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Do you want to know what is the best school in the uk? Do you have hours searching online looking for answers to this question, but when the effort doesn’t yield the desired results? This article will clarify everything you need to know. 

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199.60St Paul’s Girls’ SchoolDayGirls27,831 100.00
298.61Westminster SchoolBothCo-ed (Boys Only 13 – 16)31,49141,607
397.60Wycombe Abbey SchoolBoardingGirls30,27040,35098.70
497.27Guildford High School for GirlsDayGirls17,733 
596.66St Paul’s SchoolBothBoys25,90838,991
696.29North London Collegiate SchoolDayGirls20,430 
796.12Godolphin & Latymer SchoolDayGirls23,085 98.60
895.88King’s College School – WimbledonDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)22,335 98.70
994.97St Mary’s School – AscotBothGirls29,01040,74098.00
1094.62City of London School for BoysDayBoys18,939 
1194.16City of London School for GirlsDayGirls  
1293.93Perse Upper SchoolDayCo-ed17,994 97.00
=93.93Brighton CollegeBothCo-ed25,77050,88096.00
1493.45Magdalen College SchoolDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)19,413 96.00
1592.98Eton CollegeBoardingBoys 42,50196.50

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