USC Part Time MBA Acceptance Rate

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USC’s Marshall School of Business is a top choice for the future business leaders of the world. Our online MBA program is ranked among the best in the nation — a ranking that has been earned over many years of quality education and success in placement into prestigious Fortune 500 firms.

With a reputation earned for excellence, USC’s renowned Marshall School of Business is a top choice for the future business leaders of the world. Our online MBA program is ranked among the best in the nation — a ranking that has been earned over many years of quality education and success in placement into prestigious Fortune 500 firms. You can get all the information you need on USC Marshall and conveniently obtain it from Collegelearners. Right here on Collegelearners, we address any questions on USC Marshall part time MBA acceptance rate, is USC Marshall a good business school, is USC Marshall hard to get into so you don’t have to go into inaccessible hunting anymore. I recommend saving time and effort going through our catalogue for similar answers as soon as possible.

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USC Marshall Part-Time MBA Program Structure

The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, founded in 1911. Usc marshall part time mba ranks among the elite top 10% of business schools worldwide. The Part-Time MBA program at USC Marshall is a 12 month program that provides full-time executives with an opportunity to further their careers by studying part time. The usc marshall part time mba offers the fast-paced yet small-school atmosphere of USC Marshall, while still maintaining the resources of a large university. We have quite an expansive class.

Evening core classes for the USC Marshall part-time MBA Program, also known as the MBA for Professionals or Managers, are held between 6 p.m. and 9:40 p.m (MBA.PM) twice a week. The first year core courses can be taken at the Los Angeles University Park campus on Monday and Wednesday evenings or at the Orange County campus on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Students have the option of taking the first year core classes on Saturdays at our Los Angeles University Park campus. These classes will meet Saturdays from approximately 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Most part-time programs take two to three years to finish. However, programs can last up to five years. There are some colleges that offer part-time MBA programs that are accelerated, so students have the opportunity to graduate sooner than a traditional part-time usc mba application.

70% of alumni said the degree was financially rewarding and 89% said it was professionally rewarding. Compared to full-time MBAs, fewer students on part-time MBA programs will change their careers completely, because their career goals and reasons for choosing the program are different.

uSC part time mBA cost

The tuition cost for the USC Marshall full-time MBA students is currently $64,575 in the first year and $62,525 in the second year. The total estimated cost for full-time students, including fees, books, health insurance, and more, is $95,695 in the first year, and $90,919 in the second.

uSC mBA requirements

The average GMAT and GPA metrics for a school’s parttime program will be lower than the full-time program. Sometimes there are also less stringent interview requirements for parttime programs.

3.5 degree from another institution. To qualify for admission to the program: Current USC Marshall graduate business students must have a earned a minimum cumulative GPA in Certificate-related courses (microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate finance, accounting) of at least 3.5.

The program can be completed in 33 months. Marshall offers one intake per year, and classes begin during the fall semester.


The USC Marshall part-time MBA is a 63-credit program comprising a core curriculum of 30 credits and 30 elective credits, 1.5 credits of the PM.GLOBE class and 1.5 credits of the macroeconomics course. The core courses are Strategic Formulations for Competitive Advantage, Financial Accounting, Communications, Microeconomics, Statistics, Org Behavior, Info Systems, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Macroeconomics, Strategy, Managerial Acct, and Operations Management.

Following the 12-month core experience, all MBA.PM students take PM.GLOBE, a semester-long macroeconomics course enhanced by a 10-day overseas trip.

Marshall offers close to 100 elective courses for MBA students in any given year. Second-year electives are offered at various times throughout the day and evening. Students generally select a primary concentration in a functional discipline — such as marketing or finance — and a secondary concentration (an industry “vertical”) that is related to a specific job focus, such as healthcare or real estate.

Part-Time MBA Rankings

• U.S. News & World Report: 14 (tie)

USC Part Time MBA Class Profile

The typical USC Marshall part-time MBA class is 64 percent male and 36 percent female. Students in the class have an average GPA of 3.25 and an average GMAT score of 625 with an average of six years of work experience. The average age of matriculating students is. 29. A total of 208 students are currently enrolled in the the current class.

Class Profile | USC Marshall

USC Part Time MBA Tuition

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

The approximate overall cost of the USC Marshall part-time MBA program is $120,500. Roughly half the overall costs are incurred in the first year of the program. Costs cover tuition, textbooks, classroom materials, parking, university fees, and required lodging costs for the MBA.PM GLOBE residential. Additional costs for the MBA.PM GLOBE residential including some meal costs will be the responsibility of the student. Tuition per unit is $1,912. Tuition rates are also subject to rise 3-to-5 percent percent every year.

Marshall does not offer scholarships or fellowships for any students in our fully employed programs, including the USC Marshall Part-Time MBA (MBA.PM) program. However, many employers participate in tuition assistance programs and there are a number of additional loan options available for USC Marshall MBA.PM students.

Three types of loans are available to finance the MBA—Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans and private student loans. It is recommended that U.S. citizens or permanent residents apply for Federal Stafford Loans first, because they offer favorable interest rates and origination fees. International students are not eligible for this loan program.

USC Marshall MBA program is first with to enroll as many women as men

USC MBA Acceptance Rate

Parttime MBA for Professionals and Managers. However, students must complete second and third year courses at the L.A. campus. While the parttime acceptance rate (32%) is comparable to the full time MBA, the average USC GMAT score is a bit more attainable (614).

Part-time MBA for Professionals and Managers

Like the full-time MBA, the part time MBA is aimed towards younger professionals with 5 years of work experience. However, this 3-year program is intended for those looking to maintain a full-time job throughout their MBA pursuits. First year classes are available at either the main USC campus in Los Angeles, or the Orange County Center in Irvine. However, students must complete second and third year courses at the L.A. campus. While the part-time acceptance rate (32%) is comparable to the full-time MBA, the average USC GMAT score is a bit more attainable (614).

Designed to address the challenges faced by working professionals, MBA. PM is a part-time program lasting 33 months. Students receive an exceptional education, learn from USC Marshall’s leading faculty, access top-notch career services, and join a prestigious network.

The program integrates a robust Core curriculum with a broad range of specialized coursework that allows students to pursue their interests and respond to the changing needs of domestic and global business.

During the first year, students may select one of three schedules: Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:00pm – 9:00pm), Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm), or Saturday (9:00 am – 3:00 pm). This flexible program takes place on our historic University Park campus in the heart of Los Angeles.

USC Part Time MBA Acceptance Rate –

Is a part time MBA worth it

The part-time MBA program was created for professionals with at least three years’ work experience who wish to study at a competitive pace. The evening and weekend format is a great fit for our student’s busy schedules. We offer all of the advantages of a major academic research university, including award-winning faculty, highly ranked programs and a vibrant intellectual community – but without the long weekday hours in the office.

parttime MBA programs are definitely worth it for the right students! Parttime and executive MBA programs go beyond making a business school education accessible to those otherwise unable to afford the financial sacrifices, time commitments, and family lifestyle disruptions required by a full-time counterpart.


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