Cheap Distance MBA

Top 10 Cheapest Distance MBAs in India

Many people want to take advantage of the availability of high quality education over the internet and to use this to improve themselves and also their earning potential.

However these courses often cost a lot of money for those looking to enroll and these people are therefore put off from improving themselves.

There are however many good quality institutions which can offer fairly cheap courses and many allow for customization to allow you to continue working whilst you study.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University

The most popular University in the country, and indeed the school with the highest number of students anywhere in the world, they have been providing high quality distance education for many years and allowing a student to specialise in a great variety of subjects.

Part of the reason as to why they have become so widely used is that they are one of the cheapest Universities for obtaining an MBA with a total cost starting at around INR21,000.

This allows them to give a great quality education for a price which will not put people off investing in their future.

Indian Institute of Business Management and Studies, Mumbai

Specializing in a variety of finance and business based MBA courses the IIBMS can offer students a very well organised and interesting distance learning experience with far less cost than most other well established business schools.

For example their distance MBA in Business Administration is available for INR30,800 which is a great price for a course which is going to dramatically increase any graduate’s future earning potential.

Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, Lucknow

Another very well thought of school offering low cost options for those who want to study for an MBA.

The IICT offers a flexible distance learning courses and its MBA in Business Administration is available for INR26,777 over the course of 2 years, representing excellent value for the pursuit of a great qualification at an established educational institution.

Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Mumbai

Whilst this school may not offer a huge variety of courses they do represent a great value based on the quality of education that students will receive whilst attending.

INR23,900 over the entire duration of the course for their MBAs in administration and management and the flexibility of the distance course allowing students to continue in employment throughout the time they are studying show that this is brilliant value for a high quality post graduate degree.

Symbiosis Institute of Management

Like the IGNOU this is another of the largest and most well-known higher education organisations in India and is famous for providing a great service to its students and giving them a great education.

Courses in a wide range of subjects such as Banking and Finance or IT Management over 2 years costing just INR37,000 which is brilliant value for the ability to study at one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai

Affiliated with the University of Mumbai this institute has become a great source of education for many people given the low cost of their post-graduate programmes.

One example is the distance based MBA in Operations Management which is priced at just INR17,250 for the year long course. This is a great investment given the quality of the institution and the teaching that you will receive as a student there.

Acharya Nagarjuna University Centre for Distance Education, Guntur

The Acharya Nagarjuna University is a very well established and fully accredited university offering a huge mixture of both campus based and distance courses.

Its distance courses are very popular and boast a very competitive price for someone who is not able to spend heavily on post-graduate education.

Their MBA in Business Administration is INR 24,445 for the 3 year course which is one of the lowest available in the country, especially for a school with a very good reputation.

Institute of Management Studies and Research, Vivekananda Education Society, Mumbai

Another distance learning program affiliated with a major University which gives the IMSR a great ability to offer top quality teaching to its students. Prices for its MBAs can reach as low as INR14,375 for a year-long course giving the student a top class education.

Academy of Higher Education, Mumbai

This is an establishment set out entirely to offer great quality post-graduate education and whilst not being affiliated with a major University may not give it the same credibility of some similar qualifications, an MBA from the AHE can cost around INR10,000 which represents great value.

School of Distance Learning, Andhra University

This school is affiliated with a quality university and still offers its high quality teaching standards for a great price. The total fees for courses in subjects such as Human Resource Management can be as low as INR15,000 for a two year course.