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Umkc Pharmacy School Requirements

Last Updated on October 22, 2021 by Omotomiwa Lydia

Below are the courses approved to transfer from University of Missouri towards pre-pharmacy

requirements. Admission to the Pharm.D. program is competitive, with college grades, Pharmacy College

Admission Test (PCAT) scores, pharmacy experience, communication skills, and a formal interview being

key determinants. A degree is not required for admission.

Note: Courses listed below meet the UMKC pre-pharmacy course requirements for the Pharm.D. program. These courses

do not necessarily reflect what other programs at UMKC consider towards a Bachelor’s degree.


English Composition I ENGL 1000 (MOTR ENGL 200)

English Composition II ENGL 2010 or any WI Course

Communication Studies COMM 1200 (MOTR Comm 100)

U.S. History or American Government HIST 1100 or HIST 1200 or POLSC 1100

(MOTR HIST 101 or 102 or MOTR POSC 101)

Calculus w/Analytical Geometry MATH 1500 or 1400 & 2100

Statistics (Required for Fall 2022 Entry & Beyond) STAT 1200

General Physics w/ lab PHYSCS 1210 (MOTR PHYS 150L)

General Chemistry I w/ lab CHEM 1320 (MOTR CHEM 150L)

General Chemistry II w/lab CHEM 1330

General Biology I or Botany BIO SC 1500

General Biology II or Zoology BIO SC 1500

BIO SC 1500 fulfills Gen Biology I & II

The courses below must be taken within five years prior to the fall start of the Pharm.D. program:

Organic Chemistry I CHEM 2100

Organic Chemistry II w/2.0 hrs lab CHEM 2110/2130

Cell Biology BIO SC 2300

Microbiology w/lab MICROB 3200

Medical Terminology CDS 2190 or BIOMED 2110

Human Anatomy w/lab PTH AS 2201/2203

Optional – Successful completion of Biochemistry I & II may transfer into the Pharm.D. Curriculum

Pharmacy Biochemistry BIOCHM 4270 & 4272

– Please review your school’s test credit policy regarding AP, IB, CLEP, etc.

– Transfer sheets for other local schools:

Required Pre-Pharmacy Courses

Course Transfer Sheet

University of Missouri

Additional Notes for UMKC Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Courses

Please contact staff from the Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs (POSA) with any questions you have.

-Online courses may count, and the POSA staff know of several online options for courses. Grades of P, Cr &/or S (Pass,

Credit &/or Satisfactory) from the Spring & Summer 2020 semesters will suffice.

Umkc Pharmacy School Tuition

Tuition at UMKC is lower than many schools in the region, and out-of state students can apply for residency and nonresidency awards to make it more affordable. Even so, figuring out how to finance your degree can be confusing and overwhelming. Students admitted without a degree will be undergrad in year one of pharmacy school, but will receive professional-level financial aid in years two through four. 

The UMKC School of Pharmacy connects you with resources to estimate your costs and create a plan to pay for your education.

The first step is estimating your costs.

Pharmacy Student Budget Planning Guide (PDF)

Pre-pharmacy students

The cost of obtaining your prerequisites depends on which institution you attend, how many years you take to complete your coursework and whether you receive scholarships and grants. Pre-pharmacy students pay undergraduate tuition while completing their pre-pharmacy course requirements.

The average UMKC pharmacy student completes three years of undergraduate education before they enter the Pharm.D. program. However, some students complete their prerequisites in two years.

Pharm.D. students

First-year Pharm.D. students who have not completed a bachelor’s degree before beginning coursework are considered undergraduate. Other Pharm.D. students are considered graduate and can receive graduate- and professional-level financial aid. The Pharm.D. degree requires four years of coursework.

Ph.D. pharmacy students

The School of Pharmacy collaborates with the School of Graduate Studies to offer two interdisciplinary programs — Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Pharmacology and Toxicology. Students in these programs are considered graduate level

All students enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City are required to pay tuition and fees based on the number of credit hours enrolled with the exception of programs that charge a flat rate.

  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Summer Tuition and Fees

Fee estimator

The fee estimator is in development. Please refer to the Fee Rates to estimate your costs.

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Tuition Rates

To find your tuition rate, select what type of student you are or which school you will be attending. Tuition rates are calculated by credit hour or semester and do not include ancillary fees or any additional course fees.


Heartland$479.00 ($319.30 education fee + $159.70 Heartland fee)
Nonresident$877.70 ($319.30 education fee + $558.40 non resident fee)


*The tuition charge for Missouri residents enrolled in undergraduate programs is $319.30 per credit hour but is reduced by a limited Missouri resident undergraduate tuition waiver of $5.40 to $313.90 per credit hour.  This waiver is the result of university action and may not continue in the future. 

Tuition discounts

Did you know UMKC offers special tuition discounts for students from Kansas and other heartland states? Explore our Kansas Rate and Heartland Rate options to see if you qualify.