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Forensic Psychology Degree Online

Top Forensic Psychology Masters Degrees & Graduate Programs 2021+

Forensic psychology degree programs prepare graduates for lucrative careers studying criminals and criminal behavior. Many aspiring forensic psychologists, clinical counselors, law enforcement officers, and criminal justice professionals earn forensic degrees. Sometimes offered as a concentration of a psychology or criminal justice degree, the study of forensic psychology encompasses the intersection of psychology, the criminal justice system, and the law. Forensic psychology degree holders may provide expert testimony in court, as they commonly investigate, research, and assess offenders in a variety of civil, family, and criminal cases. While forensic psychologists working in clinical practice must hold a license in their state, which requires a doctoral degree, many forensic psychology schools offer bachelor’s programs to prepare students for careers as law enforcement officers, probation officers, or jury consultants. A student may also go on from their bachelor’s degree to study forensic psychology in a graduate program. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11% job growth for psychologists in specialties including forensics by 2026.

Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology

Are you interested in how the human mind functions and develops? If you are, you may want to consider earning a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology. This degree programme will help you understand the emotional, neurological, and social processes that contribute to criminal behaviour. A considerable portion of the degree involves providing treatment and diagnosing various mental illnesses. The other portion involves learning how to apply your knowledge in a court or legal setting. At the end of the programme, you should know how to address the behavioural issues of criminals and victims.

What is a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology?

This degree is similar to other psychology degrees, but there is much more emphasis placed on the legal system. Since you will be providing counselling to criminals, and testifying at court proceedings, you will need to acquire certain skills. Throughout a forensic psychology programme, you may be required to do the following:

  • Take courses in criminal psychology, clinical psychology, criminology, neuroscience, and abnormal psychology.
  • Learn about the legal system, and how it relates to the mental health field.
  • Attend lectures and participate in class discussions.
  • Write a thesis or dissertation prior to graduation.

Some programmes will give you the chance to intern or shadow a practising forensic psychologist. This can provide you with valuable information about the field.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology?

There are a plethora of benefits associated with this particular degree. Mental health is a rapidly expanding field, so your knowledge will definitely be useful to many people. Other potential benefits of earning a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology include:

  • Many forensic psychologists actively assist law enforcement and help protect communities from criminals. This can contribute to a high degree of personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Earning a bachelor’s can help you increase your salary or obtain a higher-ranking position.
  • If you want to pursue a master’s degree, you will need to earn a bachelor’s first.

These are just a few of the most frequently reported benefits. Your personality and career choice will greatly influence the number of benefits you encounter as well.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology?

What Forensic Psychology Degrees Offer | All Psychology Schools

As you probably inferred by now, the majority of students with this degree choose to become forensic psychologists. These individuals strive to understand the emotional, psychological, and social factors that motivate criminals and contribute to crime. They often conduct studies on human behaviour, and many collaborate frequently with forensic psychiatrists, criminal profilers, and neuroscientists. During criminal cases, forensic psychologists may offer commentary if the perpetrator’s mental health comes into question. Forensic experts are employed by private companies and public agencies.

If you prefer to take the clinical route, you may want to work as a counsellor. These therapists use their skills and knowledge to provide mental health care to incarcerated individuals and victims of violent crime. A strong background in abnormal psychology will be needed, and you will frequently work with patients suffering from the following conditions:

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anger and Substance Abuse Issues

If none of these careers sounds appealing, your degree may allow you to work as a:

  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Developmental Psychologist
  • Child Psychologist

When you are ready, find a forensic psychology programme and start the application process today! SORT BYSAVE LISTSHARE LIST

14 Matching Schools

 LEVELBachelor’s Degree DISCIPLINEScience PROGRAMForensic Psychology LOCATIONAll RANKINGSchoolApply Ranking #4,000 – #1 TUITION FEEUSD 0  USD 150,000 PARTNER SCHOOLS Only

