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Online MSC Psychology Conversion BPS Accredited

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MSC Psychology Conversion Distance Learning

In this MSc Psychology (conversion) online distance learning programme you will develop a deeper understanding of the human mind and the world around you. Regardless of your prior experience with psychology, you will explore this complex, yet fascinating subject to develop a broad and critical awareness of psychological theory and innovative research methods. This programme is designed as a starting point for people who wish to pursue a new career in psychology, and those who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the brain to benefit existing careers outside of professional psychology.

  • Online distance learning
  • Academic contact: Chiara Horlin
  • Teaching start: September
  • MSc: 30 months part‑time


  • This conversion programme is designed to provide you with an opportunity to develop intellectual, practical, and professional skills that will be helpful in your future career, whatever that may be.
  • It is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and upon graduating, you can apply for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) of the BPS. With a GBC, you are then eligible to apply for further study in a specialist area in the UK and become a chartered psychologist.


Please note this programme is only delivered part-time and cannot be completed in less than 3 academic sessions. Our only full-time conversion programmes are located on campus here in Glasgow. 

This programme is delivered entirely online via asynchronous distance learning. You will never be required to visit Glasgow and there are no compulsory live sessions that you are required to attend. There are two semesters in each academic session and each semester consists of 14 teaching weeks (with reading weeks and holiday breaks) and a dedicated assessment period. Teaching materials are released fortnightly and you are able to self-pace your learning during these fortnights.

Due to the intensive nature of conversion programmes, we strongly advise students consider dedicating a minimum 20 hours per week to study.

In year 1 of the programme you will complete 5 core courses (60 credits). In year 2, you will complete 3 core courses (40 credits) and 2 optional courses (20 credits). In year 3, you will complete an independent research project (60 credits), under the guidance of an academic supervisor. 

Core courses

Optional courses

Please note that optional courses are contingent upon individual staff expertise and their availability may be subject to change each year with changes to staffing. Changes in optional courses have no bearing on the accreditation status of this programme as accreditation is only determined by the compulsory core courses listed above. Please ensure that any funding support you may seek is not tied to the availability of these optional courses.

Programme outcomes

  • Critically evaluate principal and specialised theories of psychology.
  • Identify, interpret and evaluate contemporary and historical research in psychology.  
  • Evaluate ways in which psychological theory can inform practice.   
  • Identify the ethical issues raised when people participate in psychological research or receive psychological treatment.  
  • Review the contrasting perspectives as to the nature of science and critically evaluate the extent to which Psychology may be considered scientific.  
  • Critically evaluate the influence of social, cultural and historical factors on psychological theory and research.  
  • Evaluate psychological research design and methodologies   
  • Use a range of statistics and research methodologies appropriate to psychology  
  • Demonstrate programming skills in R  
  • Design and conduct an original, significant empirical research project on a psychological topic.

Programme alteration or discontinuation
The University of Glasgow endeavours to run all programmes as advertised. In exceptional circumstances, however, the University may withdraw or alter a programme. For more information, please see: Student contract.


A conversion programme in the UK is specifically tailored to meet the accreditation requirements of the British Psychological Society. On successful completion you will be eligible for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society. This will allow you to go on to further study in specialised areas of psychology in the UK.
This conversion programme can function as both a feeder for a research-based PhD, applied Doctorates, or as an industry-focused qualification. Please note, due to the highly competitive nature of postgraduate Psychology pathways in the UK, this programme may be the first (and not only) step in this journey. We strongly advise UK-focused applicants to review the careers information provided by the BPS. 
If you are based outside the UK, it is important that you review the accreditation requirements of your local accrediting/governing body to ensure they recognise a BPS-accredited Conversion MSc. It may be recognised, but you may be required to complete additional supplementary study specific to their requirements.
There are numerous benefits to completing this programme if you do not wish to pursue a professional psychology pathway. Due to the very broad relevance of psychology, a Psychology Conversion MSc can provide transferable skills that complement a diverse range of industry qualifications from Human Resources and Management, Education, Nursing, Medicine, Social Work and media.


Tuition fees for 2023-24


Online Distance Learning:

UK / EU / International: £15,000 (total cost)

  • £1667 per 20 credits



This is an online conversion programme at masters level, for people who want to switch to psychology from another subject, or for those without an accredited psychology degree. It’s BPS accredited so it’s the starting point for a career in psychology.

