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IT courses in Australia Melbourne

Last Updated on January 20, 2023 by Team College Learners

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Interested in pursuing a degree in Information Technology courses in Australia? There are a lot of importance of studying Information Technology. Information Technology is part of everything we do. If you are considering pursuing a degree in information technology, then this article is worth reading.

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing academic disciplines today, and it offers an excellent career pathway in our world today. Read on discover the latest information on it courses in australia for international students, bachelor of information technology in australia, best it course in australia, it course fees in australia, computer science degree australia. You can get more in related articles on Collegelearners.

IT courses in Australia for international students

Why International Students prefer vocational courses over degree courses in  Australia?

Computer Science degrees provided by top tech schools focus on studying coding languages and programming theory for Information and Computer Systems. Undergraduate Computer Science programmes teach students software theory, design, development, and application.

A Computer Science degree may be the right choice for you if you like Math and you are a genuine problem solver. You will also need to be disciplined and patient, as sometimes you will need to take part in a lot of planning before starting a project or spend days or weeks on finding the right solution for fixing a bug. In addition to learning Computer Science at a tech school, you need to be comfortable with learning on your own, researching and finding solutions that address unique problem you are facing. Computer Science degree students can specialise in a lot of interdisciplinary fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Cyber Security, Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, UX Design, and more.

Computer Science courses and skills

While attending Computer Science courses you learn how to use older and newer coding languages like Java, C

, Python, SQL, PHP, and more. You will understand how to efficiently execute algorithms with limited processing power by writing the best codes that are also easy to modify if the need arises. You will have to learn how to deal both with user-friendly coding languages as well as older, more basic programming software.

Analytical thinking, prioritization, organization, time-management are some of the essential skills you will need to develop during your Computer Science studies. You will develop the ability to learn on your own, and deep understanding of algorithms, as Computer Science involves constant learning and dealing with more complex problems.

Computer Science courses will teach you concepts about information networks, database integration, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, structures used by operating systems, how to build apps or websites. You will also become familiarized with software development methodologies like waterfall or agile.

Computer Science and IT careers

Computer Science careers are some of the most well paid in the world and, with the constant increase and development of information technology, IT specialists are in constant demand. Computer Science and IT graduates can find jobs such as: application developer, cyber security analyst, game designer, IT consultant, software engineer, web developer and many others

Bachelor of information technology in Australia

Bachelor of Information Technology | Top 3 Degrees | Online Study Australia

A Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia is a three-year full-time course that trains international students in technical, analytical and interpersonal skills. It is also offered as a part-time program by some universities. Most universities in Australia offering a Bachelor in Information Technology degree are accredited to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) which is globally recognized and ensures a high quality of education.

  • Average annual tuition fees for Bachelors in Information Technology at most of the universities in Australia ranges between 31,600 AUD to 45,600 AUD.
  • Students having a senior secondary degree with a minimum percentage of 60% can apply for this program.
  • The average salary of a person working in the IT field in Australia is 127,000 AUD per annum.

Why Study Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia?

According to the upskilled report of “The Future of IT and Business Careers in Australia”, the job outlook of IT sector is good with lots of opportunities: 

  • ICT managers and software and application programmers are among the top 15 occupations expected to experience the highest growth till 2020 in Australia. 
  • 183,000 new jobs are expected to be created in IT-related sectors such as healthcare, education, retail, etc till 2020 
  • Queensland and New South Wales are projected to experience the highest growth of employment in this sector ie. 251,100 and 241,600 respectively.

Thus, pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology in Australia will provide you with immense growth and employment opportunities.  

Top Universities offering Bachelors in Information Technology

According to QS News World University Ranking of 2020 for Computer Science and Information Technology, following are the top 10 universities offering a 3-year full-time Bachelor of Information Technology in Australia: 

QS Ranking 2020University Total Fees (in AUD)
41Australian National University (ANU)136,800
51 – 100University of Queensland133,248
51 – 100Monash University128,400
101 – 150Queensland University of Technology (QUT)112,800
101 – 150RMIT University103,680
101 – 150University of Adelaide123,000
201 – 250Deakin University99,000
201 – 250Swinburne Institute of Technology95,800
201 – 250University of Wollongong101,520
251 – 300Macquarie University116,400

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