Best schools in Chanda Nagar Hyderabad

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If you’re looking for the best schools in Chanda Nagar Hyderabad, you’ve come to the right place. x We’ve done all the hard work for you by compiling a list of the best schools in Chanda Nagar Hyderabad. All of these schools will provide you with a great education at an affordable price. Not only that, but we’ve also taken the time to research each of these schools so that we can tell you exactly what makes them stand out from the rest. We want to make sure that you don’t have to waste any time or energy figuring out which school is right for your needs!

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on Best schools in Chanda Nagar Hyderabad. Read on to learn more. We at collegelearners have all the information that you need about Best schools in Chanda Nagar Hyderabad

Best schools in Chanda Nagar Hyderabad.

Sri Chaitanya Bharathi Junior College2-107/1, NH65, Sri Ram Nagar Colony, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500050081218 07008
Pragnya Degree CollegeChenna Baddyi Tower, Plot no.5-2-3, Manjira Road, Near Vijitha Supermarket, Gangaram, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500050040 2303 0494
V. D. Bajaj Degree College For WomenBlock C, Plot #: 1-56/B/2/2, Survey #: 302, Gangaram, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500050040 2303 3383

Best Schools in Hyderabad 2023-24

Even the tallest of buildings cannot stand without a solid foundation. Your child’s education is no different. Given the importance of quality education in today’s fast-paced world, primary and secondary schooling plays a pivotal role in your children’s growth. This is a widely accepted fact. 

1.Chirec International School

Established with a mission and vision to provide a holistic learning experience to the students of Hyderabad, CHIREC International is, without doubt, a leading institute for pre-primary to secondary level education in Hyderabad.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Ratna Reddy, CHIREC focuses on the overall development of the student and makes them ready to face the real world. CHIREC follows a well-rounded teaching methodology that gives equal importance to academics, sports, and co-curricular helping the Students to be ready for tomorrow.

  • Location: Kondapur, Jubilee Hills, and Gachibowli
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE, IB, and Cambridge curricula
  • Class Level: Nursery to XII
  • Facilities: Dining, Transport, Sports Facilities, Digital Classrooms, Auditorium, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Library, and etc. 
  • Accreditations: CBSE certified, British Council International School Award 2014-17.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • chirec contact number : +91 9121174324


The average annual fees for Nursery to Pre-Primary Classes range from Rs.2.22-2.43 lakhs. After the admission, a 10% increase is to be expected the following year.

Additionally, the school provides transportation facilities and lunch to ease travel and make sure the children stay alert. Depending on the distance, the transport fee costs Rs.14,000, while the lunch fee is approximately Rs.29,900 per year. The details have been taken from a reliable source. However, the actual fees may differ from one grade to another, every year.


2.Oakridge International School

School is where the foundation for tomorrow is laid. It is at school that children are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to face the world. This knowledge is the central idea of Oakridge International School.

Established around a decade ago, Oakridge International School has taken the state’s education industry by storm. Right from the beginning, it has been among the best and stands strong among the top international schools in Hyderabad today. Oakridge International School is the 2nd largest IB school in the country with world-class infrastructure.

  • Location: Gachibowli and Bachupally
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Dining, Transport, Auditoriums, Laboratories, and Library.
  • Accreditations: IB and CBSE certified.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • oakridge contact number : +91 9133 337 711 / 22


Nursery, EYPI to Grade IIIINR 2.9 to INR 4.9 Lakhs
MYP Grade IV to XINR 5.2 to INR 5.7 Lakhs
CBSE Grade VII to XIINR 5 to INR 5.6 Lakhs
IBDP Grade XIINR 8 to INR 9 Lakhs

Food and transportation costs are additional, one-time payments at INR 28,200 and INR 41,700, respectively. Fees may differ in the change of curriculum, but either way, it falls right in the industry standards today.

3.Aga Khan Academy

Located near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, the Aga Khan Academy is an international school that provides world-class facilities and education to its students.

It prides itself on being diverse and multicultural. Admissions are purely based on merit and independent of a family’s socio-economic status. The Aga Khan Academy is a wing of the Aga Khan Development Network, which runs more than 240 schools and educational programs throughout the world.

