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University of Western Ontario Ranking

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While choosing a university, there are a number of factors to consider such as accommodation costs, school acceptance rates, school graduation rates, tuition fees, entry requirements, etc. If you are planning on attending university of western ontario, you should check its rankings.

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Ranking Of University of Western

In the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities rankings, the university ranked 201–300 in the world and 10–12 in Canada. The 2021 QS World University Rankings ranked the university 203rd in the world and eighth in Canada.

Western University: Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission 2021, Eligibility &  Scholarships

Western University, founded in 1878, is amongst the best universities in Canada. Spread over an area of 481.2 hectares, the university boasts of world-class infrastructure. The advanced learning system and the intensive research modules have established Western University as a global center for academic excellence and future leadership. The university offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The different faculties and schools of Western University include Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Information & Media Science, Don Wright Faculty of Music, Faculty of Education, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences and Ivey Business School.

Situated in Londonsouth-western Ontario, Western University comprises highly-qualified faculty members. The team of faculty members also includes experts from relevant industries. Further, eminent professors from different universities across the globe visit the campus for offering special lectures. The campus has hi-tech laboratories, art studios, libraries and computer centers supporting best-in-class learning. The university maintains academic collaborations with universities and institutes across the world for student exchange and study abroad programs. Also, it maintains a global family with its students, faculty members, staff, and alumni having different ethnicity and nationalities.

Western is a research-oriented university and has collaborated with various universities and research institutes for integrated research programs. Also, it maintains partnerships with government bodies and industries for various research and development projects. Western University allows research in areas including neuroscience, musculoskeletal health, materials and biomaterials, global health equity and social innovation, environmental sustainability and green energy, imaging, philosophy of science, child and youth development, wind engineering, and natural disaster mitigation, and planetary science and exploration.

Western University: Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission 2021, Eligibility &  Scholarships

Western University maintains a vibrant environment on its campus. Students get enough opportunities to revitalize themselves. There are sports courts, fitness and wellness centers, clubs, eateries, cafeterias, auditoriums and theatres on the campus. Sports meet, music, dance, and drama activities, art expos, and various other events are frequently organized in the campus. The university ensures cross-disciplinary involvement of students in different extra-curricular activities to nurture their talents and develop team spirit. Further, the university offers skill development programs for its students to inculcate adaptability and aptitude for evolving technologies. It also maintains career assistance cells to expedite placement of students.

#201-300Universities Rankings

– ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) 2020#203World University Ranking

– QS 2021#201-250University Ranking

– THE (Times Higher Education) 2021#287Global Universities

– US News & World Report 2021Course RankingsBusiness Courses#1Best Business School Canada

– Bloomberg 2019#87GMBA Ranking

– FT (Financial Times) 2020#69Global MBA

– QS 2021#101-150Accounting & Finance

– QS 2020#126-150PG Business and Economics

– THE (Times Higher Education) 2021Engineering Courses#210Engineering and Technology

– QS 2020#251-300PG Engineering and Technology

– THE (Times Higher Education) 2021Computers Courses#251-300PG Computers

– THE (Times Higher Education) 2021

Western University Overview

Western University is the founding member of the U15 – a group of Canada’s most distinguished research universities and ranks among the top 1% universities worldwide. As one of the top educational institutes in Canada, it has one of the highest national entrance averages of first year students at 90.6%. It has also one of the highest first to second year retention rates in Canada at 93.6%.

The University is home to over 40,000 students including 5,800 International students from 128 countries. International aspirants looking forward to making applications with Western must have a highly competitive GPA (70%). Getting admissions with Western also requires you to have LORs and answer some supplementary questions based on the choice of program.


Type of UniversityPublic
Faculty members1,325
Number of Undergraduate students2,893
Number of Master students1010
Number of PhD students665
Number of International students5800
Annual Acceptance rate58%
Employment Rate95.2%
Operating RevenueUSD 778.2 million

Western University Campus & Accommodation

Western University is one of the oldest and most beautiful Universities in Canada. It has a spacious campus with a stunning combination of Gothic and Modern styled buildings.

