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Best Schools in Exeter

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Fola Shade

If you’re looking for the best schools in Exeter, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our top-rated schools in Exeter based on academic reputation and student reviews. Our data comes from students who have attended these schools and provided their ratings. We take academic reputation into account when making our rankings because it’s an important factor that can help parents make an informed decision about where to send their children. We also looked at what current parents had to say about each school on our list. Our research shows that this information is just as vital as academic reputation when it comes to choosing a school for your child.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on best schools in exeter. Read on to learn more. We at collegelearners have all the information that you need about best schools in exeter.

best Private schools in exeter

Facts About Exeter Schools

  • 16,481 pupils are attending 51 schools in Exeter in 2020/21. This includes 36 state-funded and 5 independent schools.
  • The top ranked schools in Exeter are St David’s CofE Primary School, St Peter’s Church of England Aided School, and Isca. Rank is based on a overall Snobe grade.
  • In Exeter schools, 9.63% of pupils strong pass in reading, writing & maths versus the england average of 9.86%.
  • 14.76% of pupils in Exeter achieved 5 or more grades in GCSEs 2019 as compared with england average of 25.13%.


All schools

  • 56Nurseries
  • 28Primary schools
  • 20Secondary schools
  • 5Private schools

Best Schools in Exeter

Top 5 Nurseries

School name
-West Exe Nursery SchoolAge: 2-5 yr 131 students
-Chestnut NurseryAge: 2-5 yr 37 students
-St Thomas Methodist Pre School
-The Grosvenor Day NurseryAge: 0.3-5 yr
-Ludwell Valley Centre

Top 5 Primary Schools

School nameEnglishMaths
B-Wynstream School Age: 4-11 yr 368 students100101
B-Woodwater Academy Age: 3-11 yr 316 students106108
B-Ladysmith Junior School Age: 7-11 yr 354 students107107
B-Willowbrook School Age: 3-11 yr 391 students105104
B-Newtown Primary School Age: 4-11 yr 133 students105102

Top 5 Secondary Schools

School name5+ at GCSEEntering eBacc
B+St Peter’s Church of England Aided School Age: 11-16 yr 1296 students56%63%
BIsca Age: 11-16 yr 978 students40%29%
C+Barley Lane School Age: 7-16 yr 77 students0%0%
C-St James School Age: 11-16 yr 968 students43%70%
D+West Exe School Age: 11-16 yr 1083 students48%31%

Top 5 Private Schools

School nameFee yearly
-The Maynard School Age: 4-19 yr 446 students£2,095 to £4,416
-Exeter Cathedral School Age: 3-13 yr 270 students£233 to £3,959
-Exeter School Age: 6-19 yr 937 students£3,975 to £4,410
-St Wilfrid’s School Age: 3-16 yr 39 students
-CMAS School Devon Age: 13-16 yr 48 students

Best 10 Primary Schools In Exeter

The beginning of a thing will determine how the end of it will be. When a house is solidly built, it can withstand every destructive wind violence, but when it is not, it is easily carried away like a sand in the ocean.

The early years of a child matters a lot and it is recommended that the child is giving a good foundation to lay upon. And here is the deal, we have highlighted the Best 10 Primary Schools In Exeter for easy selection of the dream foundation you desire for your child. So here we go;

1.  Ladysmith Junior School

This is a good school. Leadership and management are good and have enabled the school to emerge well after a period of substantial change in the staffing of the school. Leaders take determined and well-considered action to bring improvement.

The relatively new headteacher has raised expectations to quicken pupils’ progress and secure their good achievement. Staff and pupils share encouraging relationships and these promote pupils’ good behaviour. The calm learning atmosphere in all classes is also enriching pupils’ progress.

The high level of attendance year on year shows the pupils’ love of school. It is also reflects the decisive action of school leaders, in partnership with parents and outside agencies, to secure good attendance.

In summary, the Best 10 Primary Schools In Exeter in keeping pupils safe and in promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are outstanding features that underpin the pupils’ confidence in learning.

