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top universities in china for computer science

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Our lives used to be much simpler and quieter without computers. But in retrospect, it was also more challenging and to some extent, slower. Technology has its cons but it undeniably has a lot of pros to it. Our society has been greatly transformed in this digital age and without a doubt will continue to change in the years to come.

For students who want to contribute to this change and make sure it’s for the greater good, they can pursue an education in Computer Science. This dynamic field has grown exponentially throughout the years and graduates of this course can choose from a variety of professions. In this article, we will be looking at the best computer science universities in China.

China prides itself on its high-quality education. There are 32 universities, located in mainland China, that are included in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020.

The country has the most number of digital users in the world and continues to grow exponentially. The technology industry has significantly made an impact in the global market.

Cost of Studying Computer Science in China

Compared with Western and European countries, living and studying in China is relatively affordable. The government is also actively providing several grants and scholarships to motivate students from other countries.

What Degrees are offered for Computer Science in China

Most of the Chinese universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science.

Tsinghua University

  • Computer Science Program links:
    • Bachelor’s Program
    • Master’s Program
    • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Language of Instruction: English

Founded in 1911, Tsinghua University is a research university located in northwest Beijing. Presently, it has 59 departments with faculties in humanities, engineering, medicine, science, history, law, management, art, education, philosophy, and economics. According to the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings, Tsinghua University is the best Computer Science Universities in China.

The undergraduate program focuses on two aspects, knowledge in computer science and technology, and the solid foundation for general education. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in several programming competitions.

Peking University

  • Computer Science Program links:
    • Bachelor’s Program
    • Master’s Program
    • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Language of Instruction: English

Peking University was established in 1898 during the Qing dynasty. It was previously known as the Imperial University of Peking. Peking University is among the top universities in China for computer science. This institution has been a pioneer in various fields and has been affiliated with several prominent Chinese individuals.

With 12 research facilities and about 390 faculty staff, the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science is the university’s biggest department. The master’s degree program is a 3-year program while the doctorate normally takes 3 to 5 years of study. Some of the major courses available include computer software and technology, computer architecture, intelligence science and technology, and computer application technology.

 Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Computer Science Program links:
    • Bachelor’s Program
    • Master’s Program
    • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Language of Instruction: English

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a research university situated in Shanghai. Founded in 1896, it is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. At present, this prestigious university has 9 major disciplines, 13 affiliated hospitals, 31 research institutions, and 67 undergraduate programs. It is ranked highly in university rankings and places 34th for Computer Science.

There are five core research areas in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. Students will gain a wider knowledge of various fields including cryptography and information security and computer applications, computer science theory, intelligence, and human-computer interaction, and parallel and distributed computing.

ZJUT Ping Feng Campus

Fudan University

  • Computer Science Program links:
    • Bachelor’s Program
    • Master’s Program
    • Doctor of Philosophy

Established in 1905, Fudan University is a public university and the first educational institution established by a Chinese. Fudan University is considered to be one of the top universities in China for computer science. At present, Fudan University consists of 17 affiliated hospitals, 3,110 teaching faculty and researchers, 3,672 international students, 13,623 undergraduate students, and 22,610 graduate students. It has also more than 130 university-level exchange programs with international universities. Fudan University has 4 campuses spread across Shanghai. The institution has produced several prominent Chinese figures.

Some of the education programs included in the course programs are data science, computer architecture, computer application technology, and computer software and theory.

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

  • Computer Science Program links:
    • Bachelor’s Program
    • Master’s Program
    • Doctor of Philosophy

Next on our list of best universities in China for computer science is the University of Science and Technology of China. This institution was established in 1985 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The university is one of the elite educational institutions in China and has been listed highly by numerous university rankings. USTC is the only university in the country that operates two national laboratories. It is a global leader in the fields of nanotechnology, speech processing, high-temperature superconductivity, life sciences, and quantum manipulation.

The undergraduate program is a 4-year course. For the first two years, the program focuses on the fundamentals and basic theories of Computer Science. For the remaining two years, students can choose from several courses including computer architecture, high-performance computing, network and security computing, and intelligent science and technology. Special programs for exceptional students are also available.

software engineer in china

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)

Zhejiang University of Technology is a comprehensive key university of Zhejiang Province, co-established by the Zhejiang Provincial government and the Ministry of Education. It offers programs in a variety of subjects including engineering, science, liberal arts, law, economics, pharmaceuitics,management, education, and more.

The Software Engineering program has a total enrollment of 24000 to 26000 in China with a male to female proportion of 68% to 32%. There are specifically designed core courses to help international students to study Software Engineering in China, such as probability theory, algebra, database, C language and data structures, software engineering, network technology and so on.
The Software Engineering program is designed to develop the competence of students in mathematics and computer application. After the completion of the Software Engineering program, graduates either proceed with their further studies or receive employment opportunities relating to Computing such as undertaing research, design and development of computer software or statistical analysis in the industries of economy, finance and insurance and etc..

Master Degree

Master’s degree is an academic degree granted to individual who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery or high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. This degree is located between the bachelor’s degree and doctor’s degree. Generally, students who want to get this degree in China will take different times according to the disciplines he applied,the normal period of get Master degree is two to five years.

PHD Degree

PHD degree is the highest academic level who showed the people who bears this title has reached the highest professional knowledge level. Generally, it’s hard to get this degree, students need pay more times and energies to do some reach in order to finish it . Normally, getting this degree will take about over three years in China.

Associate Degree

Associate Degree is different with the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PHD degree.Generally, Associate Degree is mainly composed by School of Higher Professional Technology and higher technical college, many times students who want to get this degree will take three years in China.

