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Admission Requirements and Data on First-Year Students

Engineering Admission Requirements

To be eligible for direct admission into the College of Engineering as a first-year student, you must:

  • Meet the Regent Admission Index (RAI) score equivalent of 265 or higher;
    • For students entering in Fall 2021, you may be admitted to Engineering without a test score.
  • Present a cumulative high school GPA of 3.33 or higher;
  • Meet the high school course requirements.

It is highly recommended that applicants for admission to the College of Engineering have:

  • At least one year of high school physics;
  • At least one year of high school chemistry;
  • Grades of A or B in all math and science courses.

Students who are not admitted directly into the College of Engineering will be admitted to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences with a designation of “Engineering (Interest)” and may apply to the College of Engineering after completing prerequisite coursework.

We highly encourage prospective students to join us for one of our manycampus visit opportunities to see all that the College of Engineering has to offer.

Data on Fall 2020 Engineering students 

  • All engineering undergrads = 1990 students
    • 9% of the University student body
  • 28% women
    • national average is 21%
  • 15% under-represented minority students
  • 4% international students
  • 21% first-generation college students
  • Students come from 32 states and 24 countries

Fall 2020 first-year Engineering students

  • 431 first-year students
  • 28.4 average ACT composite 
  • 3.97 average High School GPA 
  • 305 average Regents Admission Index (RAI) 

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