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Best Fine Arts Universities In Italy

Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Oluwajuwon Alvina

I’m going to an art school in Italy” you no doubt heard that a few times from your artsy friends, but now it’s your time to pick your uni and maybe that art school in Italy wasn’t that much of a bad idea.

Lucky for you in Italy, we have a huge selection of art schools if you want to study architecture in Italy in english too, ranging from architecture schools in all the major cities, some of the best product design school in all of the world, and a great number of interior design schools in Italy.

Study abroad in Italy is something that many people want to do. In the article Study abroad in italy the complete 2019 guide  you’ll find all that you need to know about ( check our complete list of public universities in Italy)

So, now you’re all ready to hop on the fancy Italian art school train, but you’re still undecided on where to go. The major cities like Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan and Naples, all have some of the best creative schools in Europe, so you should be looking there, and should be looking on StudentsVille to find your apartment for rent in Italy.

Also, you know about our love for Florence, so just in case go give a look at our Florence Design School list and our more generic university list the Schools in Florence Italy page.

Best design school in Italy

After we looked through a vast number of architecture schools in Italy, best interior design universities in Italydesign colleges in Italy, and the best jewelry design schools in Italy, because if you’re in Italy you can’t leave out all of the beautiful jewelry that the country has to offer. Just think about Florence’s Ponte Vecchio or the amazing jewelry shops in the Brera district of Milan. Jewelry, like fashion and design, is an intricate part of Italian culture, so if this is your passion, you should keep Italy in mind. Anyway, we came to select 6 different schools where you should check out.

Bachelor of Arts in Painting

Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)

Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)Rome, ItalyWe will teach you to paint starting with a traditional approach before moving on to master the latest techniques. Bringing art, the future and a profession within your grasp along a single educational pathway. 

Master in Sacred Art

Sacred Art School

Sacred Art SchoolMetropolitan City of Florence, ItalyThe Master in Sacred Art aims at offering theoretical and practical training in the field of sacred and religious art. This sector, deeply rooted in Italian culture and tradition constitutes a significant percentage of the Italian artistic heritage. The three specializations to choose from for the Master are Painting, Sculpture, and Goldsmithing. MasterFull-timeEnglish, ItalianJan 202215 Dec 2021Online & Campus CombinedCampusOnline Add to comparison Add to favorites

Master of Arts in Fine Arts

Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)

Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)Rome, ItalyThe Master of Arts is divided into 3 curricula: Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking, which share the same structure and vocation. These courses are in English and are the best solution to perfect, enrich and enhance the preparation of artists, creative professionals and cultural operators. MAFull-time2 yearsEnglishOct 2021Online & Campus CombinedCampusOnline Add to comparison Add to favorites 

Master in Visual Arts

Florence Classical Arts Academy

Florence Classical Arts AcademyFlorence, ItalyThis program is available for Russian professional artist practicing in the field, aiming to improve their technical level further and broaden their expertise. There are partial and full scholarships distributed according to the yearly competition. MasterFull-time2 yearsEnglish, RussianOct 2021Campus 

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Rome University Of Fine Arts

RUFA, real dreams, and concrete projects

RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, is a multidisciplinary, international educational center – legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) – offering authoritative, innovative courses in the field of Art, Design, and Communication. RUFA works in collaboration with renowned professionals and prestigious enterprises, guaranteeing its students’ theoretical preparation par excellence, in addition, to constantly updated methodological-operational guidance whilst keeping a keen eye on the workplace and current market trends. Established in 1998 with the objective of fulfilling, within a single Academy, the aspirations of Italian and overseas students and those of its founder, Maestro Alfio Mongelli, RUFA offers Bachelor and Master of Arts degree programs which respond in full to contemporary artistic and cultural contexts, providing an artistic training of the highest calibre and strong, concrete future employment prospects.

Up to date and stimulating training proposals

RUFA offers a large set of training proposals which include some of the most exciting and high-demand areas of study. Guided and advised by the Heads of the Department for Visual Art and the Department for Design and Applied Arts /New Technologies for the Arts, students at RUFA can choose their future professional career from among eight different Bachelor of Arts degree programs:

Painting / Sculpture / Set Design / Graphic Design / Comics and Illustration / Design / Cinema / Photography.

And from eight Master of Arts degree programs:

Multimedia Arts and Design / Visual and Innovation Design / Computer Animation and Visual Effects / Film Arts / Set Design / Sculpture / Painting / Graphic Arts.

For seniors and all students requiring further specialized training, RUFA also offers several short courses, Masters and advanced training courses.

For many years now, RUFA has worked intensively in partnership with the prestigious KDU University College in Malaysia, jointly setting up a Master in Visual and Innovation Design programs. Between the two universities, a highly dynamic, cultural interchange and sharing of ideas and designs have developed, aimed at the educational enrichment of students enrolled at both institutions. The interpenetration between ancient and contemporary tradition is just one cultural suit which the Roman university shares with its Malaysian counterpart. In recent years, relations between the two institutes have been further fostered thanks to scholarship awards. RUFA and KDU University College is in full agreement as to the immense opportunities for growth that this synergy affords, indeed Hon Wei Min, Vice President of the Malaysian university, has stated that, “We firmly believe our students may learn much of great value from RUFA which can then be transferred back home. Both our countries have an extremely ancient cultural heritage, coupled with an equally strong spirit for artistic expression, and the meeting and fusion of the two can only give rise to many new, positive ideas. We believe in you and you believe in us”.

The underlying objective is always that of making ourselves receptive to contamination between different languages, transversality, research, and experimentation.

Custom made method

The RUFA training approach is based on a distinguished and specialized teaching method, which aims to join the university curriculum and professional training.

During their RUFA study years, students can attend laboratories, workshops, experiential lessons, exhibitions, presentations, and debates. These are all contemporary and efficient tools that bring students closer to the reality of the professional workforce. To make the most of their studies, RUFA encourages students to take advantage of the available opportunities, to build a solid theoretical and practical foundation. They can then create inspired art that combines interdisciplinary contamination, transversal enrichment, and innovating experimentation.

Because RUFA is contemporary, it aims to teach and train with its heart set on tradition and its mind projected into the future.

Studying in Rome


Glancing back in time, towards the future

Studying creative arts in an atmosphere contaminated with stimuli and inducements of the highest possible relevance offers inestimable advantages. Rome was the very cradle of the Renaissance and, still today, the city’s historic and artistic heritage is an emblem of worldwide renown. Yet Rome is also a constantly changing city, where dynamic, exciting new languages make it a stage for new, exhilarating contemporary trends. The great diversity on offer in the city’s museums and galleries is the most obvious testament to this. Indeed, Rome boasts not only an illustrious classical proffering but also a stimulating calendar of events and initiatives coming under the banner of new trends and ranging from art to music and even cartoon work.

Master of Arts in Computer Animation and Visual effects
Master of Arts in Film Arts
Master of Arts in Fine Arts
Master of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design
Master of Arts in Printmaking
Master of Arts in Sculpture
Master of Arts in Set Design
Master of Arts in Visual and Innovation Design

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