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Best Colleges In 2k22

One of the more important decisions that you will make during your MyCareer journey is picking what college to attend. Of course, this decision comes after you’ve chosen whether to attend college or go straight to the G-League. 

However, if you chose to forego the G-League and head to school, then you’ll have some additional decisions to make. In NBA 2K22, the school you attend actually has some benefits, unlike previous years. Instead of all of the schools being the same, each one has a different boost that will affect your badges. 

Still, players might pick a school simply for their prowess in real life or their fandom for the actual NCAA teams. Below, players can see all of the schools in NBA 2K22. 

All NCAA college teams in NBA 2K22 

NBA 2k22 all college teams and badges stats
Oklahoma is another option in NBA 2K22 once again. (Picture: 2K)

There are 10 schools available to players in NBA 2K22 and, no surprises here, they’re the same as they were in NBA 2K21. Players have the same choices as last year but the main difference this year is that each school has some added benefits to attending it. The boosts are specific to different badges, meaning players who want to model their player after a certain playstyle have their choices narrowed down for them. 

The 10 schools in NBA 2K22 along with the badge boosts are listed below. 


  • Finishing: +1
  • Shooting: +1
  • Playmaking: +1
  • Defense/Rebounding: +1


  • Finishing: +3
  • Shooting: +0
  • Playmaking: +1
  • Defense/Rebounding: +0

Michigan State

  • Finishing: +0
  • Shooting: +0
  • Playmaking: +4
  • Defense/Rebounding: +0


  • Finishing: +0
  • Shooting: +2
  • Playmaking: +1
  • Defense/Rebounding: +1


  • Finishing: +0
  • Shooting: +1
  • Playmaking: +3
  • Defense/Rebounding: +0

Texas Tech

  • Finishing: +0
  • Shooting: +0
  • Playmaking: +0
  • Defense/Rebounding: +4


  • Finishing: +2
  • Shooting: +0
  • Playmaking: +0
  • Defense/Rebounding: +2


  • Finishing: +2
  • Shooting: +2
  • Playmaking: +0
  • Defense/Rebounding: +0

West Virginia

  • Finishing:+1
  • Shooting: +0
  • Playmaking: +0
  • Defense/Rebounding: +3

In terms of the best school to pick, it truly depends on what you want your player to be proficient in. If you want to be a great shooter, then picking UCLA or Oklahoma are the best options. 

However, if you want to go for more of a defensive presence, then West Virginia or Uconn might be your pick. It’s up to you but you can’t go wrong with picking a school in NBA 2K22. 

Best College For Point Guard 2k22

Even the best playmakers need decent teammates to pass to. These are the ideal landing spots for a point guard in NBA 2K22.

There isn’t much worse than playing as a point guard with a terrible team in NBA 2K22. Even with maximum level dimer badgers, a poor team will clank wide-open shots or pass the rock right back, defeating the point of the pass. Point guards who try to score themselves will often find that defenders will double them up, knocking the rest of the team won’t take advantage of them.

So getting the team right is critical to the process of NBA2K22‘s MyCareer. Thankfully, there are a few teams out there where the MyPlayer can flourish from the point guard spot, setting the stage for a long and illustrious career and many championships for a budding dynasty.

NBA 2k22 college teams
Each college in NBA 2K22 comes with its own benefits to badges. (Picture: 2K)

What To Look For

The ideal team is one that has a glaring need at point guard while the other positions are somewhat secure. Players gain the starting job based on their OVR being higher than the position player in front of them on the depth chart. For example, a player will need to have a 97 to pass up Steph Curry on the Warriors.

That isn’t going to happen, even after several years, no matter how many real-life dollars players turn into VC. There are a few teams that have starting point guards that can be overtaken rather quickly, so then it becomes a matter of who has the better support system and, of course, team preference.

Detroit Pistons

PGSaben Lee75
SGCade Cunningham82
SFSaddiq Bey81
PFJerami Grant81
CKelly Olynyk78

The Pistons showcase the importance of a valuable point guard. The rest of the team, while not all-stars, is complete and cohesive. but without the presence of a passer, the whole team suffers that much more. The Pistons are a team for players that want to be the starts of the squad. Cade Cunningham is an up-and-comer, but he’s certainly not going to steal any spotlight. A MyPlayer in Detroit will be a happy center of attention.

Los Angeles Clippers

PGReggie Jackson77
SGPaul George88
SFKawhi Leonard95
PFMarcus Morris Sr79
CIvica Zubac78

Replacing Reggie Jackson will be pretty easy and playing with George and Leonard (a small forward that immediately gives their team title considerations) means immediate competitiveness. Morris and Zubac are less-than-stellar but this can be seen as an opportunity for the right player. Consider their weakness on the interior and opportunity to drive in for dunks and collect rebounds. Slashing point guards will find a home in Los Angeles.

Washington Wizards

PGRaul Neto75
SGBradley Beal87
SFDeni Avdija78
PFKyle Kuzma82
CKristaps Porzingis86

The Washington Wizards had a nearly complete change from the lineup they started the season with. Porzingis at center is a significant upgrade and Kuzma is one of the few extra-talented power forwards. With frontcourt taken care of and Bradley Beal ready to receive passes, point guards will feel right at home here. The biggest perk is the 75 OVR of Raul Neto; the starting job can belong to the MyPlayer the instant that they get drafted. The team is strangely ready to go after that spot gets taken care of.

Los Angeles Lakers

PGRussell Westbrook78
SGMalik Monk78
SFLeBron James96
PFCarmelo Anthony79
CAnthony Davis92

Thanks to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, one of the best centers in the business, the Lakers have two superstars ready to go. The Lakers were supposed to be a power team this year but failed largely due to injuries paired with the regression of Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. Everybody in Los Angeles wants Westbrook gone now and the MyPlayer could be the perfect person for the job. This is a storied organization that isn’t used to superstars failing to live up to the hype. Gamers have a great chance to bring them back to prominence.

Boston Celtics

PGMarcus Smart79
SGJalen Brown86
SFJayson Tatum90
PFAl Horford80
CRobert Williams82

Thinking of a situation that has it all? Good players to pass to and yet the offensive can still revolve around a point guard that can drain threes or pull off some of the game’s flashiest dunks? Then the Boston Celtics are the answer. No other franchise has a point guard under 80 OVR while the rest of the team has at least an 80 OVR. Marcus Smart, at a 79 OVR, will take a few weeks to overtake for the starting job. But, from there, it’s smooth sailing as this whole roster is ready to get the job done.

NBA 2K22 was released on September 9th, 2021, and is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.