University of Western Ontario- Rankings, Admissions, Fees, Courses
  • The safety of students is utmost important at Western. The campus has police services, student emergency response team and fire safety which ensures safe and secured living of students.
  • The campus has a library with 5.7 million books in it, and a lot of bookstores within the campus.
  • The campus also hosts two art galleries and a museum of archeology.

Western University campus also has diverse opportunities for all round development of students like Art & Culture, Athletics, sports club, health & wellness, transportation and many more. It is a student-friendly campus, which is free to learn, work and play.

Western University Housing/Residence

Western University offers both on-campus and off-campus housing facilities to suit diverse lifestyles of students. The on-campus residence has an advantage of staying close to classes and other facilities provided by the University. There are three kinds of on-campus housing like Residence, Western Apartments and Western summer accommodations.

On-campus residence and meal plan expenses may vary from 13,210 CAD to 15,800 CAD. Students can also choose to stay off-campus and the University helps in rentals, leases, landlords as well as neighbourhood relations. Below are the different accommodation plans for students

Traditional-style halls7,740 CAD8,460 CAD
Hybrid-style halls9,220 CAD10,010 CAD
Suite-style halls10,400 CAD

Western University Programs

Western University offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. The University is affiliated with AUCC, IAU, CBIE and CARL. All programs at Western University are unique and students get to study under highly qualified faculty members .The University also provides English language support to students in need.

  • Westerns has 12 faculties including graduate and postdoctoral studies, as well as professional programs in Medicine, Business, Law and Engineering.
  • The University provides 88 different graduate programs and interdisciplinary programs.
  • Westerns offers 17 different undergraduate programs and three different degrees like honors bachelor, three-year bachelor and four year bachelor.
  • The University also offers some combined and concurrent degrees like Engineering and Business; Kinesiology and food & Nutrition; Media Information & Technoculture and Law.
  • There are also options like Co-op, student exchange and Distance learning programs.


The Spencer Engineering Building is used by Western’s Faculty of Engineering. The faculty is one of eleven faculties at the university.

Western is a publicly funded research university, and a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. The full-time undergraduate programs comprise the majority of the school’s enrolment, made up of 30,665 full-time, part-time undergraduate students and concurrent education students. The graduate student population is 5,297, including full-time students, part-time students and post-graduate medical residents. The university conferred 4,504 bachelor’s degrees, 207 doctoral degrees, 1,427 master’s degrees, and 1,180 second entry professional degrees in 2008–2009. Students may apply for financial aid such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program and Canada Student Loans and Grants through the federal and provincial governments. The financial aid may come in loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, fellowships, debt reduction, interest relief, and work programs.

The university is divided into 11 faculties and schools including the Don Wright Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Faculty of EducationFaculty of Engineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Information & Media StudiesFaculty of Law, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Science, Ivey School of Business, and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. In September 2016, most undergraduates at Western was enrolled in the Faculty of Social Sciences, with 7,114 full-time and part-time undergraduate students in enrolled in one of their programs. In the same year, the Faculty of Health Science held the highest enrolment among graduate students at Western, with 821 full-time and part-time graduate students enrolled in the faculty. The School Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is the university’s central administrative unit of graduate education. However, it is not considered its own faculty or academic school.

Study in Ivey Business School University of Western Ontario

Admission requirements at Western differ depending upon the education system where the applicant originates from, due to the lack of uniformity in marking schemes. In September 2012 secondary school average for full-time first-year students at Western was 89.3 percent. For admission in the fall of 2013, there were 45,000 applications for 4,900 spaces.

The university also offers students the opportunity to earn credits while studying abroad, through student exchange programs, and internship, faculty-led international excursions, and clinical placements.

Western University Application Process

Candidates who wish to apply for admission at Western University must meet the eligibility criteria as well as submit all supporting documents as specified by the University. It should also be noted that the application process at Western University varies for full time and part-time students.

