Bellarmine University Notable Alumni

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Bellarmine University Notable Alumni

  • John Young Brown III, Secretary of State of Kentucky from 1996 to 2004
  • Joseph C. Burke, former President of State University of New York at Plattsburgh; former Acting Chancellor of the State University of New York
  • Susan Cameron, Reynolds American CEO; former CEO at Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
  • Joseph P. Clayton, former President & CEO, DISH Network; former CEO and chairman of Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc.
  • William J. Donahue, retired Lieutenant General for the United States Air Force
  • Chris Dowe (born 1991), professional basketball player in the Israeli Basketball Premier League
  • Kelly Downard, Louisville Metro Council member (16th District) (2006)
  • Shawn Evans, National Lacrosse League (NLL) player and 2013 NLL MVP
  • Dapo Fagbenle, London-based music video director and entertainer
  • Braydon Hobbs, professional basketball player
  • Jeremy Kendle, professional basketball player
  • Quentin Letts, journalist
  • John MacLeod, veteran NBA coach
  • Kyle Sorensen, National Lacrosse League player
  • Frank L. Schmidt, psychologist
  • Bruce Tinsley, syndicated cartoonist and creator of the Mallard Fillmore comic strip
  • Todd Wellemeyer, Major League Baseball player

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