University of West London

University of West London

St Mary’s Rd, London W5 5RF, UK

  • SchoolApply Rank137
  • Average TuitionUSD 13,626
  • Acceptance RateN/A

University of West London with campuses in Ealing and Brentford in London, UK offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies through its eight schools: the London School of Film, Media & Design; Claude Littner Business School; School of Computing and Engineering; London College of Hospitality and Tourism; Ealing Law School; London College of Music; College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare; School of Psychology, Social Care and Human Sciences….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University

Newton St Loe, Bath, Somerset BA2 9BN, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank146
  • Average TuitionUSD 17,308
  • Acceptance Rate89%

Bath Spa University’s (Bath Spa) main campus is located in Newton Park and Sion Hill, Bath, United Kingdom. Bath Spa also has a campus located in the market town of Corsham. Bath Spa offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs across its 4 academic schools, namely: Bath Business School; Bath School of Art and Design; College of Liberal Arts; and the Institute for Education….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Buckinghamshire New University

Buckinghamshire New University

High Wycombe Campus, Queen Alexandra Rd, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP11 2JZ, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank177
  • Average TuitionUSD 14,208
  • Acceptance RateN/A

Buckinghamshire New University (Bucks) has campuses located in the towns of High Wycombe, Uxbridge, Aylesbury Vale, and Missenden Abbey, United Kingdom. Bucks offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs through its 4 academic schools, namely: School of Arts and Creative Industries; School of Management and Professional Studies; School of Health and Social Sciences; and the School of Pre-Qualifying Nursing and Vocational Health Care….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Pace University

Pace University

1 Pace Plaza, New York, NY 10038, USA

  • SchoolApply Rank244
  • Average TuitionUSD 44,714
  • Acceptance Rate80%

Pace University (Pace) is a private institution located in New York, USA. Pace has two campuses across USA, with the main campus in New York city and another campus in Westchester. Pace offers bachelor’s degree programs through its five academic colleges namely, College of Health Professions; Dyson College of Arts and Sciences; Lubin School of Business; School of Education; and Seidenberg School of CSIS. …VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University

Cambridge Campus, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PT, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank282
  • Average TuitionUSD 16,921
  • Acceptance RateN/A

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is an innovative university with 4 campuses located in London, Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough, United Kingdom. ARU offers over a 100 bachelor’s degree programs across it’s 5 faculties, namely: Arts, Law and Social Sciences; Health, Social Care and Education; Science and Technology; Medical Science; and the Lord Ashcroft International Business School….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth

Winston Churchill Ave, Portsmouth PO1 2UP, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank485
  • Average TuitionUSD 19,063
  • Acceptance Rate37%

The University of Portsmouth (UOP) is located in the city of Portsmouth in Hampshire, United Kingdom. UOP offers over 100 bachelor’s degree programs through its 5 academic faculties, namely: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; Faculty of Business and Law; Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries; Faculty of Science; and the Faculty of Technology….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

University of East London

University of East London

University Way, London E16 2RD, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank580
  • Average TuitionUSD 15,345
  • Acceptance Rate71%

The University of East London (UEL) is a public university located in Newham, London, United Kingdom. The university has dedicated faculty through which it delivers bachelors degree programs to local and international students….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6BH, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank600
  • Average TuitionUSD 18,471
  • Acceptance Rate86%

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), is a public university located in Manchester, UK. MMU offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree courses including Accounting and Finance, Architecture, Biology and Business and Management….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University

70 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 5UA, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank601
  • Average TuitionUSD 20,150
  • Acceptance RateN/A

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is a public research-driven university located in Liverpool, England. LJMU offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs through its five academic faculties namely: Arts, Professional and Social Studies; Health; Engineering and Technology; Business and Law; and Science….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

University of Central Lancashire

University of Central Lancashire

Fylde Rd, Preston, Lancashire PR1 2HE, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank604
  • Average TuitionUSD 0
  • Acceptance Rate65%

