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For admission into the Occupational Therapy Assistant Associate of Science Degree program, applicants must meet the general college admissions requirements which include application, application fee, SAT/ACT scores and submit the following:

Application Requirements:

  • Official transcript showing evidence of successful completion of the following high school or college level courses with a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) or higher:
    • Algebra I
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • Standardized test scores:
    • Minimum SAT critical reading score of 430/Math score of 380
    • Minimum ACT composite score of 18
  • Two (2) professional references on the college reference form.
    • If you have been enrolled in another Occupational Therapy Assistant program within the last five years, one reference must be from a program official or faculty member at the institution attended
  • Complete 3 essays and review the following video aids. Completing the essays will put you one step closer to being reviewed for admission into the program. Applicants will be scored on quality of writing, critical thinking, passion for the Occupational Therapy Assistant profession, an understanding of the Occupational Therapy settings and an understanding of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
    • Video Aids
      • Career Overview
        • What is Occupational Therapy?
      • Occupational Therapy Settings
        • Hospital/Acute Care
        • Teletherapy and Peds
        • Pediatrics
        • Inpatient Children’s Hospital (PICU)
        • Home Health
    • Essay Writing Prompts (Please complete all 3 essays during the online application).
      • Reflect on the different settings within the Occupational Therapy profession. Which setting appeals to you the most and why?
      • Many OTA clients often feel physically, mentally, or emotionally powerless. In 300 words or less, describe a time you may have felt powerless. What did you do to overcome the feeling of powerlessness and what did you learn from the situation?
      • List 2-3 ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) that you perform on a daily basis (ex. eating, dressing, taking a bath, etc.). In 300-500 words, please explain how you would adapt if you could no longer perform these ADLs. 

Important Notes:

  • Your application will not be reviewed until all application requirements have been received.
  • Science courses must have been taken within the past five years to qualify for transfer credit.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester – February 1

This program only enrolls during the fall

Applications are accepted after the priority deadline until programs are full.

North Carolina Forgivable Education Loans for Service (FELS):

For students who are North Carolina residents and committed to working in critical employment shortage professions in North Carolina.

  • Full-time students eligible for $3,000 to $10,000 loan, depending on program.
  • Learn more:


“Cabarrus College provided me with a wide array of volunteer, school, and community involvement activities to help develop my professional, educational, and leadership skills to become a well rounded OTA student and future OTA. All staff at Cabarrus College are willing to go above and beyond to ensure you are successful. The OTA program provides students with coursework that challenges critical thinking and provides knowledge of all different occupational therapy settings to prepare you for your job as a COTA. Each OTA instructor has worked in the field of occupational therapy allowing instructors to teach through their experiences providing extra real world knowledge to course material. I came to Cabarrus College as a student and left as part of the Cabarrus College family!” – Haley Shore, 2019 Graduate

“I have a four-year degree and have worked a lot of jobs but, nothing prepared me for a career like Cabarrus College. – Maddison Wood, COTA/L Class of 2019

“You walk onto campus and everywhere you see a smiling face. – Sarah Ours, Class of 2019

“I felt very prepared and confident to take the certification examination.” –  Peyton Nance, Class of 2019

cabarrus college of health sciences occupational therapy prerequisites

For admission into the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Studies and/or Master of Occupational Therapy program, applicants must meet the general college admissions requirements found in the Catalog and also submit:

Application Requirements:

  • Official transcripts from all schools attended (excluding high school)
  • Associate of Science degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant from an ACOTE or regionally accredited program
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, calculated as an average from all post-secondary transcripts
  • Evidence of successful completion of the following college level courses with a grade of “C” (2.0) or higher:
    • English Composition
    • Anatomy & Physiology I and II with Labs
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Human Growth and Development or Developmental Psychology
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Coursework in Kinesiology and Medical Terminology are strongly encouraged.

References – Three (3) Professional References submitted on the Occupational Therapy Reference Form. At least one reference must be from an occupational therapist the applicant has worked with in practice; and at least one reference from another healthcare professional the applicant has worked with in practice.Reflect on your professional experience as an OTA and generate a 600 – 700 word essay that addresses the below components.  Please use APA formatting and style per the following link, et al., 2018):Explain your greatest accomplishment and its contribution to your professional growth.Provide a specific example that illustrates how you successfully dealt with a significant challenge or adversity in your professional role.Explain how you used critical thinking to problem-solve a successful outcome.Reflect on what you learned from this situation and describe how you can apply it to your future role as an occupational therapist.

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