Application Fee: 150 CAD

Documents required:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Copy of passport
  • Permanent Overseas address
  • Self-reported Academic resources
  • Test scores of GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT
  • Proof of adequate financial support
  • English proficiency Test Results
  • Additional requirement like Resume
  • Statement of Purpose

Students who wish to study part-time in Spring/Summer and a full-time basis in fall/winter must fill the OUAC application form. The application deadline for Fall/Winter distance studies and part-time on-campus courses is 1 July 2021.

Western University: Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission 2021, Eligibility &  Scholarships

English Proficiency Requirements

The minimum test scores for getting enrolled in Westerns is as follows:

English proficiency TestMinimum scores required
TOEFL83 (iBT) and 550 (pBT)
PTE(Pearson Test of English Academic)58
Michigan English language Assessment Battery (MELAB)80
Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAELA)60

Western University Cost of Attendance

The table below represents tuition fees and living costs in Canada for International Undergraduate students over an academic year. All estimations are in Canadian currency.

Tuition 2021-22: Most programs36,208
Tuition 2021-22 DAN Management (BMOS)46,704
Tuition 2021-22 Engineering49,971
Tuition 2021-22 Nursing46,465
Residence and Meals13,690 to 16,350
Off-Campus Rent4,800 to 10,400
Food without meal plan2,800 to 4,800
Books and supplies1,500 to 3000
Personal expenses800

Western University Scholarships

Western University provides a wide range of scholarships and other aids to the students. This may be to encourage students who have performed exceptionally in their academics. The scholarships and other financial aid help students to study tension free such Western Admission Scholarship program for incoming high school students who have achieved high in their academics.

Western Admission Scholarship90.0-91.9%2,500 each (1,500 in first year plus 1000 for optional study abroad experience)
Western scholarship for Distinction92-100%3,500 each (2,500 in the first year plus 1000 for optional)
Western scholarship for ExcellenceTop high school average250 scholarships 8000 each (6000 in first year plus 2000 for optional study abroad experience)

Apart from that, students can also consider the following –

  • National Scholarship program- It is meant to recognize all round excellence of students which is a combination of academics and extra co curricular activities. Under this scholarship the President’s Entrance scholarship is for International students with scholarships varying from 50,000 to 70,000 CAD.
  • Western University is in partnership with one of the prestigious scholarship programs, namely the Schulich Leader scholarship. This is for students who want to achieve more in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). A benefit of 100,000 CAD to students pursuing Engineering degree and 80,000 CAD to a student pursuing Science, Technology and Mathematics degree.
  • Bursaries- It is a non-repayable grant given on a financial basis. There are two types, one is admission Bursaries and In-course Bursaries.

Work While you Study

Western University allows students on Valid Canadian Student Visa to work while studying which strengthens their overall skills and reduces their debts. The part-time work will enable them to gain experience and knowledge for their future.

Students are free to choose to work in any field which accommodates their academics. Working while studying will help to build up a network of professional connections. It will enable overseas students to secure high paying jobs in Canada in Future.

Western University Alumni Network

The Alumni network aids the students to perform well in their profession and boost their connectivity. The Alumni provides career management for students to design their career. Some of the well known Alumni are

  • Mark Mullins- Executive Director, Fraser Institute
  • Bjarni Tryggvason- Astronaut
  • Sir Frederick Banting and Alice Munro- Nobel laureates
  • Melvyn Goodale- Neuroscientist

Western University Placements

One of the most unique features of Western University is providing suitable job opportunities to students who are innovative and comprise leadership qualities. Accordingly, the University has a graduate employment rate of 95.2%. The table below shows the average salary of graduates of Western University according to job function.

Job TypeAverage Salary
Executive Management105,000
Public Sector and Not for Profit103,000
Legal and Paralegal104,000
Finance Control and Strategy98,000
Financial Services110,000
IT & Software Development77,000

Salary of Western University graduates by Degree is given in the table below –

Masters in Finance141,000
Master of Arts82,000
Executive MBA95,000

Western University focuses not only on academic but also on social, cultural as well as physical experiences to create leaders of the future. Students will be able to meet and engage with some of the best and brightest minds of their year at Western and challenge themselves to meet the ever higher standards in the classroom and the world beyond.

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