In 2012, UCLAN announced a partnership with the UK’s biggest arms company, (BAE Systems), and four other north-western universities (Liverpool, Salford, Lancaster and Manchester) in order to work on the Gamma Programme which aims to develop “autonomous systems”….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology

150 W University Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA

  • SchoolApply Rank630
  • Average TuitionUSD 40,490
  • Acceptance Rate63%

Florida Institute of Technology, established in 1958, is a private, not-for-profit technological University with a campus in the coastal city of Melbourne in Florida, USA. The University offers several bachelor’s degree programs from its four Colleges of Aeronautics, Business, Engineering & Science and Psychology & Liberal Arts….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

University of Derby

University of Derby

Kedleston Road, Derby DE22 1GB, United Kingdom

  • SchoolApply Rank650
  • Average TuitionUSD 16,146
  • Acceptance RateN/A

The University of Derby is a UK based university located in the heart of England. The University has dedicated faculties, through which it delivers bachelors degree programs to both local and international students….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Oklahoma Baptist University

Oklahoma Baptist University

500 W University St, Shawnee, OK 74804, United States

  • SchoolApply Rank716
  • Average TuitionUSD 25,138
  • Acceptance Rate65%

Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) is an American Private University founded in 1910 and located in Shawnee, Oklahoma. OBU offers bachelor’s degree courses in a wide range of disciplines….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

University of New Haven

University of New Haven

300 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516, USA

  • SchoolApply RankN/A
  • Average TuitionUSD 37,870
  • Acceptance Rate88%

The University of New Haven is an American Private University with the main campus located in West Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. Through its dedicated faculties, the school offers bachelor’s degree courses in a wide range of discipline….VIEW SCHOOLShow more

Forensic psychology degrees combine practical, technical training in criminology and forensics with traditional psychology education.

Psychology offers many specializations that are seeing strides in employment growth. One such concentration is forensic psychology, a subfield of psychology that combines criminology with the psychological analysis of human behavior.

For psychologists in general, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an employment growth rate of 14% — double the national average for all professions. A degree in forensic psychology can put you on track for this calling, especially if you are interested in working in law enforcement.

#1Arizona State UniversityTEMPE, AZ
#2Liberty UniversityLYNCHBURG, VA
#3Bushnell UniversityEUGENE, OR
#4Florida Institute of TechnologyMELBOURNE, FL
#5National Louis UniversityCHICAGO, IL
#6Southern New Hampshire UniversityMANCHESTER, NH
#7Eastern Kentucky UniversityRICHMOND, KY
#8Faulkner UniversityMONTGOMERY, AL
#9Union Institute and UniversityCINCINNATI, OH
#10New England CollegeHENNIKER, NH

Read on for our ranking of the best online bachelor’s in forensic psychology programs, plus statistics on forensic psychology salary rates and a primer on the ins and outs of picking colleges for forensic psychology that fit your unique needs.https://www.myfinance.com/r/154f963f-cad6-4512-af79-48bd6e92bf9a?utm_campaign=tbs-bapsych-email&utm_medium=embed&selector=%23main+%3E+div%3Anth-of-type%282%29+%3E+div%3Anth-of-type%288%29&placement=727c651dd0&mf_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fthebestschools.org%2Frankings%2Fbest-online-bachelors-forensic-psychology%2F

The 10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology Programs


1Arizona State University   TEMPE, AZApply NowASU offers more than 750 graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs. The university enrolls nearly 120,000 students across six campus locations statewide, including an online division. Psychology ranks among the six most popular undergraduate majors at A…See More
2Liberty University   LYNCHBURG, VASchool ProfileApply NowFounded in 1971, Liberty’s campus comprises 7,000 acres in Virginia and Washington, D.C. The university enrolls more than 100,000 students from all 50 states and more than 80 countries, both on campus and online, every year. Learners can choose from…See More
3Bushnell University   EUGENE, ORApply NowBushnell University — formerly known as Northwest Christian University — occupies a campus in Oregon’s picturesque Willamette Valley and offers a comprehensive online division. The Christian university enrolls more than 800 students in more than 40 graduate and undergraduate progra…See More
4Florida Institute of Technology   MELBOURNE, FLSchool ProfileApply Now
5National Louis University   CHICAGO, ILApply Now
6Southern New Hampshire University   MANCHESTER, NHSchool ProfileApply Now
7Eastern Kentucky University   RICHMOND, KYSchool ProfileApply Now
8Faulkner University   MONTGOMERY, ALApply Now
9Union Institute and University   CINCINNATI, OHApply Now
10New England College   HENNIKER, NHSchool ProfileApply Now