  • Location: Near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: IB
  • Class Level: Class I to Class XII
  • Facilities: The campus is purpose-built with world-class sports facilities, Spaces for Artistic Performances, Dining , Residential Facilities, Resource Centers, and Library.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Contact number : +91-40-66291313


Class 1-5:
Admission fee: 300000
Tution fee: 485000
Lunch and snacks: 46800

Class 6:
Admission fee: 300000
Tution fee: 740000 (Residential: 1200000)
Lunch and snacks: 46800

Class 7-10:
Admission fee: 300000
Tution fee: 785000 (Residential: 1200000)
Lunch and snacks: 46800

Class 11-12:
Admission fee: 300000
Tution fee: 1025000(Residential: 1465000)
Lunch and snacks: 46800

4.International School of Hyderabad

The International School of Hyderabad was founded in 1981 within the ICRISAT campus in Hyderabad. It is among the most diverse schools in the country with a high percentage of foreign students.

Spread across 10 acres, it provides education to 400 students hailing from 20 different countries. Plus, it offers multiple international curricula, making it a truly international school.

  • Location: ICRISAT, Ramachandra Puram, Hyderabad.
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: Cambridge and IB
  • Class Level: Pre Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Digital classrooms, Personalized Learning, Transport Facility, 4 Outdoor Fields, Multi-Purpose Gym, and etc.
  • Affiliations: New England Association of Schools, Council of International Schools.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • international school of Hyderabad contact number : 040-30713872


₹ 5,80,000 per annum.

5.Sloka – The Hyderabad Waldorf School

Sloka – The Hyderabad Waldorf School, was founded on July 3, 1997. Sloka is a fully established Waldorf School that follows the Waldorf curriculum. From kindergarten to high school, they focus on the overall development of children to yield well-balanced personalities.

Waldorf education was founded by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian, almost a century ago in Stuttgart, Germany. It is unique, multidimensional, and promotes all strengths of a child. 

Sloka’s primary focus is on children’s mental and physical well-being. They believe that a healthy individual is quintessential for a healthy society. Studying here also ignites the kid’s interest in learning by triggering their imagination, inspiring them, and enhancing their intuition for a balanced life. 

  • Location: Road No. 10, Jubilee Hills & Aziz Nagar
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class X
  • Facilities: Playground with 200m Track, Dining, Transportation, Indoor & Outdoor Games, & Creative Learning Activities.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • sloka contact number : 96035 50059


₹ 1,57,000 – ₹ 1,70,000 per annum. 

6.Hyderabad Public School

Established in 1923 is almost a 100-year-old school, and is still going strong to this day. HPS has a wide range of successful alumni like Satya Nadella- CEO, Microsoft, T.K. Kurien- CEO, Wipro,  Harsha Bhogle- Television Presenter and Cricket Commentator. 

The school continues to produce competent young citizens who excel in various walks of life. If you are looking for one of the best schools in Hyderabad with an interesting history, deep values, and a unique pedagogy, HPS is for you.

  • Location: Begumpet
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: ICSE and ISC curriculum
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Recreation Room, Dining, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Science Labs, Computer Labs, Transport, Medical Aid and many more.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Hyderabad public school Contact number : 04027761546


₹ 1,00,500 per annum.

7.Glendale Academy

Glendale Academy is perched beautifully in a prime location in Hyderabad, across 11.2 acres. It functions intending to provide wholesome education, drawing inspiration from the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Glendale also offers various value-added activities as a part of the curriculum itself to ensure all-around education and stress-free learning.

  • Location: Golkonda, Hyderabad
  • Google location pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE and CIE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Interactive classrooms, Innovative Learning through Mass Media Lab, Home Science Lab; and Fashion Designing Lab, Multipurpose Hall, Auditorium, and Transport Facility.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Glendale contact number : 90300 01128


Glendale Academy has a Registration Fee of ₹ 500 and a Caution Deposit of ₹ 5000. Parents can pay the annual fee in three terms.

The annual fees are

Nursery₹ 1,25,000
Pre-Primary I₹ 1,37,000
Pre- Primary II₹ 1,65,000
I – II₹ 2,41,000
III – V₹ 2,60,000
VI-VII₹ 2,70,000
IX – X₹ 2,75,000
XI-XII₹ 3,00,000

The academy provides A/C Buses for the students, with extra transportation fees depending on the distance. If the student lives within a radius of 5km from the school, the transport fee for the term is ₹9,500. If the range is around 5-10kms, the transport fee is ₹ 13,000; for 10-15 km the transport fee is ₹ 14,000; and if the distance is more than 15kms, the transport fee is ₹ 15,000.

