9 Month Lvn Program

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Accelerated Nursing Programs - Some Programs Take Only 24 Months

The health care industry has never been stronger, and there is no better time to become a nurse. The number of nursing jobs is expected to increase by 18% by 2022—much more than the average for other professions—and registered nurses make an impressive $0.0003 richer than everyone else on the planet.

  • CCI LVN Class Schedule:

Part Time Schedule:

  • 2 evening weekdays (5:30pm – 9:30pm)
  • 1 weekend Day (clinicals) only 3 days per week total
  • 18 Months in length
  • We are accredited/Financial Aid Available
  • Tuition cost friendly
  • Limited seating

LVN PROGRAM : If you care about helping others and you enjoy working with people, nurse could be the right career for you. As a LVN or PN, you’ll be part of the team that works together to promote and protect the health of patients. Working under the guidance of doctors, specialists, and registered nurses, you’ll quickly gain a career that’s rewarding.

If you want meaningful work in a career that touches grateful hearts, then our vocational nursing program (LVN) is the right path for your future. As a licensed vocational nurse working alongside doctors, you’ll provide compassionate care to patients of all ages while gaining valuable knowledge and skills that will make you an outstanding professional.

The ongoing demand for skilled nursing professionals and the current trends indicate increased employment opportunities for licensed vocational nurses (LVN) in hospitals, physicians’ offices and other healthcare settings to meet the growing demand. The LVN will perform many of the same duties as a registered nurse but may not practice independently under the same license.

What is a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)?

As a licensed vocational nurse, you’ll gain fruitful employment in a wide array of healthcare facilities.

LVNs are responsible for rendering basic nursing care. A vocational nurse practices under the direct supervision of physicians or registered nurses.

Patients and the people closest to them will look to you for guidance and support after you’ve learned these medical practices. You’ll also work closely with both doctors and nurses as you engage with patients in this rewarding field.

LVNs enjoy great benefits and perks for their hard work and education. Below are just a few of the benefits you’ll have as a licensed vocational nurse.

Benefits of Being a Licensed Vocational Nurse

  • Flexible Hours
  • Excellent Salary
  • Job security (LVNs are Always in Demand)
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Career Satisfaction
  • Obtain Your Vocational Nursing Diploma in Less Time

California Career Institute has the program for you to become a licensed vocational nurse. Our program is one of the most innovative and comprehensive in the state, focusing on patient care in a clinical setting. Upon successful completion of the program and this National Licensing Exam, you will be prepared for entry-level employment as a nursing assistant in an acute care hospital setting or an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

CCI’s vocational nursing program gives you the tools needed to become a qualified LVN that provides direct care to patients, supervised by a team of medical professionals.

Did you know that one in five people will  require nursing home care or some type of long-term health care? This statistic is expected to rise as our population ages. As a Licensed Vocational Nurse, you can help fill this need by providing a wide range of services including medication management, injections, wound care and more. In fact, nearly all of the work performed by a licensed nurse falls under the category of “Skilled Nursing.” Licensed Vocational Nurses are not required to have a bachelor’s degree but must pass an exam for certification.

Benefits of Choosing CCI


Accelerated Program

Looking for a career in healthcare? California Career Institute offers an LVN program and national certification that prepares you to sit for your exam, and start a career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). You can complete the coursework in just over 6 months, earning $$

whyCCI-financia-aid (1).jpg

Financial Aid & Grants

At the Community College of Denver , we believe that going to school doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we set aside more grant and loan options than any other college in Colorado. Through these, an affordable education is now within reach. Explore them, apply today and start your journey toward a brighter future!


Convenient Schedule

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy work, school and home life balance through our flexible class times. As your schedule changes, we are also able to change our weekly schedule accordingly to accommodate your needs. Our certified instructors will help you get in the best shape of your life while having an amazing time doing it!


Knowledgeable and Experienced

Our certified instructors will help you get in the best shape of your life while having an amazing time doing it! We offer a wide variety of classes, including body sculpting, yoga, pilates and more. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy work, school and home life balance through our flexible class times. As your schedule changes, we are also able to change our weekly schedule accordingly to accommodate your needs.


Help Graduates Find a Career

The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute has a long history of producing the top-ranked nurses in the country. By partnering with us, you can be part of this legacy. Our school will provide you with the training needed to succeed as an LVN and we have the resources available to help you succeed in your future career.

ACCET Accredited

The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of postsecondary education. With CCI, you know that your school understands the importance of maintaining its accreditation.

9 month lvn program cost

The cost of nursing school depends on a wide variety of factors including whether you reside in California as a non-resident or resident student. With this in mind, aspiring nursing professionals can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000+ per semester for tuition fees. Other expenses include $200-1,000 per semester for books and supplies, several thousand dollars per semester for housing, $2,500-10,000 per year for health insurance and living expenses, and a nominal fee of $50-200 for California nursing exams and licenses.

