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The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary is a globally recognized institute with over 15,000 students and 1,269 professors throughout its nine colleges and allied schools. The university focuses on teaching students the abilities they’ll need to be successful in the workplace. 91% of the graduates are hired, and 97% of them suggest studying in Canada.

SAIT is a polytechnic institute that provides 100 career programs in technology, trade, and business to meet the needs of students. It is well-known for its practical instruction. Over 40 full-time diploma programs are available, covering anything from aircraft repair to travel and tourism. SAIT bridges the barriers between industry and SAIT to enhance the economy with over 11,000 industry partners.

Students willing to take admission in SAIT Polytechnic are required to fill an online application along with a fee of 150 CAD. The university takes into consideration the scores of 6 bands in IELTS and 80 in TOEFL-IBT for evaluation. Once securing admission, students are required to spend approximately CAD on tuition fees. To cut down the high cost, students can opt for scholarships in Canada.

SAIT Polytechnic Highlights

Type of UniversityPublic
Endowment217 million CAD
Campus SettingUrban
Annual Acceptance Rate95%
Founded in1916
Test Scores AcceptedIELTS or TOEFL
Official Websitewww.sait.ca
Application Fees150CAD

SAIT Polytechnic Campus and Accommodations

SAIT Polytechnic has four off-campus locations in Calgary. The features of all the campuses of SAIT Polytechnic are mentioned below.

  • Trojans Intramurals and Club Sports, Fit Coaching, and Youth Activities are just a few of SAIT Recreation’s programs and facilities that foster active and healthy lives for our students, faculty, alumni, and members of the public.
  • The Stan Grad Centre is located on the main SAIT campus, and SAIT is here to help. SAIT supplies needed textbooks and course materials and is the one-stop-shop for all your campus needs, whether you are a student, faculty member, staff member, or just passing by.
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) creates a healthy campus environment in which everyone feels welcomed, supported, included, appreciated, and encouraged to thrive. SAIT’s aim of becoming a global leader in applied education, as well as our objective of preparing students for successful vocations and lives, are both dependent on EDI.

SAIT Polytechnic Accommodations

SAIT offers on-campus housing, however, students can also choose to live in Calgary. The Stan Grad center, which is located in the central structure, houses, food outlets, and other amenities.

SAIT residence suites are in the northeast portion of the main campus, with two modern high rises housing one-bedroom flats, four-bedroom sharing quads, two-bedroom units, and studio suites. Suites are self-contained, with private bedrooms, shared kitchens and bathrooms, study areas, and common living spaces, and come completely equipped with utilities included.

The cost of living of some housing is discussed below:

Apartment TypeCost in CAD per semester
East Hall one-bedroom suites6,425
East Hall four-bedroom suites4,212.50
Begin tower two-bedroom suites (floors 1-18)4,375
Begin tower two-bedroom suites (floors 19-21)4,775
Studio suites (floor 1-18)5,375
Studio suites (floor 1-18)5,875

Semester Meal Plans:

Semester7-Day Plan Amount in CAD5-Day Plan Amount in CAD
Fall Semester3,3902,400
Winter Semester3,1502,250

SAIT Polytechnic Programs

One can apply to a selection of bachelor and applied degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs as an international student. The polytechnic offers 450+ online courses, 8000+ online learners every year, and 220+ online instructors for its distant education program.

Some of the top courses and their costs are discussed below:

CourseTuition Fees in CAD per year
Bachelor of Business Administration21,619
Bachelor of Administrative Information Management18,704
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting19,054
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management21,419
Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management21,518
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering19,574
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology22,917

International tuition and fees

Estimated tuition and fee information is for full-time international students attending SAIT. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Actual tuition is calculated based on the number of courses in which you are registered. Optional courses are not included in this tuition calculation. Additional courses will result in higher tuition.

2021/22 international fee table

SAIT FeesTotal Saitsa FeesTotal
Campus recreation$183.20Student association fee$287.77
Universal transit pass$310
Health and dental $252
Student support fee $150
Student technology fee$150
Total $1,045.20Total$287.77

*These fees are based on one academic year of a full-time program with two terms.

  • Fees will be adjusted for programs with start dates outside of the typical 15-week program or with a part-time course load.
  • Additional external fees may be applicable to the program.
  • Books and supplies can range from $200 to $1,500 depending on the program.
  • SAIT has introduced exemptions to allow eligible students the opportunity to opt out of UPass and campus recreation fees. To apply for an exemption to UPass and/or campus recreation fees for Fall 2021, students must meet the eligibility requirements and submit the application form by Saturday, Sept. 18.

