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2 year medical degrees that pay well

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Richard phillip

The medical field is one of the fastest growing and fastest evolving fields. It is full of highly-respected professionals who dedicate their days to helping people in need. If you are looking for a career that makes an impact, you may be wondering how you can get into the medical field—but do so relatively fast. We are amidst a global pandemic and some of the biggest milestones in healthcare. Like many individuals, you may be looking for a way to get involved as soon as possible. At the same time, you want to ensure you’ll be making a comfortable living while there. You are not alone!

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on 2 year medical degrees that pay well, 2 year degrees that pay the most. Read on to learn more. We at collegelearners have all the information that you need about 2 Years Online Degrees That Pay Well. Read on to learn more.

The good news is, you do not always need to have a doctorate degree or complete a residency in order to land a high-paying medical career. In fact, there are many rewarding and high-paying healthcare jobs out there that require very little schooling to get started.

On the off chance that you are trying to find into a clinical line of work with little tutoring, have confidence you have various choices accessible to you. Obviously, the more you put into your schooling, the more prominent prize you can hope to harvest upon graduation day. Numerous businesses and experts will let you know that your procuring likely increments with a lone ranger’s or advanced education. In any case, as you can see over, the potential open doors with a partner degree ought to be considered carefully. With only two years of tutoring, you can leave with a preparation to turn into a Word related Treatment Partner, or a Respiratory Specialist, and procure more than $50,000 each year. In Connecticut, the compensation potential for clinical and medical care occupations is much more noteworthy.

2 Years Online Degrees That Pay Well

Top 2 Years Online Degrees That Compensate Fairly! Both late secondary school graduates and contemporary students can exploit online classes. Online courses offer adaptability, reasonable educational cost, and different scholarly open doors. Distance students who need to encounter learning nearby can sign up for online courses, which mix homeroom guidance with web based learning.

1. Construction management

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of the construction of a house, road, or bridge? Programs for construction management can give you the appropriate instruction.

2. Air traffic controller

If you want to earn a higher salary with 2 years online degrees that pay well, consider becoming an air traffic controller. These professionals earn six figures by guiding planes in flight to keep safe distances between them.

Due to the importance of the job and the high-stress nature of the job, air traffic controllers must also undergo medical and background checks, as well as take exams and courses at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy.

3. Avionics technician

Avionics technicians have a well-paying jobs in the aviation industry.

These workers are responsible for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining the electronic components of aircraft.

4. Web design

Web designing is one of the 2 years online degrees that pay well. If you appreciate computers, pursue a job as a web developer.

These are the people who design the websites you visit, including this one, and make sure everything is presentable and works as it should.

5. Medical Sonographer

If you’re fascinated by the inner workings of the human body, you should think about becoming a sonographer. Sonographers play an important role in patient treatment and care.

The role of the sonographer is to produce images using high-frequency sound waves via ultrasound when a doctor needs to examine a patient’s soft tissue organs, such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid, or breast.

6. Language Pathology in Speech

Communication is essential in every aspect of human life.

To satisfy our everyday needs, go to school, work, communicate with family and friends, and so much more, we need speech and language. But when a person’s body or mind makes it difficult for them to speak and understand words, who can they turn to?

7. Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists

Appearing on our list of 2 years online degrees that pay well is Electroneurodiagnostic Technology. Neurodiagnostic technologists use specialized equipment to detect normal and abnormal electrical activity in the central nervous, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems.

8. Business Administration

Why is Business Administration among the 2 years online degrees that pay well?

Business degrees are relatively easy to earn online and offer a variety of options in today’s workforce. Online education is an appropriate replica of the current business world since much of today’s administrative work is handled via the Internet. Business administration provides a strong foundation that opens the door to a variety of business occupations for those who are interested in a professional career in this field.

You can hone your professional skills for the 21st-century workforce with studies in accounting, human resources, and management without ever leaving your home computer.

9. Paralegal Studies

The paralegal field is one of the fastest-growing occupations today. The website cites numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that estimate this area to expand by 24 percent between 2008 and 2018. Paralegal professionals work alongside attorneys in their practices, conducting research, writing briefs, and educating clients about their cases. As one of the 2 years online degrees that pay well, the average annual salary for paralegals today ranges from around $46,000 to $70,000.

