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Luiss Business School World Ranking

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Team College Learners


Course length (months)*25
Rank in 201794
Rank in 201889
Rank in 201990
School nameLuiss University

Career progression

Aims achieved (%)76
Career progress rank3
Careers service rank69
Employed at three months (%)84
Programme nameMaster in Management
Relevant degree*‡Yes
Salary percentage increase69
Salary today (US$)53052
Three-year average91
Weighted salary (US$)53052

Programme assessment

Company internships (%)*100
Maximum course fee (local currency)*22300
Number enrolled 2018/19*214
Value for money rank61

Diversity assessment

Female faculty (%)33
Female students (%)42
International board (%)100
International faculty (%)12
International students (%)13
Women on board (%)33

Faculty expertise

Faculty with doctorates (%)80

International opportunities

International course experience rank47
International mobility rank68

luiss business school fees


Tuition for the Master’s Degree Programme in International Management is €16,000. Payment is made in three instalments. Tuition includes materials and access to all Luiss Business School facilities.


Luiss Business School offers deserving candidates up to 3 partial scholarships (covering up to 25% of the tuition fee). The scholarships will be granted based on merit. All candidates will be considered for this award.

Candidates will be assessed on:

  • Academic track record (final grade, GPA)
  • Admission test scores
  • English proficiency
  • Technical competences (Office, Adobe, etc.)
  • Proven expertise or personal acknowledgement
  • Certifications
  • International experience

Fee waivers

Luiss Business School offer several fee waivers options:

  • Participants who have already attended a Luiss Business School programme or are Luiss Guido Carli graduates are entitled to a 10% fee reduction.
  • Any company (or VAT holder) that enrols one individual is entitled to a 10% fee reduction.
  • Any company (or VAT holder) that enrols multiple individuals in the same programme is entitled to a 20% fee reduction.
  • Participants who enrol by April 29, 2021 will be entitled to an early bird reduction of 10% off the total amount.
  • Participants who enrol by June 24, 2021 will be entitled to an early bird reduction of 5% off total amount.

Waivers cannot be combined with any other waiver, scholarship or sponsorship support.

Other financial aid

All candidates can independently:

  • Obtain a loan at favourable rates from selected credit institutions through agreements with Luiss Guido Carli. For further information, please e-mail [email protected] or fill in the form and send it to [email protected] after admission.
  • Apply for external scholarships
  • Seek funding from their current or future employer

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