2021-22 Tuition and fees
 for first and second year full-time international students 

*Approved by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Board of Governors.

ProgramYearInternational TuitionFeesTotalProgram Tuition Maximum 
Academic Upgrading111,3371,33312,67011,337
Accounting Oil and Gas Production126,1341,33327,46726,134
Administrative Information Management117,3711,33318,70436,888
Administrative Information Management219,1091,33320,44235,652
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology116,6891,33318,02234,546
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology217,3501,33318,68333,873
Aircraft Structures Technician123,5011,33324,83423,501
Architectural Technologies117,7211,33319,05436,683
Architectural Technologies218,0591,33319,39234,936
Automotive Service Technology118,5221,33319,85538,340
Automotive Service Technology219,2551,33320,58837,593
Avionics Technology121,6171,33322,95042,645
Avionics Technology220,5881,33321,92141,175
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration325,3101,33326,64335,331
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration 49,7361,33311,06934,795
Bachelor of Applied Tech. Geographic Information Systems320,7421,33322,07524,982
Bachelor of Applied Tech. Geographic Information Systems44,3161,3335,64924,852
Bachelor of Applied Tech. Petroleum Engineering322,0891,33323,42228,389
Bachelor of Applied Tech. Petroleum Engineering46,4121,3337,74528,282
Bachelor of Business Administration – all majors120,2861,33321,61990,070
Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting 221,0901,33322,42386,570
Bachelor of Business Administration – Financial Services221,0901,33322,42386,570
Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resource Management221,0901,33322,42386,570
Bachelor of Business Administration – Management221,0901,33322,42386,570
Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing221,0901,33322,42386,570
Bachelor of Business Administration – Supply Chain Management221,0901,33322,42386,570
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management320,0861,33321,41941,578
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management420,8821,33322,21540,769
Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management120,1851,33321,51891,931
Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management220,7791,33322,11287,476
Baking and Pastry Arts123,2431,33324,57445,567
Baking and Pastry Arts219,9531,33321,28645,567
Business Administration 117,7211,33319,05436,682
Business Administration – Accounting218,2421,33319,57535,615
Business Administration – Financial Services218,2421,33319,57535,615
Business Administration – Human Resources Management218,2421,33319,57535,615
Business Administration – Management218,2421,33319,57535,615
Business Administration – Marketing 218,2421,33319,57535,615
Business Administration – Supply Chain Management218,2421,33319,57535,615
Business Administration Automotive Management117,1801,33318,51333,892
Business Administration Automotive Management216,8441,33318,17733,687
Business and Entrepreneurship117,7211,33319,05417,721
Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting116,3431,33317,67616,343
Butchery and Charcuterie Management120,9431,33322,27620,943
Chemical Engineering Technology118,4111,33319,74437,173
Chemical Engineering Technology218,3691,33319,70235,903
Chemical Laboratory Technology120,1031,33321,43640,588
Chemical Laboratory Technology219,7081,33321,04139,416
Civil Engineering Technology – General 118,2411,33319,57436,830
Civil Engineering Technology – Const. Management217,7041,33319,03735,076
Civil Engineering Technology – Municipal217,7041,33319,03735,076
Culinary Arts123,1291,33324,46245,343
Culinary Entrepreneurship115,5171,33316,85015,517
Cyber Security for Control Systems122,7691,33324,10222,769
Data Analytics115,9781,33317,31115,978
Database Administrator128,3501,33329,68328,350
Dental Assisting122,9261,33324,25922,926
Diesel Equipment Technician118,7291,33320,06218,729
Electrical Engineering Technology118,3341,33319,66738,843
Electrical Engineering Technology219,9121,33321,24537,712
Electronics Engineering Technology120,3891,33321,72242,206
Electronics Engineering Technology221,1971,33322,53041,384
Energy Asset Management116,2961,33317,62933,733
Energy Asset Management217,7481,33319,08133,882
Eng. Design & Drafting Technology119,0921,33320,42539,520
Eng. Design & Drafting Technology219,4621,33320,79537,997
English Language Foundations114,3411,33315,67414,341
Environmental Technology118,0821,33319,41537,430
Environmental Technology218,7841,33320,11736,339
Film and Video Production117,1861,33318,51935,575
Film and Video Production218,3541,33319,68735,039
Geomatics Engineering Technology118,3401,33319,67337,964
Geomatics Engineering Technology219,2131,33320,54636,679
Graphic Communications and Print Technology116,6681,33318,00133,653
Graphic Communications and Print Technology216,9531,33318,28633,135
Health Information Management117,1661,33318,49934,659
Health Information Management216,9961,33318,32933,992
