University Of Montana Business School Ranking

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Read this article for more information about university of montana business school ranking. Each university presents detailed ranking information. Of course, this data cannot be relied upon solely for assessing opportunities.

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About Montana State University Business Ranking

Think critically. Live ethically. Explore creatively. These are the ideals to which our students, faculty, researchers and staff aspire. As Montana’s flagship university, we set a high bar for academic studies, creative accomplishments and scientific exploration which benefit our students, our community and the world at large.

The University draws a diverse, global population to Missoula – our home and the state’s second-largest city – and helps cultivate an educated, engaged and vibrant community. Our students receive a world-class education in a broad range of subjects that include the trades, liberal arts, sciences, graduate and postdoctoral study and professional training.

Our main campus, nestled in the heart of western Montana’s stunning natural landscape, spans 56 acres at the base of Mount Sentinel and along the Clark Fork River, and includes the park-like Oval at the center of campus, more than 60 architecturally unique buildings and a 25,200-seat football stadium. UM’s 180-acre South Campus offers student housing, a golf course, soccer fields and an outdoor track facility. Missoula College occupies two sites, one just across the river from the main campus, and one on the southwest side of Missoula.

Ask anyone who’s ever been here. They’ll tell you. This place is special. People surf on the river that runs through downtown. There’s an indoor wooden carousel that operates year round. The city reminds dog owners not to let their pets chase wildlife. The native bull trout are treated like treasured heirlooms. Deer are just as common as squirrels (See: dog/wildlife). The summer farmers markets span downtown. Breweries abound. So do art galleries. And then there are the mountains. They stand majestic, often covered in snow or wildflowers, all around us.

As a student, you can be a part of this special place. Whether you’re are coming for your first visit, just arrived for first-year orientation, or are simply looking for things to do in between studies, we recommend you keep these links on your homepage:

UM College of Business Once Again Atop the Big Sky

Destination Missoula
Missoula Events

Welcome to the University of Montana! Academic excellence, world-class research and exciting learning opportunities await you in the midst of breath-taking Montana scenery. For 125 years, the University of Montana has been “a gem in the crown of the continent” – one of the wildest places in the world. Its character mirrors the character of those who come to UM to teach, learn, grow and thrive. We are passionate, resilient and an embodiment of western spirit.

Much awaits you here at our university: enriching learning environments, high-impact research, a vibrant campus community, exhilarating Montana Grizzly intercollegiate athletics and unparalleled natural beauty on a campus situated at the base of our own mountain: Mount Sentinel. A hike to the M will expand your view and add to your understanding of this unique intersection of people, place and community.

UM is an affiliation of four institutions: the flagship campus in Missoula, the University of Montana Western located in Dillon, Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte, and Helena College-University of Montana. There’s a place for you here – opportunities await!

University Of Montana Graduate School Acceptance Rate

The University of Montana transforms lives by providing a high-quality and accessible education and by generating world-class research and creative scholarship in an exceptional place. We integrate the liberal arts and sciences into undergraduate, graduate and professional studies to shape global citizens who are creative and agile learners committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge and to building and sustaining diverse communities.

The University of Montana capitalizes on its unique strengths to create knowledge, provide an active learning environment for students, and offer programs and services responsive to the needs of Montanans. The University delivers education and training on its four campuses and through telecommunications to sites inside and outside of Montana. With public expectations on the rise, the University asks its students, faculty and staff to do and accomplish even more than they have in the past. The University has a commitment to education defined in the broadest sense as personal development and citizen preparation, workforce development and training, graduate education and research, service learning and community building on and off the campuses. The University enhances its programs through continuous quality review for improvement and remains fully accountable to the citizenry through annual audits and performance evaluations.

The mission of the President’s Office staff is to support the president’s initiatives and to assist the University in fulfilling its overall mission. The staff strives to maintain open lines of communication by responding to the inquiries and concerns of students, employees and members of the public. Our goal is to create a friendly, approachable and positive environment for all.


At the University of Montana, we are and always have been advocates for a holistic approach to higher education. We believe that students like you are happier, healthier and much more academically productive when we consider the whole student in our approach to education and student service. That is one of the reasons we have placed both the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Success both under the Provost of the University — giving both sides of your education equal standing.

Our approach during the COVID-19 outbreak and our campus response has been the same. While we are working hard to support your efforts in your new remote learning environment, we also have many staff members working in our student success and service areas to ensure you have resources and contacts at the ready.