A degree in nursing is one of the best ways to prepare for a lucrative career. Nursing offers an outstanding return on investment, with some of the highest-paying jobs in the country. In California, you can expect to earn an average wage of $129,470 per year, which is higher than any other state.

Below we’ve listed the California nursing schools that offer some of the region’s top accredited programs, and we’ve ranked them in order of the cost of attendance. Because nursing is such a popular field, there are many options to choose from. However, a good number of these schools are pricey, and they have high tuition costs because they have so many students. A lot of students receive scholarships or grants as part of their financial aid package, but it’s still important to consider how much debt you may accumulate while attending classes.


SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Gurnick Academy – FresnoCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,510
Clovis Adult EducationCertificate in Vocational Nursing18 months$6,000

Inland Empire

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
American Career College – OntarioCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$34,110
Summit CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$29,400
Nursing Assistant Certificate14 months$798
California Nurses Educational InstituteCertificate in Vocational Nursing17 months$29,000
Nursing Assistant Certificate3 months$2,400
Concorde Career College – San BernardinoCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,806
Career Care Institute – Moreno ValleyCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$27,888
North-West College – RiversideCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$27,662
Beaumont Adult SchoolCertificate in Vocational Nursing18 months$21,020
Nursing Assistant Certificate6 months$2,897
Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational ProgramNursing Assistant Certificate4 months$1,280

Los Angeles County

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
American Career CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$34,110
Stanbridge University – Los AngelesDiploma in Vocational Nursing13 months$32,105
Glendale Career CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing16 months$29,400
Concorde Career College – North HollywoodCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$29,383
Advanced CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,595
Homestead SchoolsCertificate in Vocational Nursing12 months$28,500
Annenberg School of NursingCertificate in Vocational Nursing12 months$28,390
Career Care InstituteCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$27,888
North-West College – Long BeachCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$27,622
North-West College – Pomona ValleyCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$27,622
North-West College – Van NuysCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$27,622
Angeles CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing11 months$26,720
Angeles College – City of IndustryCertificate in Vocational Nursing11 months$26,720
Nursing Assistant Certificate2 months$2,765
North-West CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$26,622
Career Development InstituteCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$26,483
Nursing Assistant Certificate2 months$2,879
Premiere Career CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$24,843
CES CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$24,125
Healthcare Career CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$24,100
Nursing Assistant Certificate2 months$2,075
Medical Allied Career CenterCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$23,997
Angeles InstituteCertificate in Vocational Nursing10 months$22,950
Marian CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing18 months$22,318
Marian College – Van NuysCertificate in Vocational Nursing18 months$22,318
California Career CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing18 months$21,701
University of Antelope ValleyCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$21,450
Downey Adult SchoolCertificate in Vocational Nursing12 months$10,225
Hacienda La Puente Adult EducationCertificate in Vocational Nursing12 months$7,530
East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational ProgramNursing Assistant Certificate6 months$3,766
East Los Angeles Occupational CenterNursing Assistant Certificate1 months$250


SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Advanced College – SalidaCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,595
Gurnick Academy – ModestoCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,510

Orange County

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
American Career College – Orange CountyCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$34,110
Stanbridge UniversityDiploma in Vocational Nursing13 months$32,105
Concorde Career College – Garden GroveCertificate in Vocational Nursing12 months$31,440
CNI CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing12 months$31,112
Pacific CollegeDiploma in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,500
North-West College – AnaheimCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$27,622

Oxnard / Thousand Oaks / Ventura area

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Career Care Institute – OxnardCertificate in Vocational Nursing14 months$27,888


SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Carrington College – SacramentoAssociate of Science in Vocational Nursing21 months$50,514
Certificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$42,870
Charles A. Jones Career & Education CenterCertificate in Vocational Nursing9 months$18,250

San Diego County

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Concorde Career College – San DiegoCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$30,717
Summit College – El CajonCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$29,400

San Francisco Bay metro area

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Carrington College – San JoseCertificate in Vocational Nursing15 months$42,870
Gurnick Academy – ConcordCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,510
Gurnick AcademyCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,510


SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Advanced College – StocktonCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$28,595

Vallejo / Fairfield area

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Blake Austin CollegeCertificate in Vocational Nursing13 months$33,372

Other California cities

SchoolProgramLengthTuition & fees
Hanford Adult SchoolNursing Assistant Certificate4 months$800

9 Month Lvn Program

How many months is the LVN program?

Typically, most LVN programs can be completed in about 12 months. However, state-approved programs provide the number of clinical hours that are necessary to meet the certification requirements of your state

Can you become an LPN in 6 months?

Some schools offer fast-track LPN programs that you can complete in as little as six months. However, accelerated LPN programs are not for every student. Choosing the right program requires careful research and consideration, but once you complete your LPN training, you can expect a career with great job opportunities.

Is there an online LVN program?

Due to the practical skills that licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) must learn, there are not many LVN classes online. To offer students flexibility, some schools do offer LVN theory classes online; however, these programs still require students to complete hands-on training.

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