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About William Woods University Doctoral Program

The MBA is a time-honored milestone in the path to business leadership. But more and more, businesses are looking for skills that go beyond the traditional. They’re looking for leaders who are driven to pursue growth in a business climate that is diverse, dynamic and demanding. The new skills include the ability and willingness to take calculated risks and build smart, agile teams that deliver results. You can expect to develop these talents as you complete the William Woods University MBA program.

The MBA program at William Woods University is accredited by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) as well as the Higher Learning Commission. It’s designed to fit the schedules of working professionals and can be completed in two years or less through evening courses taught in convenient locations around the state. You can expect rigorous coursework with real-world relevance, designed and taught by professionals who have proven their expertise in the corporate world. The MBA degree’s strong theoretical background is balanced by an emphasis on practice that puts classroom theory to work.

To make this an investment you can count on, as long as you stay continuously enrolled, your tuition will not go up.

MBA infographic

Your MBA degree at work
The skills you develop — leadership, financial competency, organizational theory, information systems and more — will show your organization that you are ready to take your place among its leaders. Chief among these skills is entrepreneurship, which will help you find new ways to lead and create solutions in a world of constrained resources, environmental challenges and competitive global markets.

Average total cost of our MBA program
Average annual salary of our MBA graduates
Annual salary earned by 18 percent of our MBA graduates
Business and managerial skills are in high demand in today’s job market, with many students transitioning to MBA programs focused on broadening their career reach. Job opportunities for MBA graduates include:

Business partner
Financial manager
Health services manager
High-end management consultant
Marketing manager
Sales manager
Information technology director
You will earn your degree by completing twelve 3-credit courses, including a final capstone project that you will present to an outside panel of business experts.

Courses you may take
BUS 500 – Management and Leadership – 3.00
BUS 517 – Human Resources & Organizational Behavior – 3.00
BUS 524 – Economics For Managers – 3.00
BUS 538 – Accounting For Managers – 3.00
BUS 539 – Legal Environment of Business, Government and Society – 3.00
BUS 542 – Finance – 3.00
BUS 545 – Managerial Ethics – 3.00
BUS 552 – Business Strategies – 3.00
BUS 560 – Statistics and Research Methods – 3.00
BUS 566 – Financial Decisions – 3.00
BUS 580 – Management Systems – 3.00
BUS 585 – Integrated Studies in Business Administration – 3.00

Emphasis on Global Business and Small Business

You may also pursue an emphasis in the areas of Global Business or Small Business by completing 9 additional credit hours.

If you are considering working for an organization that has international divisions or serves international markets, then the Global Business emphasis will be perfect for you. You’ll take three additional courses: Introduction to Global Business, Management in Cross-Cultural Context and International Marketing. In your capstone project, you’ll analyze the effects of global environmental drivers on international marketing, the risk of marketing decisions in various countries, and weigh the political and legal environment in the organization’s home country and the regions it serves.

If you are considering working with a small business or starting a company, then the Small Business emphasis is ideal for you. You’ll take three additional courses: Marketing Decisions, Business Planning and Design and Applied Case Project for Small Business. In your capstone project, you’ll develop a robust business plan built upon the company’s mission, goals, business philosophy, market research, target customer base and core competencies. You’ll present the company’s competitive advantage, intellectual property, and threats that’ll determine the long-term viability of the company.


Completed application
Official transcripts (2.5 GPA or higher) mailed from the college/university of which you graduated
You must have 3 hours of accounting and 3 hours of economics on an undergraduate level. (William Woods University provides these courses online.)
Fulton, MO

Also available online

For those students looking to take a less traditional route and interested in earning your degree online, William Woods University also offers an Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) .