They are outlined for you below.

Counseling and Advocacy Support Services
Curry Health Center
Our priority is to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our first line of defense is to limit face-to-face interactions whenever necessary and prudent. In an effort to carry out our mission and to protect our patients/clients as well as our colleagues, CHC is modifying current operations in the following ways:

UM College of Business Ranks Best in Big Sky - College of Business College  of Business - University Of Montana

Medical offers in-person and telemedicine appointments.
Please call 406-243-4330 before you come in.
Counseling is available via telecounseling.
Dental offers comprehensive care as well and urgent care appointments.
Wellness is working remotely and is available for health coaching via telemedicine. Please email Kayli Julius at [email protected] to set up an appointment.
Student Insurance is working remotely. Please call with questions.
Pharmacy is here for all your prescription needs — simply call to arrange a time to pick-up your medications and staff will meet you at the main door of Curry. There is no need to even enter our facility.
Student Advocacy Resource Center
If you have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, bullying, intimidation or discrimination, SARC is here to help you. Our services are comprehensive, and we actively listen, believe in, assist and support our clients.

University Of Montana Qs Ranking

We value your health and well-being and want you to know that we will continue to offer services to you via phone, email and video chat (Zoom) options from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and after-hours support through our 24-hour support line.

Main office — 406-243-4429

24-hour support line — 406-243-6559

Academic Support
Office for Student Success
During this time, the Office for Student Success is doing all it can to maintain comprehensive availability to assist students, families, community members and University colleagues. Moreover, OSS is here to support all of your learning and academic support needs as we navigate remote and online education.

Please visit the OSS website for academic advising, tutoring, and writing/public speaking and TRIO services.

Disability Services for Students
Disability Services for Students ensures that programs of the University of Montana are as accessible, inclusive, and usable by students with disabilities as they are for any student. DSS supports students, faculty, and staff with students’ accommodation requests, implementation, and general information.

Please visit the DSS website for the list of accommodations and services that we provide.

ADA/504 Compliance: Accommodations and COVID-19
Students or student employees with documented disabilities will continue to receive accommodations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Existing accommodations as well as other services have been and will continue to be modified to fit the remote format of classes and work. Contact the following departments with questions or request accommodations:

For academic accommodations, contact Disability Services for Students at (406) 243-2243 or [email protected]
For work accommodations, contact Michele Wheeler in Human Resource Services at (406) 243-2842 or [email protected]
Career and Financial Support
Career Success
A global pandemic has certainly made it complicated to navigate the world of jobs and internships as a student. The Office of Experiential Learning and Career Success is here to help. We are still offering Career Coaching and Experiential Learning appointments remotely. Visit our website for a full list of services.

Career Steps for Seniors
College seniors generally approach graduation with celebratory anticipation while preparing to launch their careers. This year it is more daunting as normal graduation anxiety is mixed with confusion thanks to coronavirus, flattening the richness of on-campus learning and canceling traditional job fairs. But if history taught us anything it is that people who get hired during economic downturns did not stop preparing or job searching. So, seniors while you stay-at-home and social distance, visit our website for some steps to launch your career.
Temporary, Part-Time, Remote and Volunteer Work
If your employment situation has been affected the COVID-19, please visit our website for resources and opportunities concerning part-time, remote and work-from-home opportunities. We will keep this list updated as we find additional information.
Financial Education
We offer one-on-one financial counseling sessions as well as regularly scheduled workshops on a range of topics.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
File your FAFSA and understand your financial aid package
Financial aid process
Understand how federal aid works and examine your borrowing trends
Student loans
How to prevent over-borrowing and discuss what will happen to your loans after graduation
Balance long-term goals against short-term needs
Use credit wisely to build a strong credit score and pay off credit card debt
Ways to save, reach financial goals and prepare for financial emergencies
Learn more or sign up for our workshops via our website.

Specialized Support
VETS Office
The VETS Office remains committed to supporting veterans and their family members. Please continue to communicate your needs and concerns, our office is open and we are here to support you. The VETS Office is available using Zoom from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please visit the VETS Zoom Room to schedule an appointments.

For a full listing of services, please visit the VETS Office website.

American Indian Student Services
Through a family education approach, AISS supports Native American students and their families as they negotiate academic life and their transition to the University of Montana and the Missoula community. We know that the shift to remote education presents a number of challenges as well as opportunities, and AISS is ready to support students as they make this transition. You can reach Michelle Guzman, AISS director, via email at [email protected].


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