10. Nursing

Most people don’t think of a nursing degree as one that can be achieved online, due to the hands-on training that is required for this profession. Only 20% of the coursework for some nursing programs must be practical, making this area of study acceptable for online study according to some college standards.

2 years online degrees that pay well

Nursing offers numerous options, from hospital work to positions in nursing homes and even home care. Many nurses launch their careers with an associate degree in nursing that can be acquired in about two years.

11. Criminal Justice

One of the 2 years online degrees that pay well you should consider is Criminal Justice. A degree in criminal justice prepares you for an interesting career in the field of law enforcement, whether your goal is to work as a police officer, prison officer, or in an administration capacity. Programs include forensics, criminal law, and ethics.

While previous positions in this field were frequently obtained through on the job training, today’s criminal justice professional will have much better odds of success with a degree under the belt.

12. Information Technology

Adults with a passion for and aptitude for computers may find a lucrative career in information technology. Many people in this field enter the workforce with an associate degree from a community college, even though some positions in the field call for a four-year degree. For those with a two-year degree, help desk, network administration, and web development are potential career paths.

13. Accounting

The financial side of business operations is another 2 years online degrees that pay well. An advantageous career as a bookkeeper can be started with an online associate’s degree in accounting. This position includes duties like maintaining accounting records and handling accounts payable and receivable. In smaller organizations, the bookkeeping clerk may be responsible for supervising most of the financial dealings of the company.

This degree program is a relatively easy one to earn online, which may be why a number of institutions across the country offer online accounting programs.

14. Education

Education is one of the hottest online 2 years online degrees that pay well, however, many adults are now entering the teaching profession with two-year degree programs as well. In many cases, the two-year degree in education prepares graduates for work in early childhood education, working in preschools, daycare centers, and after school facilities.

15. Health Care Administration

If you want to work in the healthcare industry but don’t want to deal with patients on a daily basis, health care administration is a good option. Health care administrators are typically found behind the scenes in doctor’s offices or hospitals, maintaining patient files, updating information, and working with insurance companies. These professionals continue to be in high demand, as the industry shifts to information systems for storing and updating patient records and other important information.

16. Graphic Design

An associate degree in graphic design can get you started in an exciting career as a web developer. These professionals work with individuals and businesses to create websites that advertise and provide information about their companies. Web designers often make between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.

17. Engineering

Two-year engineering degrees are becoming more widespread today, as a rapid option for adults to get their foot in the door of this interesting subject. There are now 2 years online degrees that pay well available in every branch of engineering technology. These degree programs can help you secure work as a drafter, machine designer, or even sales representative. Engineering specializations could be in the biomedical, electrical, or mechanical fields.

2 year degrees that pay the most

Understudies searching for a fast beginning profession ought to think about a partner degree from a junior college, where they can procure a degree in two years.

A partner certification plans graduates for occupations in different ventures. For instance, paralegals and web engineers frequently just need a partner degree. Numerous medical care and designing experts need a partner degree to acquire proficient confirmation or licensure. A partner degree additionally meets the base schooling prerequisites for occupations like air traffic regulator, ultrasound specialist, aeronautics expert, and atomic professional.

Perusers ought to painstakingly audit each vocation’s arrangement inside the rankings, since pay fluctuates such a huge amount among callings. For instance, air traffic regulators procure a middle yearly compensation of $122,990, while clinical gear repairers make a middle compensation under $50,000.

The accompanying rundown positions the best partner degree occupations by pay. A portion of the positions on the rundown don’t need a partner degree yet the degree gives an upper hand in the gig market. We involved information from the Agency of Work Insights for work title and pay data.

The average salary for a 2-year degree is around $44,000 per year. That’s about $22 an hour.

But did you know that if you get a degree in one of these fields, you can earn up to $80,000 per year?

Here are the top 5 highest-paying 2-year degrees:

1) Nursing Assistant – (Median Salary: $52,000)

2) Veterinary Technician – (Median Salary: $46,000)

3) Pharmacy Technician – (Median Salary: $41,000)

4) Medical Assistant – (Median Salary: $38,000)

5) Information Technology Specialist – (Median Salary: $60,000