Online course details

Study options

Part-time: 2-3 years

UK fee

£9,495 (2021/22) 

International fee

£9,495 (2021/22) 

Course level




Start dates

January, September, May



Online course description

Please note that due to the popularity of our BPS accredited courses we urge you to apply early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

Accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), our online MSc Psychology course is ideally suited to anyone who is looking to take the next step and pursue a career in psychology, bringing you one step closer to becoming a chartered psychologist.

The British Psychological Society Accredited Conversion Award logo

Our online MSc Psychology conversion programme is designed for those who wish to specialise in psychology, giving you the opportunity to learn the distinctive range, depth and integration of skills, knowledge and applications of psychology. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the core areas of psychology required by the BPS including biological, cognitive, developmental, individual differences, and social psychology and the links between them.

This course alone will not allow you to practice but provides an opportunity for a non-psychology graduate, or a graduate from a non-BPS accredited course, to meet one of the entry requirements for a postgraduate programme of professional training in Health, Sport, Clinical, Counselling, Occupational, Educational or Forensic Psychology. By completing this course you will be conferred Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC). You may also be looking to study this course as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or to enhance your career employability and general knowledge.

Obtaining GBC keeps open the widest range of training, development and employment opportunities in psychology. Completion of an accredited programme, moreover, offers graduates a clear route to Society membership, and therefore access to the full range of membership benefits, including services, publications, conferences, training and networking opportunities.

Choose an online MSc in Psychology to obtain GBC

The MSc can be completed in 2-3 years and gives you the opportunity to further explore the breadth of this exciting subject by studying one of our optional modules*. Completion of this programme will confer Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC). You may also be looking to study our Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology before completing the full MSc in Psychology.

What skills will I develop?

During the course you will gain a scientific understanding of the mind, brain and behaviour, and how they interact with the complex environments in which they exist. You will be given the ability to critically evaluate methodologies and collect and interpret primary and secondary empirical data, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

You will also learn how to apply critical, analytical and creative abilities in scholarly thinking, problem solving, and communication to course material, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the scientific underpinnings of psychology as a discipline, its historical origins, development, and limitations.

Free student membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

To show our commitment to our students, we are always looking for new ways to improve our students’ experience. By enrolling onto the programme, you will be eligible for free full BPS student membership for the duration of your studies.

Please note: Free BPS membership is not available to students in receipt of Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme (ELC).

A talk from our Academic Lead

Our Academic Lead for Psychology, Dr Gulcan Garip, talks about our Psychology Postgraduate Diploma course in this video.

Our academic talks about the online Psychology Masters and Postgraduate Diploma courses

What you will study

We will advise you of your study plan – the running order and availability of the modules – when you are invited to enrol.

You will need to complete all of the core modules and also the Masters Project which is a triple module, worth 60 credits.

You can select one specialised optional module (subject to availability).

As a BPS accredited programme, group work is required as part of the BPS standards. This means that on the modules Investigation and Analysis and Biological and Cognitive Approaches in Psychology, you will be required to work with other students in groups from the start of the trimester (week 1), with work to be submitted by week 4 of teaching. Failure to engage with your group by the end of week 3 will result in you being dropped from the module and subject to a module cancellation fee.

Core modules

Code: 7PS543

Introduction to Perspectives in Psychology

This module aims to develop your academic understanding of the discipline of psychology as a science drawing on conceptual and historical issues in psychology from multiple perspectives. The module aims to provide you with an understanding of the social and cultural construction of psychology, and political and ethical issues in psychology. The module aims to instil a range of subject-specific and intellectual skills that you as a student of psychology need to successfully engage in your programme of study.

Module learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss and critically evaluate evidence in relation to conceptual and historical issues, current debates and complex issues from multiple perspectives in psychology
  2. Establish self-direction and originality in terms of an understanding of what skills are required to become a psychologist in an area of psychology

Module content

The module content may include:

  • Origins of Psychology and epistemological issues
  • Ethical considerations
  • Introduction to the scientific method and quantitative research methods
  • Introduction to qualitative research methods
  • Applied psychology and impact of research
  • Experimental psychology and current debates
  • Academic writing skills in psychology
  • Careers, professional skills, and personal development in Psychology


Please note that our modules are subject to change – we review the content of our courses regularly, making changes where necessary to improve your experience and graduate prospects.

model brain being shown on mobile phone

Study Psychology online at Derby Webinar: December 2021

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 14.00 – 15.00

Join this webinar to discover what it takes to become a Chartered Psychologist and how our BPS accredited courses can help you to achieve this. The webinar includes a 30 minute presentation from Dr. Natalie Zadurian, Lecturer in Psychology, who will be joined by Andrew Christer from the BPS to explain the routes to chartership and benefits of BPS membership.