The information has been taken from a reliable source, even though the prices may vary from time to time. We encourage you to contact the school authorities or even visit the school once and clear all your doubts. This will help you evaluate and conclude.

8.Sreenidhi International  School

Sreenidhi International School is spread across 60 acres and provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for children to learn and develop life skills.

It is a prestigious institution that focuses on the wholesome development of its students by providing a space for them to nurture their talents, be it in art, sports, or subjects.

  • Location: Moinabad
  • Curriculum: IB, ICSE, and ICS
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Residential campus (separate for boys and girls), Smart Boards, Separate Lab and Library Buildings, Film Screening on Campus, Amphitheater, Sports Complex, Bank, and Dining.
  • Affiliations: British Council, IB, CISCE, and CIS.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Sreenidhi international school contact number : 99122 44409


₹ 2,80,000 per annum.

9.Sancta Maria International School

Sancta Maria International Schools curriculum is more student-focused and helps them be ready for tomorrow’s new challenge. A wing of renowned St. Mary’s Educational Society, Sancta Maria stands as a symbol of excellence and versatility. Spread over 5 acres, the school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. The massive school has so many amenities for its children that we are not surprised about its ranking among the best schools in Hyderabad

  • Location: Lingampally
  • Google pin location :
  • Curriculum: IGCSE
  • Class Level: Primary to Grade XII
  • Facilities: Dining, Library, Amphitheater, Indoor Sports, Infirmary, Transportation, and ITC (Information Technology and Communication).
  • Affiliations: Affiliated to University of Cambridge.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Sancta maria International school  : +91 9640060464


₹ 3,00,000 per annum.

10.Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School took shape in 1949 and today they have around 200 schools around the country and are one of the most famous educational institutes in India. DPS has campuses in both Hyderabad and Secunderabad and operates with the noble motto of “Service before self”.

  • Location: Khajaguda Village, Secunderabad, Gachibowli
  • Google pin location :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Auditorium, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Transport, Medical aid, and etc.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Delhi public school contact number : 040 2980 6765/66/67


Class Nursery (LKG) & Prep. (UKG): Rs. 1,25,700/-
Class I to V: Rs. 1,32,000/-
Class VI to X: Rs. 1,39,800/-
Class XI & XII: Rs. 1,59,000/-


Established in 1961, Vidyaranya High School, aims at bringing teachers, parents, and children together “in a spirit of friendliness, love, and freedom from fear.”

They provide a happy learning environment, which makes children eager to learn and understand. The school is strictly against fear-based learning and nurtures students in an open, friendly atmosphere.

Vidyaranya has been ranked among the top schools in India, considering different factors. Examinations at this school are conducted from standard level VIII and quarterly reports are sent to parents about their children’s progress.

  • Location: Green Gates, Saifabad
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: ICSE
  • Class Level: LKG to Class X
  • Facilities: Vast playground, Fully-equipped Library, Fully-equipped Science Labs, Auditoriums, Audio-Visual Rooms, Spacious Classrooms. The school, however, does not provide any transportation facility.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Vidyaranya contact number : 04023235146


₹ 73,000 to ₹ 89,950 per annum.

12.Meridian School

In 1995, the first branch of Meridian School was unveiled in Banjara Hills. Soon enough, two more campuses were established in Madhapur (2006) and Kukatpally (2008). In 2010, Meridian Kids, an exclusive pre-school, was also set up in Jubilee Hills.

The school’s curriculum and amenities are in sync with international standards and they have been recognized globally for their efforts and hence it is among the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad today.

  • Location: Banjara Hills, Madhapur, Kukatpally
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE.
  • Class level: Kindergarten to Class XII.
  • Facilities: Laboratories, Transport, Cafeteria, Infirmary, Library, Playground, Library, and Fully-equipped Science Labs.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Meridian school contact number : 9948508222


₹ 2,44,000 per annum.

13.Meru International School

Meru International School is one of the city’s fastest-growing schools and comes with a lot of credibilities, being established by the founders of My Home Group and Maha Cement.

In a very short span of 3 years, the school grew to a strength of 1500 students. The campus, which spans over 3 acres, has multiple sports facilities including cricket, football, basketball, and athletics track. It also consists of state-of-the-art facilities such as labs and rooms for music and art, etc.

The school implements a number of unique methods and programs. A few of its USPs include M-CLAP, circle time, reflection time, innovation lab, parent connect program, faculty, and training.

