Food Safety and Quality Assurance PG Diploma in Canada

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Are you planning to study food science technology? Consider studying in Canada.

The Memorial University of Newfoundland offers a PG Diploma in Food Science and Technology program where you can earn a postgraduate diploma in food science and technology in less than one year.

This program is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and with courses that include microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, statistics, and communications.

It also offers you the opportunity to work with renowned faculty members who are experts in their fields as well as access to industry-standard equipment and facilities at the university’s Ocean Sciences Centre.

This postgraduate diploma is also one of the cheapest online postgraduate degrees in food safety worldwide.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that will give you both academic excellence and practical experience with some of the world’s most advanced technologies then this program might be right up your alley!

Are you searching for a PG Diploma in Food Technology in Canada? Are you looking for ways to work and live in Canada? Do you want to change your life forever by taking an online PG Diploma in Food Technology in Canada? Well, here is great news for you. Our online PG Diploma in Food Technology in Canada grants you the same academic benefits accorded to on-campus students and helps you earn a food safety and quality assurance PG diploma from one of the best universities in the world while spending less than $1,500 per semester. You can also get all the skills needed to enter the food industry through this online PG Diploma in Food Technology in Canada and make your dreams come true.

Food Safety Diploma Courses in Canada

Food scientists are responsible for the development of new food products and their processing technologies. They also help with developing safe and environmentally friendly food processing methods. A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, such as food science and technology, biochemistry, chemistry or microbiology is typically required to become a food scientist. Opportunities for advancement are best for those who have a related master’s degree. Food Safety Technician certification will help equip you with the skills necessary to advance in your career. The food safety training program is designed for professionals currently working in the food sector, or those considering entering the field for the first time.

Developing your food safety knowledge is a worthwhile investment that will pay off for you and those around you.

Besides the joy of learning something new, an advanced knowledge of food safety can help you progress in your career. When employers see that you’ve put in the time to receive additional training, they’re more likely to consider you for higher-level positions.

You’ll gain insight into food safety systems as well as factors that affect the production and distribution of food for human consumption. Whether you work at a school, bakery, hospital or another location, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing that you’ve done everything possible to keep people safe.

Another benefit is feeling more confident about the food you eat and serve to others. If a coworker asks a question about food safety, you’ll be able to answer it with ease. Even if you don’t have all the details, there’s always someone available at the CDC to help out.

Program Structure for the postgraduate food safety certification

This theory-based program consists of four courses, including one required course and three electives chosen from an approved list.

This Food Safety and Quality Assurance PG Diploma in Canada is designed to:

provide a strong technical education in the areas of food safety and food inspection
prepare students for employment in the food industry and regulatory agencies
develop technical and analytical skills in food safety and food inspection, skills and Interests

You’re a management-level candidate ready to learn best practices for all aspects of food safety work Environment.

Private and public companies in the food and related industries.

Food Safety And Quality Assurance PG Diploma In Canada

Scope and Career Opportunities in Food Science & Technology - Manav Rachna

Program location :


Program Length:

Four online courses

Application Deadline:

Fall:        Application acceptance is ongoing

Scope of food science and technology in Canada

The program is divided into the following terms:

Term One:

Students will be required to take courses in Applied Statistics, Food Microbiology, Food Processing, Food Safety and Sanitation, and Food Chemistry.

Term Two:

The second term continues the study of food safety and includes such courses as Food Law, Foodborne Diseases, Food Inspection Techniques, Management Principles, and Food Toxicology. A technical project course allows for in depth study of an area of special interest.

Term Three:

Students will find placements in pertinent industries or agencies for practical experience.

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Why Canada Needs More Professionals with Food Safety Training | AAPS

PG Diploma Prerequisites

A Bachelor’s degree, a three-year diploma of technology or a combination of work experience and formal education acceptable to the Admissions Committee.

What Alumni Say

“The courses are not only intensive but very vital and relevant to my job and future aspirations.”

PG Diploma Tuition Fee

Less Than $ 750 per Semester or $2,900 for the entire degree  

Target Group for the online postgraduate degree in Food Safety

The bachelor degree program in web design and development is suitable for the following group of individuals

  1. Anyone  with a Bachelor degree interested in earning an online postgraduate degree in food safety
  2. Bachelor degree holders who wish to cover up for course and grade deficiency in their previous degree

Duration of the degree programs

Between 6 months to 1 year

Certificate Issued

After the completion of the program you will receive a Postgraduate Certificate in Food Safety from the University offering the degree program in Canda

Where can I study food science in Canada for International Students

The following institutions are best suitable to study Food Science and Technology in Canada:

  • McGill University.
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • University of Saskatchewan.
  • Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology.
  • University of Guelph.
  • University of British Columbia.
  • Conestoga College.
  • Durham College.
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