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Welcome to Graduate Studies at The University of Winnipeg, a student-centred research institution. Under the leadership of Dr. Mavis Reimer, Dean of Graduate Studies, the Faculty of Graduate Studies takes its mission to be to support and promote graduate education and research, to foster excellence in graduate programs, and to attract top national and international graduate students.

There are many good reasons for students to choose The University of Winnipeg for their graduate studies. We offer diverse programs, award-winning professors, and unique research opportunities. We are highly ranked among small Canadian universities. We are distinguished by small class sizes, personal attention to students, accessible professors, and downtown location. We aim to help students excel and to ensure that they have a superior student experience.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers both graduate professional programs and graduate research programs in Arts, Science, and Environmental Studies. We continue to develop further graduate programs through intentional and strategic planning processes. 

Graduate Programs

Below is a complete list of all Graduate Studies Programs available at the University of Winnipeg. Each program has its own set of requirements and the application processes are specified on the each program’s fact sheet that are listed under the heading Masters Programs on the Factsheets webpage. For more information about the programs, please consult the links below or contact the program coordinator/program chair.

Please contact our Admissions and Student Tracking Officer, Dagmawit Habtemariam, at [email protected] (204-786-9309) for more information.

Professional Programs

Master’s in Development Practice: Indigenous Development – Apply Online

Master in Management:Technology, Innovation and Operations – Apply Online

Master of Marriage and Family Therapy – Apply Online

Master in Public Administration – Application Information
Offered jointly with the University of Manitoba

Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE) – Apply Online

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice – Apply Online

Master of Arts in Cultural Studies – Apply Online

Master of Arts in History – Application Information
Offered jointly with the University of Manitoba

Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance – Application
Applications for the Master of  Arts in Indigenous Governance program are not available at present.

Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies – Application
Offered jointly with the University of Manitoba

Master of Arts in Religion – Application
Offered jointly with the University of Manitoba

Master of Science

Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and Society – Apply Online

Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology, and Public Policy – Apply Online

Environmental Studies

Master of Arts in Environmental and Social Change – Apply Online

Master of Science in Environmental and Social Change – Apply Online

Master of Environment in Environmental and Social Change – Apply Online


Please note these programs are not accepting new students.

Master of Arts (Theology) M.A

Master of Arts Spiritual Disciplines & Ministry Practices M.A

Master of Sacred Theology S.T.M.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is pleased to offer current and recent graduate students the opportunity for further skills development with the following programs:
The Higher Education Teaching Certificate (HETC)

The HETC will prepare students for teaching responsibilities they may undertake during and/or post-degree. It is intended to be an introduction to the teaching culture of higher education. It will also be useful for undergraduate students enrolled in Honours programs, and others for whom communication and presentation skills are important.

The Postgraduate Professional Skills Certificate provides students with professional and career development skills to complement their academic training. As students enter an increasingly competitive workforce, distinguishing oneself is the key to career opportunities in a workplace where employers are seeking high potential employees who fit their strategic plan. This program provides training in areas such as Project Management, Oral and Written Communication, Networking, Organizational Behaviour and Budgeting.

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