University Of Manitoba Graduate Tuition Fees For International Students

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There are many things you need to know about university of manitoba mba fees for international students & university of manitoba graduate programs. Use this article to find out exactly what you need to know. You will also discover related posts on university of manitoba courses for international students & university of manitoba international students admission requirements on collegelearners.

The University of Manitoba (U of M) is an educational facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 1877 as the Manitoba College by a group of Presbyterians and Methodists. It received its current name in 1881. The university has over 30,000 students and offers programs in law, medicine, science and engineering.

The university has a tuition fee for international students of $20,600 per year for most programs. For some programs such as engineering or architecture the tuition fee is higher at $21,500 per year. The program duration ranges from 4 to 7 years depending on which program you choose.

University Of Manitoba Graduate Tuition Fees For International Students

The University of Manitoba, the largest post-secondary university in the province, has more than 100 undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs. It provides opportunities for dedicated co-op programs and transformative postdoctoral research in a wide-range of disciplines.

Most first-year students take University 1, a unique approach to entry-level studies that allows students to take courses required for their chosen program while providing exposure to several other disciplines.

This past year UM welcomed more than 2,500 First Nations, Métis and Inuit students; close to 300 were graduate students. The university is home to one of the largest Indigenous student populations in Canada. International students make up 20.5% of the student population.


UM’s Fort Garry campus sits alongside the storied Red River in south Winnipeg. The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences – which includes the colleges of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and rehabilitation sciences – is located downtown, adjacent to the Health Sciences Centre, Manitoba’s largest tertiary care complex. UM also has satellite campuses throughout the province.


The university has 50 research facilities that foster collaboration and scholarship in areas that include: Arctic climate change; advanced materials characterization; proteomics; global public and population health; and immunity, inflammation and infectious disease. They also afford unique training opportunities for students and are valuable resources for the wider community.

Ranking 17th among Canada’s top 50 research universities for attracting research grants and contracts, UM currently holds an allocation of 52 Canada Research Chairs, a Senior Canada 150 Research Chair, a Canada Excellence Research Chair and a Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate.

Your total tuition and fees for each term are determined by many factors, including the program you are in, the courses you are taking and your status as a domestic or international student.

University of Manitoba Graduate Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for graduates begin at the first registration after admission to a specific study program and are NOT transferable between programs or degrees.

For this reason, all graduate students must pay full tuition before graduation, regardless of the courses transferred or the number of terms required to complete the program. For course-based programs, additional fees per course may be prorated if additional credit hours are required.

Hence, the Graduate Studies tuition rate for Canadian students is $376.00 per credit, while for International students is $793.75 per credit.

Furthermore, graduate students, including pre-master students, are also evaluated for other applicable fees, including student service fees, staff rates, and student organization fees. See Other mandatory fees and other fees for graduate students below.

Graduate students (including pre-teachers) who enroll in courses that are not part of their masters or doctorate. The program fees are assessed at the rate of the credit hour course of the teaching unit for these courses.

International Students

An International Student is any student who does not hold Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant) status.

University of Manitoba international students fees It should be said that University of Manitoba fee is among the lowest in the country. The tuition fee depends on the type and number of courses that students register for. University of Manitoba tuition fees for international students per year: Undergraduate tuition fees: $13,517 – $15,696

International admissions | University of Manitoba

Graduate tuition fees: $10,240

Courses with a special price: Masters in Dentistry Clinical Programs: $22,198.00 per term

Master of Finance: $15,292.74 per term

Masters in Landscape Architecture: $5,120.01 per term

Master of Science in Genetic Counselling: $9,992.74 per term

Masters in Occupational Therapy: $11,157.22

International Students Tuition Fees

International Students

An International Student is any student who does not hold Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant) status.

Special Tuition Fee rates apply to all International Students (see: Undergraduate Fees, Graduate Fees).

Manitoba International Health Insurance Plan (MISHP)

All University of Manitoba International Students are enrolled in the Manitoba International Students Health Plan (MISHP). This plan provides primary health care benefits equivalent to Manitoba Health. Enrolment in MISHP is mandatory for international students. You may request to opt out if you are covered by Manitoba Health or if you are already covered by MISHP through another Manitoba institution. Opt outs are managed by the administrator: visit

The MISHP fee is assessed by term, visit the UM fees by category for the current rates

Permanent Residents and Refugees/Protected Persons

If you have obtained Canadian Citizenship, are a Permanent Resident or have Refugee/Protected Persons Status, you are eligible for domestic tuition rates.

To ensure you are assessed the correct fees, you must present suitable documentation to the Registrar’s Office and request a change of citizenship status. Documentation must be presented prior to the Revision Deadline for the term of study in order to affect your status and fee assessment in that term.

Minnesota Reciprocity

If you are a resident of Minnesota, you may be eligible for domestic tuition rates – find out more at Minnesota Reciprocity.

university of manitoba international students admission requirements

The University of Manitoba is a public university with a large international student population. It has over 30,000 students, and an acceptance rate of 68%.

The school offers undergraduate programs, as well as graduate programs in law and medicine. The admissions process is competitive: applicants need to meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 on their high school transcript, as well as submit SAT or ACT scores. In addition to these requirements, international students will also need to submit proof of funding.

The university has a wide range of degree programs available at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The list includes:

  • Bachelor’s degrees in arts & science
  • Bachelor’s degrees in business administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor’s degrees in biology
  • Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry
  • Bachelor’s degrees in computer science & engineering
  • Bachelor’s degrees in economics
  • Bachelor’s degrees in environmental studies/science (ENV)
  • Bachelor’s degrees in finance (FIN)
  • Bachelor’s degrees in kinesiology (KIN)


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