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Willamette University College of Law

Willamette University College of Law is a private law school in Salem, Oregon, United States. Established in 1842 the Willamette University is the oldest university in the Western United States. The College of Law, founded in 1883, is the oldest law school in the Pacific Northwest. Willamette University College of Law offers Juris Doctor, as well the LL.M and Joint Degree program. Besides that it offers five certificate programs. Willamette’s JD Program based on three years and is accredited by the American Bar Association. For student to get the degree need to complete 90 credit hours.

The first year is basic and rest of two years with electives. And for scholarships students need to maintain 2.90 GPA.  Then there is a one-year, advanced law degree for law school graduates or lawyers. College offers LL.M in Dispute Resolution and Transnational Law for 24 credit hours. Alongside these program, law students can also have Masters is Legal Studies in one year. Then College offers the joint Degree programs J.D/ MBA and J.D/BA Degrees as well.  Besides these degrees programs, Willamette University College of Law has designed five certificate programs. These certificate programs include Law & Business, Dispute Resolution, Law and Government, International and Comparative Law, and in Sustainable Environmental Energy & Resources law.

University of Oregon School of Law

The University Of Oregon School Of Law is a public law school in the U.S. state situated in Eugene, Oregon. Housed in the Knight Law Center, it is Oregon’s only state funded law school founded in 1884. The University Of Oregon School Of Law offers three degree programs, the J.D degree program, the LL.M degree and Masters Degree program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution.

For the J.D degree program, law college offers subjects in Business; Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Ocean and Coastal Law. The Family, Child and Elder Law, Appropriate Dispute Resolution, Law and Entrepreneurship and Public Law and Policy. While for the LL.M is Oregon Masters in Law, with three concentrations, American Law, Business Law and Environmental an Natural Resources Law. 

And there is two years masters program, this Master Degree Program is in Conflict and Dispute Resolution.  Other than these Master Degree programs, Oregon School of Law offers minor Legal studies and joint degree programs as well.

Lewis & Clark Law School

The Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College is with American Bar Association-approved private law school. It is located in Portland, Oregon. The law school received ABA approval in 1970 and joined the Association of American Law Schools in 1973. Lewis & Clark Law School offers Degree Programs as well the Certificate programs in different subjects of Law. The degree programs includes Juris Doctor Program, alongside that there is Joint J.D/MBA program, Joint J.D/LL.M in Environmental Law Degree programs and Masters in Environmental Law.

Alongside these degree programs there LL.M degree programs like The LL.M degree in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law, The distance learning LL.M Degrees in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law and The LL.M degree in Animal Law. Then there is a The M.S.L degree in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law. While the JD certificates programs are designed in different law subjects.

These subjects include Business Law, Animal Law, Criminal Law & Justice, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Energy, Innovation & Sustainability Law, Intellectual Property Law, Public Interest Law, Tax Law and International Law. The Tuition fee for full time is: $46,370 and$34,786 for part-time.

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