William Woods in the real world
94% of our MBA graduates are working or earning an advanced degree. You’ll find them in some amazing positions. Here are some examples:

Mardy Leathers, MBA ‘14 Director, Division of Workfrorce Development, State of Missouri

Mardy oversees 324 employees and a $98 million budget. He manages all the federal dollars that come to the state to help people who are unemployed or underemployed. He works with individuals who want to enter job enrichment programs and helps businesses and communities develop strategies to attract and retain talent. Mardy on his William Woods experience: “I enjoyed the 18-month cohort set up and as an adult learner my experience with the MBA program was awesome.” Mardy also serves as an adjunct professor at William Woods and was a recent commencement speaker.
Makele Ndessokia, MBA ‘13 Human Resources Director at Missouri Department of Agriculture

Makele has 10 years of federal and state government experience in the area of Human Resources, collaborating with Missouri Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Animal Plant and Health Inspection Services, Administrative Hearing Commission, and the Bureau of the Public Debt.
One more thing
It’s not always about being the next Warren Buffett. You may have a unique plan to serve the nonprofit world, or develop a social enterprise that does well by doing good. Bring it to us and see what happens. We’re not just committed to helping you move up the ladder; we are committed to creating pathways and possibilities for the most unique and exceptional career plans to flourish.

Our One-Year MBA Program is your fastest path to a Kellogg MBA. It is designed to build upon your business fundamentals and get you back in the workforce with new skills and knowledge that will propel your career forward. From June to June, you’ll immerse yourself in the rigorous curriculum, learn from world-class faculty and build leadership experience and a supportive network that will help you immediately and throughout your career.

Our Proven Success

Program Highlights
Start in June
The program kicks off in the summer to get you accustomed to the rigorous academic pace of MBA studies and complete three to five courses. In September, you’ll join the second-year Full-Time Program class and complete the electives that match your interests and enhance your career goals.
Choose from among 200 courses
Bypass core courses and focus on the electives that best meet your career goals. Delve into a select number of disciplines or go as broad as you like.
Experience the Kellogg Difference
Take advantage of the vast experiential learning opportunities, world-renowned faculty and distinct cross-disciplinary thought leadership model that make Kellogg stand out.
Finish faster
After completing the required 15.5 course credits, you’ll receive your MBA degree in June — one year after you started.
Juliana Merola interview screenshot
Juliana Merola ’14
Juliana was laser-focused on financial services – and had been for some time. She had worked in banking for years, and even had a finance degree. So Kellogg’s One-Year Full-Time Program was a perfect fit. Its accelerated format enabled her to bypass core curriculum and zero-in on courses that would strengthen and propel her career.
Flexibility & Choice Across Disciplines
Unlike other programs, our One-Year MBA allows you to bypass core classes and immediate dive into advanced studies that are customized to your career goals and set you apart from the competition. At the same time, you still will be able to take advantage of the vast experiential learning opportunities; world-renowned faculty and distinct cross-disciplinary thought leadership model that makes Kellogg stand out. Start exploring to see if our One-Year MBA Program is right for you.
Pre-Enrollment Courses
Kellogg is designed to build on your business fundamentals with courses in Statistics, Economics, Marketing and Operations. The pre-enrollment courses need to be completed before the start of the summer quarter.

It is most typical, but not required, for our students to have Undergraduate business degrees to meet these course requirements. Please see below for PDF files with the required content:

Statistics Required Material (PDF)
Economics Required Material (PDF)
Marketing Required Material (PDF)
Operations Required Material (PDF)
For the above courses, the transcript graduation date must fall within 10 years of application submission and the course must be completed with a grade of B or better. Work experience, AP credits, CFA certifications, or courses previously completed in an online format are not accepted.

Verify which classes you have completed and which are outstanding by completing the Eligibility Form. Please allow a week for our team to contact you with your evaluation.

Kellogg One-Year students enroll with business fundamentals and immediately build on this foundation. The summer quarter begins with required courses in Strategy and Management and Organization and is supplemented with courses in Accounting and Finance appropriate for your level. Accounting and Finance courses may be waived with successful completion of an exam. The remainder of your academic journey at Kellogg is focused around advanced electives to accelerate your career. We offer a flexible curriculum to fit your needs and future plans. Our catalog contains more than 200 courses, and like the business landscape, our offerings constantly evolve.
Majors & Pathways
Kellogg’s approach to majors gives our students the flexibility and guidance they need to carve out a unique intellectual experience that is relevant to their specific educational and career goals.

You may opt to choose from seven majors: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategy, Managing Organizations and Management Science. A major requires that a student complete the core course for the major and a minimum of four electives.

