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Ankara University Medical School Admission Requirements

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Fola Shade

Ankara University Medical School is one of the most prestigious in Turkey. It is located in the capital city of Ankara and has been around since 1922. The school has a total of five campuses spread across Ankara, where students can attend classes in a variety of subjects, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, communication studies and more.

Ankara University is one of Turkey’s leading institutions for research and education. In fact, it boasts an impressive number of Nobel laureates among its faculty members and alumni!

One of the most important things to know about getting into Ankara University Medical School is that there are many different paths you can take to get accepted. For example, if you have already completed your undergraduate degree at another university or medical school in Turkey or abroad then you could apply directly for admission without having to go through any additional application processes or tests (such as SAT/ACT). If this applies to you then it will save you some time since there will not be any additional fees associated with applying; however, if it doesn’t then there may still be some fees involved depending on how far away from graduation date they fall (for example: if they’re within 6 months then there will be no additional fees).


Our students, independent of their personal scientific choices, take fundamental core courses in order to gain a general scientific background. In our Medical School, our candidates have the chance to study in 100% English and 100% Turkish medium of instruction based on the integrative educational model is the method of choice and in this model, our primary goal is to give a more holistic understanding to the students by fusing basic medical sciences with the clinical sciences for every subject in the courses. In addition, students are always encouraged to learn, plan, and conduct basic scientific research projects in our internationally well-established research centers. With these integrative educational models and research-oriented programs, we aim to raise medical doctors having critical and independent thinking abilities, high capacity for conducting internationally acceptable scientific research projects, and at the same time being good doctors in our health care system.

Faculty Of Medicine

Duration: 6 years

Language: English

Program Description: Medicine is a thriving and ambitious multidisciplinary faculty and one of the national leaders in medical education, with an outstanding reputation for our combined expertise in research and teaching. The program is human system based and integrated in which student-centered learning methods. The curriculum aims to raise physicians who work nationally and internationally. Research activities have been dominated in this program. Qualified international students are also expected to apply to the program.’

The graduates who completed the program are expected to be a good physician, to communicate effectively with patients, their relatives and health professionals, to have leadership, to be a team member, to act professionally, to think and act scientifically. The modern, spiral, highly-integrated medical curriculum combines a range of learning strategies, including: early clinical experience, integrated communication and clinical skills teaching, practical sessions, lectures, and seminars. We train tomorrow’s doctors on a vibrant undergraduate medical course and we are dedicated to excellence in medical research and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Ankara University Medical School Admission Requirements


International applicants can apply to our university for any program of their interest, provided that they have their high school completion certificate or the relevant equivalent document with them. In addition, they are also required to provide the documents needed to the related registration office of their field. You have to submit the documents within the deadline, announced through a regular post or in person. To get further information or read more about the admission preconditions or requirements, click on the related icon below:

Required Documents for Application


1Certified copy of high school diploma and its certified copy of translation:If the original high school diploma is not in Turkish or English, diploma must be translated by a Sworn Translator. Those who have not received their diplomas yet shall upload an official document (temporary graduation certificate) given by high schools to show that they will graduate at a certain date and probable degree of graduation to the system.
2Transcript and its certified copy of Turkish/English Translation :If the original high school diploma is not in Turkish or English, diploma must be translated by a Sworn Translator. Those who have not received their diplomas yet shall upload an official document (temporary graduation certificate) given by high schools to show that they will graduate at a certain date and probable degree of graduation to the system.
3Valid Examination Results:The examination results for the application (SAT,ACT,ABİTUR etc.) shall be uploaded to the system.
4Passport:The applicants are obliged to upload the id information and pages including photograph section of their passport to the system.
5Those who have dual nationality have to show that their first nationality is not Turkish by the certificate of identity register copy.The certificate of Identity Registeration copy for the family which will be given by the e-government or Population Directorate must be uploaded.
6Blue Card (the card given to those who renounce their Turkish citizenship)Blue ID holders. Both sides of the card must be uploaded into the system.Applications of candidates who have applied for a blue card but have not yet received it will not be accepted.
7Entry-Exit Docuement to TurkeyCandidates who are Turkish Citizens and have completed all of their high school education abroad should obtain this document from the General Direcrtorate of Security (also available from e-government) and uploaded to the system.
     You must upload your documents to the account you have opened in “” . Documents should be jpeg or pdf format. It should not be larger than 2 MB. 

Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students

Study Medicine in Turkey: An alternative to think about. For many students, studying Medicine is remains a dream. For most of students it is impossible to study Medicine in their own home-country because of very high requirements or tuition fees. Studying Medicine in Turkey is an often chosen destination for International students who want to realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

In Turkey, Medicine can be studied in English or Turkish. At our outstanding universities located in Istanbul, Ankara or İzmir – students have lots of options.

    No entry examination
    15.000$ – 27.500$ per year
    6 Years
    Turkish or English
    İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir
    Not needed
    In 3-5 Days
    Applying through us
    98.9% Admission Rate


General Medicine: 6-year-program
Entry Requirements: For state universities – YÖS Exam

The standard period of studying is 6 years.
(Except for the year of preparation)

First and second year:
As in other countries, the first two years are filled with basic science.

Third year:
From the 3rdyear you get a theoretical and practical introduction to the diseases.

4thand 5thyear consist of clinical internships

The last year of the medical studies is spent as a future practicing physician in the university hospital. You take on the duties of a regular doctor. Students I the 6thyear are called as ‘interns’. This is the preliminary stage of the assistant medical education in Turkey. Turkish citizens are rewarded by the university with a modest monthly salary for their medical work.


Studying Medicine in Turkey –  Entry Requirements

In order to study Medicine in Turkey you must have a high school diploma. You can enter Medical schools in Turkey directly from high school. There are different requirements depending on your educational background (your high school diploma type)

To not get rejected, please choose your medical school wisely with us. To make it easier for you to get accepted at Medicine in Turkey we recommend you to talk to one of our consultants.

Here are some common admission criteria / requirements for Medicine degrees offered by Turkish Universities.

  • High School Diploma (Min average of 70%)
  • Good marks in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Valid Passport

If you do not meet the criteria of 70% average on your high school diploma, please contact our consultants.

Best Universities to study Medicine in English in Turkey

Below you can find all universities offering Medicine in Turkey in English. To apply to the universities mentioned below, please fill out the application form.

UniversityCityLanguageYearly Fees
(before discount)
Yearly fees
After our discount!

To get admission with our discount / scholarship please fill out the Application Form below!

All Universities offering Medicine in Turkey

  • Acibadem University
  • Altinbas University
  • Atilim University
  • Başkent University
  • Beykent University
  • Biruni University
  • Haliç University
  • İstanbul Atlas University
  • İstanbul Aydin University
  • İstanbul Medipol University
  • İstanbul Okan University
  • İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University
  • İstinye University
  • KTO Karatay University
  • Lokman Hekim University
  • Maltepe University
  • Üsküdar University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Yüksek İhtisas University

Study Medicine in Turkey in English

Yes! There are possibilities to study medicine in Turkey in English.

Please keep in mind, that from the third year on you have to be in contact with patients and have to communicate with patients in Turkish. In most of the cases, it will not be problem because you will have lived in Turkey for the past 3 years and your language level will be enough for communicating with patients.

Several public and foundation(private) universities offer the program Medicine in English.

When you study medicine in Turkey, you coma into contact with many nations. Turkey is a country of the so called health tourism. Patients from all over the word come, as you already know, for various reasons such as cosmetic surgery. Most of these patients come from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Russia and Europe. Thus it is possible and advantageous that you speak multiply languages. It is considered as a positive aspect.

The medical schools of Turkey (studying Medicine in general) is based on the American and European teaching guidelines, so that graduates have possibilities to word on an English-speaking market such as America or Canada.

Fees & Cost

Here you can find the approximate costs of studying medicine in Turkey. Listed above are the yearly fees of various foundation (private) Universities.

It can be said that the prices vary around 14,000$ – 27,500$ for private universities in Turkey for Medicine.

By filling out our application form you will directly profit from the reduced yearly fees and scholarships!

In general, one can not compare the prices of medical studies in Turkey with the prices of medical schools in other countries, as the prices vary between countries and universities within the countries. If you are interested, look at the respective universities prices and compare them.