Notice Of Intent To Study In A Law Office Or Judges Chambers

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The Office of Bar Admissions is using this Notice Of Intent To Study In A Law Office Or Judges Chambers form to track applicants who are studying in a Delaware law office or judges chambers. The applicant will be required to submit the completed form each semester they are studying in a Delaware law office or judge’s chambers.

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Prior to submitting this initial report, you must file a registration application online at and have your pre-legal transcripts forwarded to the State Bar’s Office

of Admissions in Los Angeles, Attn: Eligibility Department. A fee of $158.00 is required at the time this

report is submitted. The report and transcripts must be received within 30 days from the date law

office/judge’s chambers study begins.


Month/Day/Year File Number Telephone Number


Last First Middle Email


City State Zip Code

In order to participate in the Law Office or Judge’s Chambers study program, study in a law office or judge’s

chambers must be accomplished during regular business hours for a minimum of 18 hours per week.

Additionally, the study must take place in California under the supervision of a judge of a court of record in

California or an attorney who, for at least the past five years, has been a continuously active member in good

standing with the State Bar of California. The requirements relating to this type of law study are contained in

Section 6060(e)(ii and iii) of the California Business and Professions Code and Rule 4.29 of the Admissions

Rules. This is a program of study; merely working for an attorney or judge will not qualify for credit in

this program.

The supervising judge or attorney must examine the student at least once each month on the study completed

the previous month. The examinations must be written and graded; the questions and answers must

accompany the semi-annual report, which must be submitted within 90 days after completion of each six months

of study. If the supervising judge or attorney is changed, the attorney/judge being replaced must file a final

report even though six months may not have elapsed. For the “new” judge or attorney, an initial report

must be filed immediately to cover the intervening period and future semi-annual reports.

Credit for one year of law study requires study in a law office or judge’s chamber for at least 18 hours per week

for a minimum of 48 consecutive weeks per year. Credit for one-half year of law study requires study in a law

office or judge’s chambers for at least 18 hours per week for a minimum of 24 consecutive weeks per year.

After completing one year of law study in strict compliance with the Admissions Rules, the student should take

the First-Year Law Students’ Examination administered by the Committee of Bar Examiners in June and

October of each year. Students who pass the examination within three consecutive administrations of first

becoming eligible to take it will receive credit for law study up to the time the examination is passed. Students

who pass it thereafter will only receive credit for one year of law study. The student must complete four years of

law study in strict compliance with the Admissions Rules to establish eligibility to take the California Bar


—————————————————-Please cut along dotted line—————————————————-


Office of Admissions/The State Bar of California

Last Name First Name Initial File Number

Payment Required: $158.00 Amount Paid: $

This payment coupon must be submitted with the Notice of Intent to Study Law in a Law Office or Judge’s

Chambers. Please fill in your name, file number and the amount paid. Acceptable forms of payments:

Money order, cashier check, or credit card (Authorization Form Attached).


(Complete question a or b, whichever applies)

a. I, , am an attorney who is an active member in good

standing of the State Bar of California engaged in the practice of law. I have been continuously

engaged in such practice for at least the past five years. My practice began:


b. I, , am a judge who has been in the practice of law

since: at

Month/Day/Year Name of Court

2. The law student whose name appears in the heading of this report will diligently and in good faith study

law during regular business hours under my personal supervision. The study will be conducted in my

office (or chambers) at:


Street Number and Name State Zip Code



3. I will devote approximately hours per week to the personal supervision of the

student’s law study. (Personal supervision refers to time actually spent in the presence of the student

that is utilized primarily for the exposition and discussion of the law, the recitation of cases by the

student, and the critical analysis of written submitted by the student.)

4. In addition to the study of law, this student will be examined by me at least once each month on the

study completed the previous month. Each examination will be written and the questions and answers

will be submitted pursuant to Rule 4.25, Sections A and B of the Rules.

5. Other student supervised by me is (an attorney or judge may not personally supervise more than two


Name: File Number:

6. This report is made with the knowledge that the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of

California will rely upon it to determine whether the student has fulfilled the statutory prerequisites for

admission to practice law in this state.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the law of the State of California that I have carefully read the

above information and have answered all questions truthfully, and completely.

Date: Signature:

Month/Day/Year Attorney or Judge

Print Name: State Bar Number:


Street Number and Name State Zip Code

Note: If there is anything bearing upon the moral character of this student that should be considered at the

time his/her eligibility for admission to practice law is being determined, please furnish such information

on a separate document and attach it to this form.