2. Exwick Heights Primary School

This is an outstanding school. It is a highly inclusive and extremely caring learning community in which all groups of pupils are able to thrive. Led by a very well- respected headteacher, leaders and managers at all levels, including the governing body, have driven standards higher.

All leaders know the school very well and there is a relentless focus on excellence. Self-evaluation is thorough and accurate, and this has allowed the school to improve markedly in a wide range of areas since the previous inspection.

An example of this is in the transformation of the Early Years Foundation Stage into the cohesive and outstanding unit it now is. This provides a launch pad for academic improvement.

Attainment is above average and often high, reflecting outstanding achievement. Thus, the capacity for further improvement is outstanding.

Teaching, curriculum and care, guidance and support have all been developed to excellent levels and this has been crucial to the school improving pupils’ attainment. In the best lessons, learning is extremely rapid.

primary schools in exeter

3.  Woodwater Academy

This is a larger-than-average-sized primary school. The majority of pupils are of White British heritage. Woodwater Academy converted to become an academy school on 1st January 2013. When Ofsted last inspected its predecessor school, Walter Daw Primary, it was judged to require improvement.

Woodwater Academy is part of the Primary Academies Trust.This is a good school. Leaders at all levels in the academy trust, including the head of school and local governors, have the highest expectations about the academy’s continuous improvement and are working hard to ensure that this is happening.

This outstanding leadership and management is bringing about rapid school improvement. Attainment and progress are now securely good throughout the academy. This includes in English and mathematics.

Teaching in all parts of the academy is consistently good and this is helping pupils to achieve well. The early years’ provision is highly effective in supporting children’s rapid development and learning.

4. St Sidwell’s Church Of England Primary School And Nursery

And 4th on our list of Best 10 Primary Schools In Exeter is much appreciated by parents and carers with whom it has very effective partnerships. Pupils are very well cared for and are treated as individuals. Their diverse backgrounds are respected and celebrated.

Children make excellent progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage and outcomes are well above national expectations. The school is not yet judged outstanding because outcomes for pupils are not yet as high across the school. Achievement is good.

All pupils, including many for whom English is an additional language and those who are disabled or have special educational needs, achieve well. In the national test results in 2011, attainment by the end of Year 6 was average in English and above average in mathematics.

In previous years, it was above average in both subjects. Currently though, across the school, pupils’ skills in writing are improving but are not as well developed as those in reading. Most teaching is good. It is outstanding in the Early Years Foundation Stage and occasionally so across the school.

Pupils behave very well. They show respect for each other and are courteous to adults. Behavior in lessons is consistently good. They have a good understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe.

5. St Michael’s Church Of England Primary Academy

St Michael’s Church of England Primary Academy converted to become an academy school on 1 September 2013. The school is larger than the average-sized primary school. This is an outstanding school Since the school became an academy in September 2013, pupils’ standards have risen rapidly and consistently.

The achievements of all pupils are outstanding, including those who are disadvantaged, as well as disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs. Children in the early years begin to make very good progress from the moment they start school.

Staff skilfully provide children with a vibrant and interesting environment for learning, both indoors and outdoors. The headteacher and senior leadership team provide very determined and focused direction.

All staff work extremely well together as a team to maintain high standards in all aspects of the school’s work. The governing body is ambitious for everyone in the school. It regularly checks how well everyone is working.

6. St Nicholas Catholic Primary School

This is a good school Leaders have maintained the school’s strengths from the previous inspection. They have successfully improved pupils’ attainment and progress following a decline in some recent results, particularly in key stage 2.

Pupils achieve well overall in reading, writing and mathematics. There has been a marked improvement in mathematics recently. Teaching is good, encouraging a strong response from pupils.

Teachers have benefited from many opportunities to develop their skills further, and they are now held more accountable for pupils’ progress. Children in the Nursery and Reception are taught well and make good progress. Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school.

7.  Stoke Hill Junior School

The headteacher, senior leaders and the governors are wholly committed to maintaining and accelerating improvement in both achievement and the quality of teaching and are clear about how to do so. Teaching is consistently good with some examples of outstanding practice.

Staff are conscientious and set themselves high standards. Achievement is good and pupils of all abilities and all backgrounds make good progress in English and mathematics from the time they enter the school.

Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs or with English as an additional language make extremely good progress. Pupils develop strong information and communications technology (ICT) skills and lap tops are used as ‘tools’ in many subjects.

8.  Redhills Primary School

This is a good school Attainment and progress have both improved since the previous inspection and pupils’ achievement is now good across the school. Reading is a strength because the school provides very good opportunities for pupils to read widely. Teaching is good.


The school is a happy and friendly place. Parents and carers value how welcoming the school is and how well teachers know the children. Pupils feel well cared for and they are. It is consistent, well planned and all staff regularly check how successfully all groups of pupils learn.

Good marking keeps pupils both well informed and interested in their own progress. Pupils show positive attitudes to learning and agree the school is a safe place. Typically, behaviour is good and pupils get along very well with adults and one another.

The headteacher, staff and the governing body work closely together to develop the school. Careful checks on teaching and progress have made sure the school has improved, ensuring pupils enjoy lessons and achieve well.

10. St David’s Cofe Primary School

Lastly on the list of the Best 10 Primary Schools In Exeter is also a good school. Pupils are achieving higher standards and making better progress in both English and mathematics than at the time of the last inspection. This is because there is more good teaching than previously across the school.

Teaching in the Early Years Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1 is especially strong so that pupils get a good start. Pupils enjoy lessons and because teachers check their work carefully they are able to improve rapidly. Behaviour is consistently good and pupils are keen to learn

Colleges near Exeter, New Hampshire

Looking for information about the best colleges and universities in Exeter? Here’s your guide to the top schools located within 20 miles of Exeter, New Hampshire.

There are about 5 colleges in the area, including 2 private colleges and universities, 1 public college or university, and 2 community colleges offering 2-year degrees.

Read on to get a breakdown of the colleges near Exeter, with details about cost, enrollment, student type and degree offerings.

Best Public Schools in Exeter

For the 2023 school year, there are 9 public schools serving 3,451 students in Exeter, NH (there are 5 private schools, serving 1,568 private students). 69% of all K-12 students in Exeter, NH are educated in public schools compared to the NH state average of 86%.

The top ranked public schools in Exeter, NH are Kensington Elementary SchoolSwasey Central School and Lincoln Street Elementary SchoolOverall testing rank is based on a school’s combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking.

Exeter, NH public schools have an average math proficiency score of 59% (versus the New Hampshire public school average of 48%), and reading proficiency score of 72% (versus the 56% statewide average). Schools in Exeter have an average ranking of 9/10, which is in the top 20% of New Hampshire public schools.

Minority enrollment is 9% of the student body (majority Asian and Hispanic), which is less than the New Hampshire public school average of 16% (majority Hispanic).

Best Exeter, NH Public Schools (2023)

School (Math and Reading Proficiency)





Kensington Elementary School

Math: 70-79% | Reading: 70-79%



 Top 10%Add to Compare

122 Amesbury Rd.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 772-5705




Swasey Central School

Math: 65-69% | Reading: 75-79%



 Top 10%Add to Compare

355 Middle Rd.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 642-3487




Lincoln Street Elementary School

Math: 67% | Reading: 71%



 Top 20%Add to Compare

25 Lincoln St.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 775-8860




Exeter High School

Math: 57% | Reading: 77%



 Top 20%Add to Compare

1 Blue Hawk Dr.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 775-8400




Virtual Learning Academy (H)

Charter School

Math: 40-49% | Reading: 80-89%



 Top 30%Add to Compare

30 Linden St.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 778-2500




Virtual Learning Academy (E)

Charter School

Math: 40-49% | Reading: 60-69%



 Top 50%Add to Compare

30 Linden St.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 778-2500




Great Bay Charter School (H)

Charter School

Math: 11-19% | Reading: 30-39%



 Bottom 50%Add to Compare

30 Linden St.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 775-8638




Great Bay Charter School (M)

Charter School

Math: ≤10% | Reading: 30-39%



 Bottom 50%Add to Compare

30 Linden St.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 775-8638




Main Street SchoolAdd to Compare

40 Main St.
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 775-8946