Bachelor’s in Software Engineering

The Bachelor’s in Software Engineering at Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) is a four year undergraduate degree program in English for international students.

Zhejiang University of Technology is a comprehensive key university of Zhejiang Province, co-established by the Zhejiang Provincial government and the Ministry of Education. It offers programs in a variety of subjects including engineering, science, liberal arts, law, economics, pharmaceuitics,management, education, and more. 

College of Computer Science & Technology, also named as College of Software, is one of the largest-scale, most active, and rapidly developing schools at Zhejiang University of Technology. The college has over 160 full-time staff, including one academician of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering) who is co-affiliated with another institution, one National Distinguished Teacher with special allowances funded by the Sate Council, one National Outstanding Youth Scientist, one entrant of national “1000 Plan”, one entrant of national “10000 Plan”, tens of persons  of being selected in the national and provincial high level talent schemes, 29 professors and 63 associate professors. The college has more than 2,600 students, including 300 of them are full-time research students.

Start Date of the Program


Entry Requirements

Academic Requirement:

  • High School Graduate

Language Requirements for international students Admission for English program:

  • English is the mother tongue or Official language; or
  • IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 60; or
  • Have studied courses taught in English in high school or college; or
  • English level admitted by ZJUT.

Application Deadline



Chinese Language, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure, C++ Programming, Java Programming, Principles of Computer Organization, Principles of Operating System, Principles of Computer Networks, Principles and Applications of Database, Web Application Development, Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Project Management.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are RMB 16,200 per year. The total for the 4 year program is 64,800 RMB.


Zhejiang University of Technology has two campuses: Pingfeng Campus and Zhaohui Campus. The accommodation fee in ZJUT ranges from 2300RMB to 12000RMB per year. 

ZJUT Zhi Jiang Campus

tsinghua university

Students looking for great engineering and computer science programs need look no further than Tsinghua University in Beijing, which since 2015 has been ranked as one of the best in the world for both disciplines. 

Tsinghua University was established in 1911 in the wake of the anti-colonialist Boxer Rebellion, which saw the US fine China $30m as punishment. In 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt negotiated with Congress a reduction in the sum, with the leftover money earmarked for university scholarships for Chinese students to study in the US. Tsinghua University was established as a preparatory school for the students’ trips abroad. 

Today, Tsinghua’s motto of “self-discipline and excellence” has taken it far. Most university rankings place Tsinghua among the best universities in China, and famous alumni include President Xi Jinping himself, who graduated with a degree in chemical engineering in 1979. Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, and Bill Clinton are among the distinguished guests who have spoken at Tsinghua. 

The university is academically organized into 20 schools and 57 departments covering a broad range of subjects, including science, engineering, arts and literature, social sciences, medicine. Xinya College was established in 2014 as the school’s residential liberal arts college as part of a series of reforms to undergraduate education. Unlike other Tsinghua students who must choose a specific major upon enrollment, Xinya students can declare their majors at the end of their freshman year.

The campus of Tsinghua University is located in northwest Beijing, in the Haidian district, on the former site of the Qing Dynasty royal gardens. As such it retains Chinese-style landscaping as well as traditional buildings, although many of its buildings are also western in style, reflecting its American heritage. Like its archrival Peking, Tsinghua is known for having one of the most beautiful university campuses. 

On campus, students keep themselves occupied with more than just academic study (although the heavy workloads mean studying is always a priority). There are more than 110 student clubs and associations covering interests such as science and technology, health and fitness, humanities, arts and public welfare. 

Overseas students are particularly encouraged to join in the fun, with a host of extracurricular such as welcome parties, New Year’s parties, graduation parties, and visits to cultural and historical landmarks. 

Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in China and the world. The university is renowned for top-quality education, successful alumni, modern facilities and beautiful campus.

Tsinghua University is ranked:

  • CUAA – #2 in China
  • #28 worldwide in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021
  • #17 worldwide in the QS World Universities Rankings 2022
  • THE World Rankings – #20 worldwide

Tsinghua University is a member of the C9 League (China’s Ivy League). Other universities belong to other projects such as Project 211 and Project 985. Read more about these initiatives here or learn more about university rankings here.

Rankings are helpful when choosing a Chinese University. However, it shouldn’t be the sole factor for your decision. Make sure to read about student experiences and choose a university that’s best for you.

Tsinghua University Location

Tsinghua University is located in the North West of Beijing in the University District (Haidian District). The campus is in between Peking University and Wudaokou which is the centre of the University District. 


Located in the north of Tsinghua University, Zijing Apartments (紫荆公寓) is the most modernised student dormitory in China and the largest, able to accommodate 22,400 students.

Zijing comprises 26 blocks, with 23 buildings ranging from 7 to 15 stories. The total construction area amounts to 350,000 m2 (3,800,000 sq ft). The cost for the apartments are below.  New students should apply at the reception desk of Zijin Building 19.

Scholarships for International Students

There are a number of scholarships at Tsinghua University. You can apply for the CSC scholarship. Some programs also offer their own scholarships such as the MBA program

China Admissions online platform is free for international students. We do also have our Guaranteed Application Service if you would like more help throughout the process.

Acceptance Rates

Tsinghua University is one of the most competitive universities in the world and it is the dream school and number 1 choice for every Chinese student. Due to the sheer number of students applying to Tsinghua for bachelor’s program, it has less than 2% acceptance rate.

However, international students applying to Tsinghua University have over 95% acceptance rate on China Admissions as long as they meet the entry requirements of the program they are applying for.