Art Schools With High Acceptance Rates

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The acceptance rate of a school is a measure of how many students it accepts out of all the applications it receives. It’s a way to get an idea of how good your chances are at getting into that school, given its popularity and reputation. Generally, schools with lower acceptance rates are considered more prestigious, which means they’re often tougher to get into. Don’t worry though: there are plenty of high quality art schools that have high acceptance rates. Here are five you should apply to right now!

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University of Denver

The University of Denver is a private, four-year university located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1864 as a Methodist college, it is now affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The university has an acceptance rate of 93%, and tuition costs $31,724 per year for full-time students. The student population consists of 8,719 undergraduate students and 2,800 graduate students; 7% are international students.

American University

American University is a private university in Washington, DC with a 43.8% acceptance rate. The total cost of attendance at American University is $53,000 per year for the 2017-2018 school year.

American University was founded in 1893 as an extension of American Baptist Education Society and served as a women’s college until becoming co-ed in 1906. Today it enrolls over 6,800 students from all 50 states and more than 80 countries around the world. It’s one of only around 1% of colleges that receive federal research funding from agencies like NIH or NSF; its research expenditures have increased by 54% since 2012 (to nearly $109 million).

Lewis & Clark College

Lewis & Clark College is a private liberal arts college located in Portland, Oregon. The school was founded in 1867 and offers programs in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

The acceptance rate at Lewis & Clark is 41%, making it one of the most selective schools on this list. Students with an SAT score between 1490-1600 or an ACT composite score of 31-33 are likely to get into Lewis & Clark.

In terms of academics, students have an average GPA of 3.7 out of 4 and an average SAT score of 1360 out of 1600 (or ACT composite score 29 out of 36). The class size averages 24 students per class while tuition costs $47386 per year (without financial aid).

The University of Tampa

The University of Tampa has an acceptance rate of 81%, with tuition at $34,000. This private, non-profit school is located in Tampa, FL and has an undergraduate enrollment of 2,848 and a graduate enrollment of 79.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a public university that has an acceptance rate of 52.4%. VCU has one of the highest art school acceptance rates in the nation and is also one of the top ranking schools for its graduate programs.

The school’s student population is large, with over 30,000 students enrolled at VCU’s main campus in Richmond, VA. It has been recognized as having one of the largest alumni populations among universities in Virginia, with over 210,000 living alumni worldwide.

Otis College of Art and Design

Otis College of Art and Design is a private art and design college located in Los Angeles, California. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields like design, fashion, film, animation and music.

If you’re interested in applying to Otis College of Art and Design, note that the acceptance rate for applicants is 57 percent—making it one of the most selective schools on this list. Not only that but students who enroll are also likely to stay at Otis: according to U.S News data from 2018 (the most recent available), Otis’ freshman retention rate was 94 percent—which means 94 percent of students who started as freshmen graduated with their class within five years’ time at Otis (which is pretty good!).

Here is a list of art schools with high acceptance rates

  • School Name
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Number of students enrolled in the school
  • Number of faculty members at the school
  • Average number of students per faculty member (STF)
  • *Average number of students per student (STS) * *Average number of students per student per faculty member (STSF)


We hope this list of art schools with high acceptance rates was helpful to you.

Top 100 – Colleges with Highest Acceptance Rates for 2021

The following list includes the top 100 colleges in the United States with the highest acceptance rates for entering freshman for 2021. While some colleges and universities have a policy of only accepting a certain percentage of applicants, these schools pride themselves on welcoming as many students as possible each year.

School NameAcceptance Rate
Metropolitan State University
St. Paul, Minnesota
Montana State University–Northern
Havre, Montana
Wayne State College
Wayne, Nebraska
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah
Indian River State College
Fort Pierce, Florida
Bismarck State College
Bismarck, North Dakota
Dixie State University
St. George, Utah
Granite State College
Concord, New Hampshire
University of Pikeville
Pikeville, Kentucky
Boston Architectural College
Boston, Massachusetts
City University of Seattle
Bellevue, Washington
Academy of Art University
San Francisco, California
Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, Georgia
Utah Valley University
Orem, Utah
University of Maryland University College
Adelphi, Maryland
Wilmington University
New Castle, Delaware
Nyack College
Nyack, New York
Montana State University–Billings
Billings, Montana
Cameron University
Lawton, Ohio
CUNY–College of Staten Island
Staten Island, New York

What School Has The Lowest Acceptance Rate

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Established in 1861, MIT is one of the most prestigious educational establishments in the world.

Notable alumni at this prestigious technical college include former U.N Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Richard Feynman, who worked on the Manhattan Project, and Katharine McCormick, who helped develop the first contraceptive pill.

6. Columbia University


Columbia is a private Ivy League research college known as New York’s oldest institution of higher education.

Economics, computer science and political science and government number among the most popular majors at this mid-sized university.

5. Yale University


Yale is a highly rated private Ivy League liberal arts college based in New Haven, Connecticut.

Popular majors undertaken at this prestigious university founded in 1701 include economics, political science, and government and history.View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Columbia University (@columbia)Columbia University

4. California Institute of Technology


CalTech is an elite private college located in Pasadena, California, in the Los Angeles Area.

Admissions are extremely competitive at this small yet prestigious institution, which specializes in computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

3. Princeton University


Established in 1746, Princeton is an elite, mid-sized private college based in New Jersey.

The most popular majors at this elite educational institution include computer science, economics and public policy analysis.View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Princeton University (@princeton)Princeton University

2. Stanford University


Stanford is a prestigious private research university in California, situated on one of America’s largest campuses.

Popular majors at this West Coast college with a highly competitive admissions rate range from computer science and engineering, to biology.

1. Harvard University


Harvard University
A view of the campus of Harvard University on July 08, 2020 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The institution has an average acceptance rate of just 4.9 percentMADDIE MEYER/GETTY IMAGES

Established in 1636 and named after its benefactor, Puritan clergyman John Harvard, this is the oldest institution of higher education in the U.S. and ranked among the world’s most prestigious.

Among the private Ivy League research’s most famous former students are former President John F. Kennedy, ex-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and diplomat Henry Kissinger.

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