Hospitality Management119,4821,33320,81537,613
Hospitality Management217,6171,33318,95036,906
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Beverage Management119,1401,33320,47336,567
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Beverage Management217,4271,33318,76036,567
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Entrepreneurship and Innovation118,8401,33320,17335,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Entrepreneurship and Innovation217,1271,33318,46035,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Event Management118,8401,33320,17335,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Event Management217,1271,33318,46035,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Hotels and Accomodation118,8401,33320,17335,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Hotels and Accomodation217,1271,33318,46035,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Multi-Disciplinary 118,8401,33320,17335,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Multi-Disciplinary 217,1271,33318,46035,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Restaurant and Service Operations118,9651,33320,29836,217
Hospitality and Tourism Management -Restaurant and Service Operations217,2521,33318,58536,217
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Travel and Tourism118,8401,33320,17335,967
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Travel and Tourism217,1271,33318,46035,967
Information Security Analyst124,7991,33326,13224,799
Information Systems Security127,7421,33329,07557,426
Information Systems Security230,2141,33331,54757,681
Information Technology121,5841,33322,91744,679
Information Technology – Computers Systems224,4391,33323,77243,809
Information Technology – Network Systems222,4391,33323,77243,809
Information Technology – SW Developer222,4391,33323,77243,809
Information Technology – Telecommunications222,4391,33323,77243,809
Instrumentation Engineering Technology117,6301,33318,96336,494
Instrumentation Engineering Technology218,8281,33320,16135,944
Integrated Water Management125,9241,33327,25753,663
Integrated Water Management228,2341,33329,56753,901
Journalism 120,3611,33321,69442,147
Journalism – Photojournalism221,1671,33322,50041,326
Journalism – Print and Online Journalism221,1671,33322,50041,326
Land Analyst17,5331,3338,8667,533
Legal Assistant114,7581,33316,09131,339
Legal Assistant216,1101,33317,44330,721
Library Information Technology116,2091,33317,54232,728
Library Information Technology215,8921,33317,22531,783
Machinist Technician117,9591,33319,29217,959
Management and Leadership117,7211,33319,05417,721
Mechanical Engineering Technology117,3671,33318,70035,950
Mechanical Engineering Technology – All majors218,0551,33319,38835,250
New Media Production and Design116,6251,33317,95834,414
New Media Production and Design217,2831,33318,61633,743
Network Technician 121,2631,33322,59621,263
Network Systems Specialist121,2631,33322,59621,263
Non-Destructive Testing Foundations114,4371,33315,77014,437
Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles116,8071,33318,14016,807
Object-Oriented Software Development120,4421,33321,77520,442
Office Professional116,2441,33317,57716,244
Open Studies131,6791,33333,01231,679
Ophthalmic and Optometric Assisting 117,5001,33318,83317,500
Petroleum Engineering Technology117,2881,33318,62135,786
Petroleum Engineering Technology217,9721,33319,30535,088
Petroleum Land Administration18,1451,3339,4788,145
Power & Process Operations117,1811,33318,51417,181
Power Engineering Technology119,6661,33320,99941,760
Power Engineering Technology221,6321,33322,96540,361
Professional Cooking221,6371,33322,970TBA
Radio Television and Broadcast News 119,8261,33321,15938,148
Radio Television and Broadcast News – Broadcast News 218,9071,33320,24038,344
Radio Television and Broadcast News – Radio218,9071,33320,24038,344
Radio Television and Broadcast News – Television218,9071,33320,24038,344
Railway Conductor117,2191,33318,55217,219
Technology Infrastructure Analyst130,1221,33331,45530,122
Travel and Tourism117,2231,33318,55633,978
Travel and Tourism216,2791,33317,61233,332
Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations 124,2221,33325,55524,222
Web Developer113,1591,33314,49213,159
Welding Engineering Technology 120,7091,33322,04242,867
Welding Engineering Technology 225,4931,33326,82645,796
Welding Technician121,7471,33323,08021,747

2021-22 Tuition and fees
 for third and fourth year full-time international students

*Approved by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Board of Governors.

ProgramYearInternational TuitionFees Total
Bachelor of Business Administration – all majors321,4911,33322,824
Bachelor of Business Administration – all majors421,4911,33322,824
Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management323,2911,33324,624
Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management421,1751,33322,508
Diagnostic Medical Sonography36,3811,3337,714
Respiratory Therapy316,0471,33317,380

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