If you choose not to elect a major, “General Management” will be noted on your transcript.

In addition to majors, Kellogg provides “pathways” to our students who are interested in building expertise in emerging areas and evolving industries.

A pathway is an integrated, cross-functional sequence of courses designed to address a particular skill set or industry for which there is active student and recruiter demand. You have the flexibility to pursue any number of pathways and go as deep as you’d like into each one.

Explore pathways for Data Analytics, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Growth and Scaling, Healthcare at Kellogg, Real Estate, Social Impact, Venture Capital & Private Equity and more.

Applies to Full-Time students who matriculate June 2015 or after.

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An American MBA online in Nigeria for $160/month
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More about Nexford’s online MBA programs
Are you an experienced professional looking to advance with an MBA degree program? Perhaps you’re an early career professional wanting to kick-start your career with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business? The choice is yours. Choose your program and submit your details to find out more about Nexford’s online programs.

Complete an MBA in an average of 15 months or shorter if you want. The faster you finish, the more money you’ll save. 

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Be a next-generation you
Master MBA-focused soft skills of the future like critical and creative thinking
Want to earn your degree with a specialization? Stand out to employers by building in-demand skills such as AI, E-Commerce and Sustainability
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Make informed business decisions, and lead with confidence: 94% of Nexford learners increased in confidence at work
Build a network of global professionals from 80+ countries working at firms like Google, Deloitte, and EY
Earn a degree as well as digital badges as you go – including credentials from LinkedIn Learning and IBM’s Digital Nation

William Woods University Rankings, Tuition, Acceptance Rate, etc.

Online learning, American made
Nexford is an American university licensed by HELC in Washington DC with international accreditation from ASIC – and globally recognized by CMI, Quality Matters, and the NSLS. Nexford was born different for you. No term time. No campus. Learn real-world skills, pay affordable monthly tuition, and graduate as fast as you want.

Quality higher education is extremely important for young people to enable them to position themselves in a globally competitive world. Institutions like Nexford are really the next-generation of systems available for us to offer more. The only way we can get out of depths of inequality that cut across this continent is to offer opportunities. Nexford is future-focused and mission-driven.

Dr Oby Ezekwesili

Former Nigerian Minister of Education

Our partners
We’ve established partnerships with local organizations that align with our goals, value and mission – giving you the best possible learning experience. We want everybody to benefit from a world-class education, regardless of background, location or circumstance. That includes you.

As an employer, I would gladly hire anyone who is a graduate of Nexford. If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t send my employees to undergo courses with the school.

Abubakar Suleiman CEO, Sterling Bank

Find out about our MBA program options for Nigeria
Nexford career services & development: start with the end in mind
At Nexford, you’ll do more than just learn. Alongside your studies, you’ll receive access to all of our career services: beginning when you enroll, and ending… well, never.

From early career planning to personal branding to job applications, we’ll be alongside you every step of your program. Even after you’ve graduated our support doesn’t stop, as we’ll continue to bring you lifelong learning opportunities — including LinkedIn Learning & the Nexford Digital Library.

Your career success is at the heart of everything we do. Discover our career services, and see how you’ll come away from Nexford with more than just a degree.

Open the door to opportunities by learning the skills employers want 
A Nexford MBA is designed for experienced professionals like you. Whether you’re pivoting roles, accelerating in the career you already have, or launching a startup, you’ll learn how to succeed in modern, global business. To build our programs, we analyzed 30 million jobs and surveyed industry leaders – including those from Microsoft, Citibank, and Unilever. Just some of the high-profile companies that many of our previous alumni have gone on to work for. 

“My analytical skills have improved. I got a pay raise at work. I got promoted at work.”
Rebecca Ebokpo

MBA Alumni

At #18 on the Forbes 2018 list of Best States for Business, #24 on Chief Executive’s 2019 list of Best and Worst States for Business, and #14 on U.S. News and World Report’s Best States for Business Environment, Missouri is in the top 28th to 58th percentile of states in which to do business.

Despite the mid-level rankings, Missouri ranks high (third on the Forbes list) for business incentives due to its manufacturer sales tax exemption, financial incentives for $15 million businesses that create at least 100 jobs, and the Missouri Works incentives for companies that create more jobs in the state.

