Palm Beach Atlantic University Notable Alumni

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Notable alumni

Tenth Avenue North – Contemporary Christian music band
Lizbeth Benacquisto – Current member of the Florida Senate
Victoria Jackson – Actress and former Saturday Night Live cast member[16]
Martin David Kiar – Broward County Property Appraiser
Ruthie Ann Miles – Broadway actress, 2015 Tony Award winner for The King & I
Jennifer Rothschild – Author and speaker[17]
Susan Sherouse – American violinist
Priscilla Taylor – Current member of the Florida House of Representatives
Christina Alessi Matthews – Former professional beach and indoor volleyball player – Current head coach of the Palm Beach Atlantic University Beach Volleyball Team[

Palm Beach Atlantic University was the vision of and was founded by Jess C. Moody in 1968 while he was the pastor of First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach. He served until the first class graduated in 1972 and resigned from the presidency to focus on his duties at First Baptist Church. Two laymen of the church, Donald Warren and Riley Sims, became involved as trustees before the university began and continued to contribute time and support for many years. Warren served as chairman of the trustees for 38 years until 2007.

In July 1972, Warner E. Fusselle, previously president of Truett-McConnell College, became the second president of the university and led the accreditation process with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools which was achieved in December 1972.

George Borders, Vice President of Student Affairs at Stetson University, became the third president of Palm Beach Atlantic University in 1978. He was popular with students and the Florida Baptist Convention. After his resignation in 1981 to become the president of the Florida Baptist Foundation, Claude H. Rhea became president. During his presidency, the university developed the Rinker campus and expanded its academic programs.

Paul R. Corts, previously president of Wingate College, was the fifth president of Palm Beach Atlantic. He presided over the addition of two graduate programs, from 1991 until 2002. He resigned in 2002 to accept a position as Assistant Attorney General for Administration with the United States Department of Justice.

David W Clark, President of FamilyNet, and founding provost of Regent University became the sixth President in 2003. During his presidency enrollment grew from 2600 to 3291. Five new buildings were completed including the Warren Library, a mini campus in Wellington was built, and 96 acres (390,000 m2) for a new athletic campus were acquired. The university budget grew from $43 million to $73 million. Over 4,600 or 40 percent of all degrees were awarded during his tenure. President Clark announced his retirement during the 2008-9 academic year the end of June.

On July 1, 2009, Lu Hardin took office as the seventh president of Palm Beach Atlantic University. A former Arkansas state senator, Hardin had previously served as the president of the University of Central Arkansas.[7] Hardin resigned the presidency of PBA on March 4, 2011,[8] shortly before pleading guilty in federal court in Little Rock, Arkansas, to two federal felony charges (wire fraud and money laundering) which occurred during his tenure at UCA.[9]

On March 10, 2011, William M. B. “Bill” Fleming, Jr., the university’s vice president for development, was named interim president by the university’s board of trustees.[10] After a nationwide search, Fleming, who had served as interim president for more than a year, was elected by the trustees as the university’s eighth president, beginning his presidency on May 8, 2012.

Palm Beach Atlantic University Tuition

Financial Information & 2021-2022 Fee Schedule

Palm Beach Atlantic University reserves the right to change fees and other charges that the Board of Trustees considers to be in accord with sound management.

Undergraduate Day Tuition

Full-Time Tuition (Per Semester)

Tuition TypeTuition Rate
Full Time (12-18 Day Undergrad credit hours)$16,769 per semester
Overload (Over 18 Day Undergrad credit hours)$16,769 per semester + $705 per credit hour over 18
Resource Fees$298 per semester

Part-Time Tuition (Per Credit)

Credit Hours/ProgramTuition Per Credit Hour
1-6 hours (Day Undergraduate)$899 per credit hour
7 hours (Day Undergraduate)$899 per credit hour
8 hours (Day Undergraduate)$899 per credit hour
9 hours (Day Undergraduate)$899 per credit hour
10 hours (Day Undergraduate)$1,370 per credit hour
11 hours (Day Undergraduate)$1,370 per credit hour
Dual Enrollment (High School)$50 per hour
Summer (traditional undergraduate) $570 per credit hour
Resource Fees$190 per semester

Auditing a Course

The rate of tuition for auditing course work depends upon the total number of credit hours (including audit hours) for which a student registers in a given semester. If a daytime undergraduate student is part time, or if the total number of credit hours exceeds 18, then tuition for auditing is one half the applicable per-hour charge.  If a full-time day undergraduate student audits a course and the total credit hours including the audit remains between 12 and 18 hours, there is no additional fee to audit the course because it will be included in the flat rate tuition.

Evening/Online students should see their respective catalogs for audit and tuition/fees information.

Meal Plans (per semester)

Meal Plans (per semester)Price (per semester)
All Access Gold$2,578
All Access Silver$2,485
All Access Bronze$2,305
Meal KIt Block 75$1,375
Block 75 $1,375
Block 50 Meal Plan – Commuter students only$825
Block 25 Meal Plan – Commuter students only$290
  • Details about each meal plan can be found at  
  • All students residing in residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. A student with valid medical reason may apply for a meal plan accommodation through the office of Academic Support & Disability Services by the drop/add deadline of each academic semester. The student must have a physician submit a written explanation of the medical problem and recommendations for treatment. If the University’s food services are unable to provide accommodation of the prescribed diet, an exemption may be granted.

Residence Halls (per semester)

Residence HallCost (per semester)
Baxter Hall$2,936
Watson Hall$3,914
Johnson Hall$2,936
Oceanview Hall$2,936
Rinker Hall$2,936
Weyenberg Hall$2,235
Coastal Towers – Graduate & Professional only1B/1B $1,245 per month; 2B/2B $1,795 per month

Parking Fees

LocationDecal cost per Academic Year
Commuter Parking$175
First Year Resident Parking$300
Returning Resident Parking$175
Garage Parking$425
Coastal Towers Parking (Covered)$425
Coastal Towers Parking (Uncovered)$315

Course Fees

Course fees are set by each school to cover additional expenses associated with certain courses. Palm Beach Atlantic University reserves the right to change fees and other charges that the Board of Trustees considers to be in accord with sound management.  Occasionally, course fees are added past the publish date of this catalog to cover expenses directly related to the course. 

  • Varies and can range from $25-$500.