What Is an Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology Degree?

A bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology mixes criminal justice studies with psychology, preparing prospective licensed psychologist for further schooling in forensic psychology and criminal justice major for employment upon graduation. Some schools offer this niche degree as a concentration within their psychology or criminal justice programs.

Topics covered by a bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology include critical thinking, relevant case law and courtroom procedure, and psychological theory and practice. Graduates can use their understanding of criminal psychology and behavior to weigh in on court cases and identify suspects. They also learn the limits of what help they can offer.

Choosing an Online Program

When choosing a forensic psychology school or an online forensic psychology bachelor’s program, weigh things like cost, duration, and residency requirements, which can affect your overall learning experience. You can learn more about how to choose an online degree that fits your unique situation by following the link below.HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR MAJOR

What Else Can I Expect From a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology Program?

A bachelor’s in forensic psychology covers the basics of clinical psychology, including introductory coursework on human development and counseling methodology. They also investigate legal and ethical issues in forensic psychology and the psychology of criminal behavior.

Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology Curriculum

Psychology and Law

This course investigates how theory, research, and practice in psychology relate to the legal system and the law, especially as it relates to criminal, civil, and domestic dispute issues. Students explore case law surrounding topics like domestic abuse, civil violations, and corporate crime, and learn how psychologists can play a role in ensuring cases are conducted fairly.BioPsychologyCriminal Behavior

Forensic Psychology Professional Organizations

Students just entering the forensic psychology field and seasoned professionals alike can benefit from joining professional organizations, which offer networking opportunities, continuing education, and job search assistance. In a niche field like forensic psychology, access to a profesisonal community can help graduates find jobs in forensic psychology.

American Psychology-Law Society

AP-LS promotes integration of psychology into the practice and understanding of law and legal institutions through education and research. Student members must be enrolled in a social or behavioral science program to qualify. Members receive a newsletter and online access to the journal Law and Human Behavior.

American Board of Professional Psychology

ABPP provides specialty certification for doctoral-level licensed psychologists in 15 areas, including forensic, clinical, and police and public safety psychology. Events and conferences open to ABPP-certified professionals include continuing education workshops from the American Academy of Forensic Psychologists. ABPP also offers online resources for networking and referrals.

American Psychological Association

The APA works toward the advancement of psychological science, representing and advocating for over 121,000 members across specialties. Resources available to APA members include continuing education webinars, access to the organization’s annual conference, and an array of grants and scholarships tailored to psychology and behavioral science majors.

Forensic Psychology Careers

A bachelor’s in forensic psychology degree provides a strong foundation for a variety of jobs. For some, the degree is a stepping stone toward becoming a licensed psychologist with ABPP certification. Others earn the degree to augment a criminal justice career.

The following list compiles the most popular careers pursued by graduates with a bachelor’s in forensic psychology.COLLAPSE LIST


Most psychologists working in non-clinical settings are counseling psychologists, helping patients overcome mental, social, and emotional concerns. Specializations within this field include rehabilitation, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and couples and family psychology. All psychologists must earn a doctoral degree and state licensure in order to work as psychologists, and ABPP certification can help them practice in a specific field.

Psychology careers appeal to people who get satisfaction from helping others overcome physical, mental, and social problems or who findr the workings of human behavior and thought fascinating.

Median Annual Salary


Projected Growth Rate


Criminal Investigators


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