Office of Admissions Fees Only – Credit Card Authorization Form


I authorize the State Bar of California to charge my credit card for $

Please check which fee(s) you are paying:


180 Howard Street • San Francisco, CA 94105-1639 • (415) 538-2300

845 S. Figueroa Street • Los Angeles, CA 90017-2515 • (213) 765-1500

Registration as a Law Student

Registration as an Attorney Applicant

California Bar Examination

California Bar Examination Late Fee

First-Year Law Students’ Examination

First-Year Law Students’ Exam Late Fee


Laptop Late Fee

Moral Character Determination

Moral Character Determination


Other: Please specify:

(This form may not be used to pay dues or other attorney fees; it only may be used to pay fees related

to Admissions. Please print legibly.)

Name of Applicant if Different than Card Holder (print legibly):

File Number of Applicant (if previously registered with the State Bar of California’s Office of

Admissions as a law student or attorney applicant):


City, State, Zip:

Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Credit Card Number:

Credit Card Security Code: Expiration Date:


Check Credit Card Type: Master Visa

Name on Card (print legibly):

Signature of Card Holder

Law Office Study Program California Requirements

Admission Requirements

Practicing lawyers in California must be licensed by the State Bar. The State Bar’s admission requirements are set by the California Business and Professions Code.

Register as a law student or attorney applicant

  • Begin the admissions process by registering as a law student or attorney applicant as soon as possible. Use the online application.
  • Track the status of an application and eligibility with an Admissions account or Status Screen.

Social Security number

When registering with the State Bar, applicants who are eligible for a U.S. Social Security number need to provide a Social Security number under Business and Professions Code sections 30 (California’s tax enforcement provisions) and 6060.6 and Family Code section 17520 (Child Support Enforcement Program). Applicants who do not have a Social Security Number are required to submit a request for an exemption during the online registration application process by clicking here. 

Registration applications and Social Security number exemption forms can also be obtained by contacting the Los Angeles Office of Admissions at 213-765-1500 or by sending an email to [email protected]

  • Find out what form to file

Legal education

California lawyers can meet the legal education requirement in different ways. Most receive a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from law schools registered by the State Bar (California-accredited) or approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). But there are other ways to get a legal education.

  • Find out more about what education is required when applying to the State Bar


California Bar Examination

About 16,000 take the California Bar Examination, one of the State Bar’s primary requirements to become a licensed attorney. Beginning in July 2017, the exam will be given over two days. 

First-Year Law Students’ Exam

First-year law students completing their first year of study in a juris doctor degree program at a State Bar-unaccredited registered law school, through the Law Office Study Program and those without two years of college work attending a Committee of Bar Examiners- or an American Bar Association-accredited law school must take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination after completing their first year of law study. 

Law students who have been advanced to their second year of law study at an ABA or California-accredited law school and completed a minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter units of undergraduate work are generally exempt from the examination.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination

All applicants for admission to practice law in California must receive a passing score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination and pass the California Bar Examination.

  • Find out more about the tests required for admission

Moral Character

All applicants must go through a background check and receive a positive moral character determination.

  • Find out more about what goes into a moral character determination

Family support

Finally, applicants need to prove that they have complied with any court order for child or family support.

how to find a law apprenticeship

So you’ve decided you like the idea of a salary, on the job training and study that makes up a legal apprenticeship package? Great! Starting the search for your legal apprenticeship can be daunting. It helps to know what types of apprenticeship the legal sector has to offer.

If you’re thinking of training to be a Paralegal, a Solicitor or a Chartered Legal Executive, then you’re in luck – there are apprenticeships tailored to these roles.

When are legal apprenticeships advertised?

A number of legal apprenticeships are advertised at the same time every year, to coincide with the end of school and college. It’s a good idea to start looking as summer approaches, and to make a note of any application deadlines.

Some companies will recruit apprentices on an ongoing basis, so you can apply at any time.

Where can I find a legal apprenticeship?

First of all, you can check for all legal vacancies – including apprenticeships – here on the AllAboutLaw website. It’s also worth taking a look at our sister site, – as well as law apprenticeship vacancies, they have a wealth of information about applying for apprenticeships in general.

Vacancy adverts will state the length of the apprenticeship, the location, and the salary on offer. Once you’ve found a number of vacancies in your chosen area of law, you can compare and contrast these details to figure out which apprenticeships are best suited to you.

There will also be information about what to expect from the firm, what kind of work you’ll be involved with and the qualification you’ll study for while you’re working there.

Researching your law firm

Once you’ve decided on an apprenticeship to apply for, you should do some additional research on the law firm’s website. Legal apprenticeships are competitive, so a tailored, specific application will help you to stand out from other candidates.