR

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