Tougaloo College Scholarships

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Academic Scholarships

  • Only accepted students will be sent the online scholarship application. All recommendations must be sent to [email protected].  Please email  us at [email protected] for all academic scholarship questions and concerns.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships are offered by the Athletic Department in men’s basketball, women’s basketball, cross country, tennis and golf. Award amounts vary. Contact the Athletic Department at (601) 977-7809.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships are offered by the Music Department. Award amount varies. Contact the Music Department at (601) 977-7885.

Critical Needs Teacher Loan/Scholarship (CNTP)

The Critical Needs Teacher Loan/Scholarship (CNTP) is available to the student who:

  • Is a Junior or Senior student at a Mississippi college or university. A limited number of awards may be available to freshmen and sophomores should funds be available.
  • Agrees to employment immediately upon degree completion as a full-time classroom teacher in a public school located in a critical teacher’s shortage area of the state.
  • Can verify the intention to pursue a first bachelor’s degree in teacher education.
  • Can document that Praxis I has been passed or that applicant is exempt from this requirement.
  • Participates in entrance counseling.
  • Enrolls full-time and part-time (minimum of six hours).

Interested non-Mississippi residents may apply, but must have been fully admitted as a regular student to a college or university in Mississippi. All continuing participants must: achieve a 2.5 grade point average; meet the satisfactory academic progress standards of the institution through the normal time required to complete the teacher education curriculum. For most purposes, the normal time required will also be determined by when the student began the teacher education curriculum, but can never exceed eight (8) semesters; document that Praxis II has been passed after no more than three semesters during the CNTP participation; renew the application each year; and attend an entrance counseling session. The loan to service obligation can be discharged on the one year’s service for one year of loan received. Teaching service is defined as being employed as a full-time classroom teacher in a Mississippi public school located in the critical teacher’s shortage area. Applicants for CNT should not apply for William Winter Scholarship. Award amount and length of eligibility include tuition and required fees plus average room and meals plus a $500 allowance for books. Funds are not provided for our state tuition costs. Participants attending a private institution will receive an award amount equal to the award of a student attending the nearest comparable public institution.

Eligible participants may continue to receive funds for the normal time required to complete the teacher education curriculum. For purposes of CNTP, the normal time required to complete the teacher education curriculum will be determined by when the student began the teacher education curriculum, but cannot exceed two semesters for each classification (two semesters as a freshman, two semesters as a sophomore, etc.). Maximum eligibility for the freshman participant who remains eligible is for four (4) semesters. Maximum eligibility for the senior participant is one (1) year (2 semesters).

Application deadline is March 31.

Tougaloo College Cost Breakdown

$23,101per year

The total cost of attendance includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, and living expenses, as reported for the 2019-2020 school year.

Tuition and fees (in-state)


Tuition and fees (out-of-state)


Room and board


Books and supplies




Tougaloo College Financial Aid

Net Price$12,590per year

The average student pays this amount per year.Receiving Aid100.0%per year

Percentage of freshman students who receive some form of financial aid.Need Met80.0%

This school’s financial aid meets 80 % of student’s demonstrated need.

Tougaloo College Average Cost

Very few students pay the full price. Here’s the average cost for students in different income brackets:$0-$30k$30k-$48k$48k-$75k$75k-$110k$110k+Income Range$6k$11k$17k$22k

Tougaloo College Financial Health

Post-COVID Resiliency

Financial HealthLow

Experience with Online InstructionLow

Reliance on International StudentsLow

Other Sources

Financial Responsibility Score (US Department of Education) Source


Financial Health grade (Forbes) Source



Endowment (2019)


Endowment per enrolled student (FTE)

N/ARead about our financial health methodology here.

Tougaloo College Online Education

Share of Students Studying Online (Graduate and Undergraduate)Only in distance educationSome distance educationNo distance educationPercentage25%50%75%100%


Mobility Rate0.0%

Likelihood that a student moved up two or more income quintiles.

Source: Opportunity InsightsPell Grants78.0%

Percent of first-time students receiving Pell Grants.

This is higher than the national average 31.0%Race & Ethnicity: Students96%< 1%3%< 1%< 1%< 1%< 1%< 1%< 1%

  • Black – 96%
  • Native American – < 1%
  • Non-resident alien – 3%
  • Multi-racial – < 1%
  • Hispanic – < 1%
  • Unknown – < 1%
  • Asian – < 1%
  • Hawaiian – < 1%
  • White – < 1%

Race & Ethnicity: Faculty< 1%69%< 1%< 1%23%< 1%8%< 1%< 1%

  • Unknown – < 1%
  • Black – 69%
  • Multi-racial – < 1%
  • Native American – < 1%
  • White – 23%
  • Hawaiian – < 1%
  • Asian – 8%
  • Non-resident alien – < 1%
  • Hispanic – < 1%

Racial Representation

Relative to the market of potential students




Native American







Source: Urban Institute

Tougaloo College Student Loans

Average Loan Amount$34,874

The average student takes out this amount in student loans.Repayment After 5 Years59.3%

The percentage of students that repay their loans within 5 years.Repayment After 7 Years56.1%

The percentage of students that repay their loans within 7 years.Loan Default Rate20.8%

The percentage of families that default on their loans after 3 years.

Tougaloo College After College Salaries

After graduation, here’s how the average salary of a Tougaloo College graduate grows over time:02614Years after Graduation$20k$40k$60k$80k$25k$25k$32k$69k

Tougaloo College Admissions

Acceptance rate70.7%

SAT range:

740 – 990

ACT range:

15 – 22

Application fee:


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