The major industries in Missouri include aerospace, printing/publishing, food processing, electrical equipment, chemicals, and beer. Missouri has a few growing industries, including healthcare, professional services, and biotechnology. There are also ten Fortune 500 companies that call Missouri home, including Monsanto, Graybar Electric, Olin, Express Script Holdings, Centene, Reinsurance Group of America, Emerson Electric, Jones Financial, and O’Reilly Automotive.

For busy professionals who are looking to advance into leadership and management, online MBAs based out of Missouri can be the perfect starting point. Offered by accredited universities all across the state, online MBAs deliver education that is as high quality as on-campus programs, without restricting times or locations required by traditional MBA programs. For professionals who want to continue working, or who do not want to relocate to advance their education, online coursework can fit into the spare moments between work and other obligations.

Keep reading for more information on online MBA programs in Missouri, the distinguished professors delivering high-quality MBA courses, and hybrid online/on-campus programs that blend the two learning delivery formats.

1. Maryville University – John E. Simon School of Business
View Full Profile
The 100 percent online MBA offered through the John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University is a focused degree designed for those who want to advance their careers and redefine their roles in their workplace.

Those who pursue an MBA at Maryville can choose a general MBA or one of nine concentrations, including accounting, cybersecurity, financial services, general management, health administration, human resource management, information technology, marketing, and project management.

Courses in the 36 to 39 credit-hour programs include business ethics, global business, strategic marketing, and corporate financial policies. GMAT/GRE scores are not required for consideration for admission.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
Expected Time to Completion: 12 to 14 months
Estimated Tuition: $714 per credit-hour
2. Missouri State University – College of Business
The online MBA offered through the College of Business at Missouri State is 100 percent online, striking a balance between quality and affordability.

William Woods University - Profile, Rankings and Data | US News Best  Colleges

Students at Missouri State can choose to complete a graduate certificate in conjunction with their MBA and can do so within the 33 credit-hour program. Choices for graduate certificate include computer information systems, cybersecurity, data analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, financial analysis, forensic accounting, international business, leadership, management, marketing, and tax accounting. Classes in the MBA program include management information systems, advanced financial management, organization strategy and policy, and quantitative methods in business decision making.

GMAT/GRE scores are required for admission to Missouri State, but waivers may be available to those with a 3.25 GPA and have a Missouri State or AACSB-accredited business degree.

Location: Springfield, Missouri
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $11,220 for the program
3. William Woods University – School of Business and Technology
The online MBA at William Woods University School of Business prepares graduates for next-level leadership designed for smart risks, agile and productive team-building, and the ability to navigate demanding, diverse and ever-changing business climates.

Students in the 36-credit-hour program can choose an emphasis in small business or global business. Coursework in the program includes instruction in human resources and organizational behavior, managerial ethics, management systems, and statistics and research models.

No GMAT/GRE scores are required for admission and applicants only need a 2.5 undergraduate GPA (or higher) to apply. Please note that prior to beginning the program, accepted students must complete three hours of undergraduate accounting and three hours of undergraduate economics coursework.

Location: Fulton, Missouri
Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
Expected Time to Completion: Two years
Estimated Tuition: $13,350 for the program
4. Southeast Missouri State University – Donald L. Harrison College of Business
The online MBA offered through the Harrison College of Business at Southeast Missouri State University prepares students for the contemporary business world through a blend of leadership development and hands-on training to build capacity to adapt to local and global change.

Students enrolled in the MBA program can choose a general management MBA or have two concentration options: sport management or health administration. Courses in the 33-credit-hour program include managing and leading human capital, strategic cost management, the financial environment, and integrated decision information systems.

Applicants are required to submit GMAT/GRE scores. Southeast utilizes an admission index to determine needed GPA, whereby the higher the GMAT/GRE score, the lower undergraduate GPA needs to be, and vice versa. Applicants must have completed all prerequisite coursework with a “C” grade or higher.

Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: One to two years
Estimated Tuition: $365 per credit-hour
5. Northwest Missouri State University – Melvin D. & Valorie G. Booth School of Business
The Melvin D. & Valorie G. Booth School of Business at Northwest Missouri State University offers an online MBA to help students advance into leadership in a way that reflects the dynamic changes in responsibility occuring for business leaders across the world.

Professionals interested in Northwest’s online MBA can choose between a general management MBA, an MBA in human resource management, or an MBA in marketing. Courses in the 33-credit-hour program include macroeconomics for business managers, business decision analysis tools, organizational behavior in administration, and strategic marketing.

If an applicant with a 2.5 GPA or higher has three years of professional experience, three years of military service, a graduate degree with a 3.0 degree, or a score in the 70th percentile or above in the business Major Field Test (MFT), they do not need to submit GRE or GMAT scores. Applicants do not need a bachelor’s in business to apply, but if accepted, they are required to complete the MBA foundation coursework.

Location: Maryville, Missouri
Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
Expected Time to Completion: 12 to 18 months
Estimated Tuition: $13,530 for the program
6. Lindenwood University – Robert W. Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship
The online MBA offered through the Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University blends specialized business learning with real-world applications in a format that offers schedule flexibility.

Applicants to Lindenwood’s online MBA can choose a general MBA or among five emphases: accounting, human resource management, leadership, management, non profit administration, or supply chain management. Coursework in the 39 to 54 credit-hour programs features units in international business operations, business policies and strategies, management information systems, and business law and ethics.

Students must have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA to apply and do not need to submit GMAT/GRE scores, although students whose undergraduate GPA is lower than a 3.0 may be able to submit GMAT/GRE scores to be considered for admission.

Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: One to two years
Estimated Tuition: $495 per credit-hour
7. Missouri University of Science and Technology – College of Arts, Sciences, and Business
A part-time 100 percent online program, the MBA at Missouri S&T is focused on graduating business leaders who successfully implement strategies and get results by thinking critically and strategically across business functions.

Courses in the 36-credit-hour program include teambuilding and leadership, international marketing, integration of business areas, and artificial intelligence, robotics, and information systems management. Students can choose an area of expertise within their MBA by pursuing a predetermined graduate certificate course of study in AI, machine learning and automation in business, business analytics and data science, business intelligence, business project management, cybersecurity and information assurance management, digital media and web design, digital supply chain management , electronic and social commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), entrepreneurship and technological innovation, finance, financial technology, human-computer interaction and user experience, information systems project management, management and leadership, or mobile business and technology.

60 Best Online MBA Programs [2021 Ultimate Guide]

GMAT/GRE scores are required for admission and the applicant’s undergraduate GPA must be 3.0 or higher.

Location: Rolla, Missouri
Accreditation: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
Expected Time to Completion: Two to three years
Estimated Tuition: $1,200 per credit-hour
Hybrid MBA Programs in Missouri
While one’s schedule is often the main reason for choosing a strictly online MBA, there are many who feel that in-person networking is also an important benefit of enrolling in an MBA program. Hybrid online/on-campus programs may be the best solution for those living close to a college campus who want the scheduling flexibility of an online program with the in-person networking opportunities of an on campus program.

The following programs in Missouri offer hybrid MBA programs:

University of Central Missouri – Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies
Webster University – Walker School of Business & Technology
University of Missouri – Saint Louis – College of Business Administration
Professors to Know in Missouri Business Schools
Sommer Anderson is the assistant dean and an assistant professor of accounting in the John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University. She teaches financial accounting, auditing, accounting information systems, Quickbooks for the accounting professional, individual income tax, and business statistics.

Ms. Anderson’s areas of expertise include financial literacy, financial statement auditing, accounting in the information technology field, and retirement planning. Ms. Anderson’s professional experience includes long term positions as a financial statement auditor at a public accounting firm, and as a finance manager in the healthcare industry.

Currently a PhD candidate at Kansas State University, Ms. Anderson is an experienced scholar, with research about financial literacy published in the Journal of Financial Planning and the Journal of Financial Planning and Counseling.

Dr. Vinay Garg is an associate professor in the Department of Management and Information Technology at the College of Business at Missouri State University, where he teaches organization policy and strategy. Dr. Garg’s research and professional interests include the growth and survival of hybrid organizations, agency theory and resource-based theory, international franchising, and executive scanning and consensus.