  • Location: Chandanagar
  • Curriculum: Till the 6th grade, all the classes follow the Cambridge curriculum. However, the school allows students/parents to pick a curriculum between CBSE and Cambridge after they reach 6th grade, depending on their compatibility.
  • Class Level: LKG to Class XII
  • Facilities: Smart classrooms, Library, Modern Laboratories, Large Playground & Sports facilities, Dining and mess, Separate Rooms Performing Arts, Clubs for Co-curricular Activities.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:


₹ 1,50,000 to ₹ 1,80,000per annum.

14.Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s (Vidyashram)

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public school was established in 1979, is on about 8 acres of land. provides quality education to its pupil along with spiritual values, keeping the culture of India alive in the hearts of the students. The school is a perfect blend of modern thinking and tradition.

  • Location: Jubilee Hills
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class XII
  • Facilities: Audio-visual learning, Fully-equipped Laboratories, Canteen, Fully-stocked Library, Enormous Playground, and etc.
  • For more details regarding admission visit  the website:
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s contact number : 099128 48923


₹ 30,000 – ₹ 35,000 INR per annum.

15.P. Obul Reddy Public School

P. Obul Reddy Public school has opened its gates to its students in the year 1989, HAs completed 30 remarkable years in existence. The school has been one of the top schools in Hyderabad. P.Obul Reddy also focuses on the overall development of the students. With a 360o approach and holistic educational pedagogy, the students excel equally well in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The students bring laurels and accolades in academics and sports every year.

  • Location: Road Number 25, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: LKG to Class XII 
  • Facilities: Science Labs, Canteen, Dance and Music, Art and crafts, Infirmary, Auditorium, Digital Learning, and Trasport. 
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • P.Obul reddy school contact number :  040 2354 8912


Admission fee: ₹ 60,000, and annual fee is around ₹ 54,000 per annum. 

16.The Shri Ram Universal School

The Shri Ram Universal School started in the year 1988, and started its Hyderabad branch in 2008 since then it has been one of the top schools in Hyderabad and continues today too. The campus is in the area of 6-acre and is surrounded by lush greenery. The school focus on student-centric teaching and learning. The school also focuses on and encourages students to explore their interests in sports or extracurricular activities as well.

  • Location: Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: LKG to Class XII
  • Facilities: Classrooms, Science Labs, Canteen, Library, Transportation and Computer lab.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • The Shri Ram Universal School contact number :90140 39119


Nursery,Prep &Grade-I   –      157,500
Grade- II to V                     –   165,495
Grade- IV to V                    –  179,400
Grade VI-VIII                     – 187,500
Grade-IX                             – 202,500

17.Rockwell International School

With one teacher for every 20-25 students, Rockwell International School aims at delivering world-class education that nurtures children into responsible global citizens.

Equal importance is, therefore, given to scholastic excellence, sports, and co-curricular.

  • Location: Gandipet
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: IB
  • Class Level: Primary to Grade XII 
  • Facilities: Dining area, Library, Art & Craft Hall, Yoga Center, and Indoor Sports.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Rockwell international school contact number: 09618662201


Application Fee – 600/-
Security Deposit – 5000/-

PP1 and PP2Rs1,97,00/-
PRIMARY(I – V)Rs2,26,200 /-
MIDDLE(VI – VIII)Rs2,40,000 /-
Secondary(IX to X)Rs2,60,000 /-

18.St. Ann’s High School, Secunderabad

One of the oldest all-girls schools, St. Ann’s High School was established in 1871. It has classes up to X grade and strictly believes that “excellence is not a skill, but an attitude,” which it nurtures through its teaching methodology. It was recently ranked one of the best SSC schools in Hyderabad

It focuses not just on regular learning but also health, sports, work, computer, art, and cultural education.

  • Location: Secunderabad
  • Curriculum: SSC
  • Class Level: LKG to Class X
  • Facilities: Playground (Separate grounds for kindergarten and high school), Laboratories, Library. However, the school does not provide transportation facilities.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:


₹ 33,500 to ₹ 35,400 per annum.

19.Abhyasa International Residential School

In a discussion about the best residential schools in Hyderabad, it would be a crime to leave out Abhyasa International Residential School. The school was founded in 1996.

It provides a perfect blend of tradition & modernism to its students. It is a fully residential co-educational school with classes up to grade XII. The sprawling 27-acre campus is stunning, to say the least, and has been purpose-built for holistic education.

