mount royal university international students fees

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If you are reading about Mount Royal University International Students Fees for the first time, it may seem overwhelming to those who have not previously done so, but you will probably find it fascinating. 

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International Students – Program Tuition/Costs

International applicants are responsible for all program and living costs while studying at Mount Royal University.

Here are the estimated costs you can expect:

Estimated Expenses *Living on Campus
Tuition/fees for International Students **$22,460 – $24,250
TransportationCalgary Transit U-Pass included in tuition and fees
Living Expenses and Spending Money$6,500
TOTAL$36,450 – $38,250 Canadian Dollars

* average estimated costs for eight months (one full academic year) based on the 2020/2021 academic year. Additional fees may apply to specific programs.
** estimated costs based on five courses per semester
International Student Tuition maximum
International student Tuition Fees are applied to students who are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada (some exclusions apply). In the admission acceptance letters for international students, Mount Royal University is required to outline the annual maximum tuition for a program based on the standard course load for each year of an international student’s program of study. Institutions are not permitted to exceed the maximum stated amounts in the International Tuition and the International Program Specific Fees columns for the standard duration of each program as indicated in the International Student Tuition maximum table. The requirement to remain at or below maximums only applies to an international student’s program of admission. Should a student apply, or transfer, to another program, the student will be subject to new annual maximums in accordance with the year this change occurs.

Government funding/student loans
As a student who is considering studying in Canada, you are expected to have enough money to support yourself during your studies. You must ensure you have enough money to pay for:

  • tuition
  • living expenses
  • transportation to and from Canada

If you are planning to attend Mount Royal on a Study Permit, you should be aware that you are not eligible to apply for Canadian government funding. If you require a loan to attend school, you should consider getting a loan through your home country.

Some countries will offer government student loans to students who attend Mount Royal. If your home country does not fund students through their government loans program, you may wish to speak to your bank or other financial institutions to secure funding.

American students: Mount Royal is not a Title IV school. Therefore, you cannot qualify for U.S. government funding if you attend Mount Royal.

International Students – Admission requirements

You will be considered an international applicant if you are:

  • Living and applying from outside of Canada and require a VISA/study permit to study in Canada
  • An international student currently studying in the English Language Program (ESL/EAL) at Mount Royal University
  • An international student currently studying at another institution in Canada
  • Living and working in Canada but are not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident

Admission Requirements

Mount Royal has a general admission policy that applies to most undergraduate (credit) programs. Each program also has specific admission requirements. Please ensure you are familiar with both the general and specific admission requirements for the program(s) you select. In addition, all applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency for the purpose of admission if their first language (learned and understood) is not English.

Competitive Admission

Admission to Mount Royal is competitive, meaning students with higher grades will be considered first. Competitive and minimum grade requirements vary from program to program and from year to year based on the number of applicants.

Admission Categories

Your admission category will be determined by the Admissions and Recruitment Office once you have applied for admission and we have received your high school (secondary) and post-secondary (if applicable) grade and transcript information. Your admission category will determine which courses and grades will be used to calculate your competitive and final admission average. See the admission categories below to find out more about each type of applicant. Please read this carefully to ensure you are looking at the admission information which is relevant to your situation.

International applicants will be assessed for admission under the applicable admission category.

High school applicants: You will be considered a high school applicant if you are in your final year of high school if you have left or completed high school, and if you have completed fewer than eight post-secondary courses. Your competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A subjects.

Post-secondary applicants: You will be considered a post-secondary applicant if you have completed four or more post-secondary courses by Dec. 31 and will have completed eight or more post-secondary courses by June 30 (for the following Fall Semester). Your competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your four most recently completed post-secondary courses as of Dec. 31 for the following Fall Semester. Courses presented for admission must be from an accredited post-secondary institution and must be transferable courses as determine by MRU.

Mature applicants: You will be considered a mature applicant if the previous categories do not apply to you and you are at least 21 years old by Sept. 1 (for the Fall Semester). Your competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A subjects.