Dr. Garg is an awarded author, earning several best paper awards and excellence in research awards, including the Best Paper Award from the Journal of Small Business Management & Office Depot in 2006. Dr. Garg’s research has been featured in several academic journals, including the Strategic Management Journal and the International Journal of Entrepreneurship. Dr. Garg earned his PhD in business administration from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002.

With so many people today turning to online university degrees and distance learning programmes to improve their skills, almost all universities have started offering such courses.

And it’s no wonder online degrees are so popular! They allow you to work at your own pace, set flexible schedules for study, and save money by eliminating all costs associated with staying on campus.

Unfortunately, the popularity of online degrees has also led to a negative side effect. Some online degrees out there can actually be a scam. The so-called diploma mills are the most common type of internet education scam. By posing as a legitimate school, some websites are able to cheat you by providing essentially worthless online degrees at an apparent bargain.

Real online universities
Luckily, we can help you avoid that. First, here are some examples of accredited open and distance learning universities:

The Open University UK
Arden University
The University of Law Business School
Nottingham Trent University Online
Walden University
Kettering University
University of Birmingham Online
University of Essex Online
James Cook University
While we cannot give you an extensive list of legit universities offering online degrees (there are thousands of them), we can give also help you with 8 tips to avoid being tricked by an education scam.

Apply to online studies

  1. Check the accreditation of online degrees
    The best way is to be sure that any school or distance-learning programme that you choose is fully accredited. This means that the school or programme has been reviewed by its peers in the education field and validated or verified.

Typically, an agency or the National Ministry of Education recognises online universities vouching they respect educational standards. If the university is accredited, you will find a reference to it on their website.

  1. Avoid universities that copy the names of famous institutions
    You might be scammed if the institution has a name that seems very familiar to a reputed, prestigious university, only it added something more to it. If you see a title like Oxford Technological Online University, this is a classic scam that would make you think the institution is a part of the prestigious Oxford University.
  2. Beware of too good to be true admission criteria
    If there are few admission criteria or very simple requirements, such as just a resume and a motivation letter, that should make you think something is not right. The only exception is if the institution is an open university – which typically has very few admission requirements.
  3. Don’t pay the tuition upfront
    If the institution requires a lot of money upfront before you even know you were admitted, it is surely not a legit online programme. Universities don’t require to pay the entire tuition fee, that is strictly optional; usually, tuition fees are paid in instalments, each year or each semester.

online universities and study scams

  1. Be sceptical of earning a degree way too easily
    If getting a degree seems too fast and easy, that should make you reconsider. Online degrees may be a little more flexible than the on-campus ones, but they still require the same amount of effort and coursework.
  2. Check what resources online universities offer you
    Accredited online universities have available resources on their websites related to student support services, or libraries. If you don’t find this information available, most likely, the institution is not valid.

Check out online programmes

  1. Verify university contact details
    When you search for more information, browse the website of the institution. If you don’t find any detail about their campus or business address, that is a hint you’re dealing with a scam. Sure, there are universities that are exclusively online and might not have a campus address, but they should still have some business contact details.
  2. Check reviews from graduates on Google
    A good way to get a real impression of how the university is like and the reliability of the programmes is to hear what other students have to say about it. Many students post reviews on uni pages but also on education-related websites such as our own Studyportals. If the students obtained a certified diploma and were happy with the course they will surely mention it. The same goes for the opposite.

Invest some time to secure a valuable education
All these may seem to be a lot of extra steps to have to go through, but doing so will help assure you that whatever distance learning degree programme you choose, it will be a wise investment for your future education and employment.

However, if you would like to skip some of them, you must at least stick with tip number 1: Make sure the university has been validated by external bodies such as:

ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education)
EURASHE (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education)
ENIC Network (European Network of National Information Centres on academic recognition and mobility)
EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools)
CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation)
These non-governmental agencies research accreditation issues in the education field. To be sure that a particular distance learning school is legitimately accredited, visit their official website, enter the name of the educational institution, and find out if your online school is by a legitimate accreditation body.

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