  • Location: Toopran, Medak
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: CIE, ICSE, and ISC
  • Class Level: Grade IV to Grade XII
  • Facilities: Digital classrooms, in-campus hostel, Trekking, Large Playground, Spiritual Activities, Soft Skill Development.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Abhyasa International  School contact number : 09100093333


GradeTotal Annual Fee
Grade 4₹ 2,60,000
Grade 5₹ 2,60,000
Grade 6₹ 2,70,000
Grade 7₹ 2,75,000
Grade 8₹ 2,80,00
Grade 9₹ 2,90,000
Grade 10₹ 3,00,000
Grade 11₹ 2,75,000
Grade 12₹ 3,00,000

The details have been taken from their official website, although the prices may vary from year to year.

20.Gitanjali Devshala

Gitanjali Devshala in Secunderabad was founded in 1997. Its main focus is on providing students with the right blend of academics and extracurricular activities through STEM learning. It also helps children build important life skills such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

  • Location: Secunderabad
  • Google location  pin :
  • Curriculum: ICSE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class X
  • Facilities: Transport, Professional Training facilities for different Sports, Science Labs, Library, and etc.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • Gitanjali Devshala contact number : 04027908260


Class Annual Fee
Nursery, Pre-Primary 1, and Pre-Primary 2₹ 71,300
Classes I to V ₹ 89,850- ₹ 92,000   {with an increment of ₹ 500 every year}
Class VI₹ 99550
Class VII₹ 99300
Class VIII₹ 98500
Class IX₹ 101700
Class X₹ 103500

At Geetanjali, we believe every student has the right to gain knowledge. Hence, there are classes for special students, starting from ₹45,200 for Pre-Primary classes, ₹49,900 for Primary Classes, and ₹52,100 for Senior Classes. Although the information has been taken from a reliable source, the prices may differ.

21.Chaitanya Vidyalaya

Founded in 1989, Chaitanya Vidyalaya is sponsored by the Purander Memorial Charitable Trust.

It is perched amidst around 1.5 acres of greenery, making it a wholesome environment for learning and growth.

  • Location: Domalguda
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: ICSE
  • Class Level: Nursery to Class X
  • Facilities: Playground, Science Laboratories, Library, Canteen, Computer Lab, Medical Facility, and Transport.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • contact number : 079951 27262


₹ 80,000 per annum.

22.Jubilee Hills Public School

JHPS Established in 1986, the school focuses on blended learning of traditional and technology focusing on the all-around development of students. It provides education to 3000+ students with an experienced teaching staff that is 130+ professionals strong.

Over the years, it has established itself as a force to reckon especially among the best CBSE schools, and to this day, it stands tall as one of the best schools in Jubilee Hills. The 6-acre campus is furnished with a variety of facilities for students so that they can study, play, and actively participate in activities.

  • Location: Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Google pin  :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: LKG to Class XII { +1 and +2 Only for commerce}
  • Facilities: Auditorium, Library, Medical Room, Canteen, Gymnasium, Special Education, Audio-Visual Room, Gym, and Laboratories. 
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website:
  • contact number : 04023548584


LKG&UKG   : 90300 (30100 per each term)
Class 1 to 4: 96750 (32250 per each term)
Class 5 to 7: 111450(37150 per each term)
Class 8 to 10: 126000(42000 per each term)
Class 11 and 12: 103500(34500 per each term)

23.Little Flower School

Founded in 2007, Little Flower School stands true to its motto “Education is Excellence.” It focuses on holistic education, which goes beyond the marks and grades.

Children are groomed physically, morally, spiritually, mentally, socially, and psychologically at Little Flower School. The Uppal campus is located within the Little Flower Junior College campus. The school also has a branch in Abids.

  • Location: Uppal
  • Google pin :
  • Curriculum: CBSE
  • Class Level: Class I to Class X
  • Facilities: Digital Classrooms, Music Room, Play Area, Auditorium, Counseling Room, Trinergy Center (area for meditation), Library, and Laboratories.
  • For more details regarding admission visit the website: 
  • contact number : 09849342097


1st Class₹ 43,200
2nd Class₹ 39,600
3rd Class₹ 39,600
4th Class₹ 41,850
5th Class₹ 41,850
6th Class₹ 44,100
7th Class₹ 44,550
8th Class₹ 49,500
9th Class₹ 44,640
10th Class₹ 45,450

This list is your checklist if you are looking for some of the best schools in Hyderabad. Make an informed decision, and let your child benefit from a wholesome learning experience!